How to Cut Out a Subject with the Pen Tool Photoshop | Day 26

Are you tired of struggling to cut out subjects from your photos in Photoshop? Do you want to learn a quick and effective way to use the Pen Tool for clean and precise selections? Look no further! In today’s blog post, we’ll be walking you through the process of using the Pen Tool in Photoshop to cut out a subject from an image.

Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with Photoshop, this tutorial will provide you with the skills and knowledge to confidently and efficiently cut out subjects using the Pen Tool. Let’s get started!

How to Cut Out a Subject with the Pen Tool in Photoshop

Introduction to the Pen Tool

Today I’m gonna show you how to cut out anything from its background. In today’s episode, we’re using a very Special tool called the pen tool it’s literally the key to cutting out anything.

How to cut image using pen tool in photoshop

To cut out an image using the pen tool in Photoshop, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Open the Image: Open your image in Photoshop.
  2. Select the Pen Tool: In the toolbar, select the Pen Tool.
  3. Create a Path: Carefully click and drag to create a path around the object you want to cut out.
  4. Make a Selection: Once the path is complete, right-click on the canvas and select “Make Selection.”
  5. Refine and Invert the Selection: Refine the selection if needed, then invert the selection by going to Select > Inverse.
  6. Delete or Copy the Selection: Once the background is selected, you can either delete it or copy the selected area to a new layer.

The Pen Tool allows for precise and detailed selections, making it a powerful tool for cutting out objects in Photoshop

.If you encounter any issues with the process, you can refer to online tutorials or forums for specific troubleshooting.

Understanding the Limitations of Other Tools

Now the reason I chose this image other than the fact that it’s a super fun and a holiday festive is that these gingerbread men are relatively difficult to cut out of their background. For instance, if I try to use like the magnetic lasso tool, it’s gonna get kind of caught up between the differences between the white and brown areas, making it a little bit tricky. The quick selection tool may work inside but struggles with the brown areas. So, anytime you run into a situation where your automatic tool is like the magic wand or quick select, the pen tool is the way to go.

Getting Started with the Pen Tool

Let’s go ahead and zoom in and demonstrate how to use the pen tool to cut out the gingerbread men. First, make sure the pen tool is set to “path” at the top. Adjust the settings like thickness and rubberband to enhance accuracy. Click to create points around your subject. Once completed, name your path and turn it into a selection by holding ctrl or command and clicking on the thumbnail of the path.

Editing Paths and Adding Curvature

The pen tool also offers the flexibility to edit paths at any time. You can change the path, add or remove points by holding ctrl or command and clicking to modify the path. If you want to add curvature to the path, click and drag to create a curved selection and continue to add points to refine the shape. This allows for precise and accurate cut-outs of complex subjects.

Utilizing the pen tool in Photoshop is essential for cutting out subjects from their backgrounds. Learning how to use this tool effectively will significantly improve your editing skills and allow for seamless and professional-looking cut-outs in your photos.

FAQ: How to Cut Out a Subject with the Pen Tool in Photoshop | Day 26

What is the pen tool or cutting tool in Photoshop?

The pen tool in Photoshop is a versatile tool used for creating precise selections and paths. It allows you to create smooth, accurate lines and curves for cutting out subjects or creating shapes.

How do I cut out a subject with the pen tool?

To cut out a subject using the pen tool, first select the pen tool from the toolbar. Then, carefully outline the subject by clicking to create anchor points and dragging to create curves. Once the subject is fully outlined, right-click and select “Make Selection” to create a selection from the path. You can then delete the background or copy the subject to a new layer.

Are there any tips for using the pen tool to cut out a subject?

When using the pen tool to cut out a subject, take your time to create precise and smooth paths. Use the zoom function to get a closer look at the edges of the subject, and adjust the position of anchor points as needed to achieve the desired shape. Be sure to also use the “Direct Selection” tool to fine-tune the path for the best results.

Can I use other selection tools to cut out a subject?

While there are other selection tools in Photoshop, such as the lasso tool and magic wand tool, the pen tool offers the most control and precision for cutting out subjects with complex edges or intricate details. It may take more time to use the pen tool, but the results are often superior.

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