How to Fake Night Photography… | Stills in Motion Ep.1

Do you ever wish you could capture stunning nighttime photos, but don’t have the equipment or expertise to do so? In this first episode of Stills in Motion, we will show you how to fake night photography using simple editing techniques. By following our step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to transform your daytime shots into breathtaking nighttime scenes. So, grab your camera and let’s dive into the world of fake night photography. With a few simple tricks, you’ll be able to create stunning images that will leave everyone wondering how you captured the beauty of the night.

How to Fake Night Photography… | Stills in Motion Ep.1

How to Fake Night Photography… | Stills in Motion Ep.1


This could be the last ever shot you see of this room in one of my youtube videos probably not if I’m being completely honest but that’s kind of my intention for going forward and I’ll explain why in this video. This video is sponsored by lumix and all of the Stills that you see in this video was shot with my beloved g9 which is currently shooting this this little clip as well. Thanks lumix for making such great cameras lenses and for sponsoring these videos.

The Idea Behind Stills in Motion

If you follow this channel for a while you’ll know this isn’t my first attempt at making a series like this. The last one was called “to adventure one photography -” which at the time I thought was a good title. I no longer do and maybe that’s one of the Reasons it died very quickly. I think I made one or two videos in that series. This though I feel committed to and I want you to help me stay committed to it if you don’t mind. Basically, the aim of the game with this series, Stills and Motion, is to try and minimize the impact of making videos on my photography work.

The Method – Faking Night Photography

Today, I’m going to show you how to fake night photography during the daytime. It’s actually quite simple. Making a daytime photo look like a nighttime photo is really just a question of temperature and exposure. So long as you don’t have direct sunlight and harsh shadows, you can make a daytime shot look like nighttime on a nice overcast day in moody woodland.

Setting up the Shot

After about half an hour of searching for a composition, I found something that might work. I’m on my bike with lights on it, and I’m going to try to capture a nighttime vibe in the woods even though it’s still daytime. It’s important to avoid direct sunlight and harsh shadows to achieve the desired effect.


As always, I’m trying to balance making these videos with maintaining the quality of my still photography work. Stills in Motion is a series that aims to showcase my adventures while minimizing the impact on my photography. By filming in the places where I often take photos, I hope to maintain the quality of both my videos and my stills.

FAQ about How to Fake Night Photography… | Stills in Motion Ep.1

Q: Can I fake night photography using artificial lighting?

A: Yes, you can use artificial lighting such as LED panels or flashlights to mimic the effect of nighttime in your photos.

Q: How can I make my daytime photos look like night photography?

A: You can adjust the white balance to make the photo cooler and darker, increase the contrast, and add artificial light sources in post-processing.

Q: What are some tips for faking night photography effectively?

A: Use a tripod to avoid camera shake, experiment with different light sources, play with shadows and highlights, and consider adding stars or city lights in post-processing.

Q: Is it ethical to fake night photography in this way?

A: While it is common practice in the photography world to enhance or modify images, it is important to disclose any digital manipulation to maintain transparency and integrity in the industry.

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