How to create & Share Social Media Content Consistently

Are you struggling to create and share social media content consistently? Do you find yourself scrambling to come up with new ideas and struggling to keep up with your posting schedule? If so, you’re not alone. Consistently creating and sharing engaging social media content can be a challenge, but it’s essential for building and maintaining a strong online presence. In this blog, we’ll explore some tips and strategies for creating and sharing social media content consistently. From planning and scheduling to finding inspiration and engaging with your audience, we’ll cover everything you need to know to keep your social media channels active and thriving. Let’s dive in!

How to Create & Share Social Media Content Consistently

The Secret to Maximizing Your Content

Guys guys I need to show you something look at all the content I was able to create from my Iceland trip this is just from a two and a half day trip from the trip I made five long form videos then I made let’s count this one two three four Five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen short form videos and I’m still making more and then I shot a whole bunch of photos that I’ve now been editing and I haven’t even edited through all of them there’s probably like 30 solid photos right there so why am I with you With you I feel like lately I’ve cracked the code when it comes to maximizing my potential at creating content and you guys know how I am I don’t like keeping secrets with you guys because I want to help you guys out as much as possible so That’s why in this episode I’m gonna be sharing my secrets on how to create content and post consistently every time I hop on a plane and go and explore a new country I always just feel so grateful that being said so limited there’s only so many times a Year where I can go out so I want to make sure I Make It Count going into this trip to Iceland I wanted to come out with as many long-form videos as possible without sacrificing on quality and as well just a butt load of short-form content and photos to post Because at the end of the day I’m a content creator and that’s what I do and I feel like on this trip it was the first time I actually did it right so my process for going into trip like Iceland is to spend a whole bunch of time and Energy planning because you know how the saying goes if you fail to plan you plan to fail if you go into a shoot or a trip like this with no plan at all you’re most likely going to completely fail or come back with a half done video I hear Of so many stories where creators go out they don’t have a plan at all they just think I’m just gonna shoot a whole bunch of things and when they come back they realize they really don’t have anything they just have a whole bunch of content but it doesn’t really piece together Well and in the end it’s just an epic fail so that’s why you got to make sure that you take time to plan because that’s the only way you’re going to experience success so my first step in planning is ideation basically the week before the trip to Iceland I want to Spend a whole bunch of time coming up with ideas and scripting them out so for me the first logical interesting idea that came to my mind was what if I did a video about what’s in my travel camera bag because the gear that I’m gonna be Taking on this trip was a lot different than I’ve done on previous trips or shoots I’ve been on and as well mix that video in with me traveling to Iceland so it’s going to be you know a half what’s in my travel camera bag half travel blog Experience and that was video number one then the second video idea that I came up was a tutorial on how to set up your camera in order to be a hybrid shooter because for me whenever I’m on a trip I’m shooting a whole bunch of photos I’m Vlogging I’m going to Epic b-roll mode which means I’m constantly changing things up and if I was having to you know manually go and adjust the frame rates and the shutter speeds and go back between photo and video it would be an absolute nightmare so I wanted to share That setup of how I use custom downloads in order to be able to be a hybrid shooter on these kind of trips if you if you have no clue what I’m talking about but you’re interested I’ll link the video right here so you can enjoy and learn on how to set up Your custom downloads for your camera anyways from there I knew that I’d want to bring the fujif Lex 100v I’ve only been shooting with this camera just you know just everyday memories of my friends and family but this would be the first time where I could take this Camera on an actual epic trip so I decided I’m gonna take as many photos as possible with this camera and then afterwards in studio I can sit down and talk about my process and the different Fujifilm recipes that I was shooting with on the trip and then because I knew As well I’d be shooting a whole bunch of photos with my Sony a7s3 and editing them I knew that I could do a nice editing breakdown of the photos that I was shooting from the trip and lastly I made this video talking about how to create content and post consistently so Five long form videos just from one trip now I think the secret to maximizing the amount of content you make from one trip is knowing which videos you can film beforehand for example I knew that I could film The what’s in my trial camera bag beforehand here in my office and Then link that with me traveling to Iceland and then I knew that I would be able to film one video while I’m actually there on location and then take photos with the camera film this afterwards and as well film afterwards tutorials of me editing and as well how To create content so I try not to do too many videos all in one location I try to spread them out at some videos are filmed beforehand some videos are filmed there and then some videos are filmed afterwards and the way I can do this is By Planning by planning I know what I need to shoot beforehand what I need to shoot while I’m there and what I need to be able to shoot afterwards in order to make the video happen I honestly feel like if I try to film five different videos one location during during the Short trip I probably would have come back with five mediocre halftone videos or I just would have miserably failed completely in my opinion it’s just able to get that many but if you do spread them out and you film some beforehand some while you’re there and some afterwards then I think It’s much more possible step two in my planning process is scripting once I have my ideas chosen then I start writing a script for those video ideas and for me that’s writing different talking points and as well a mixture of shot lists knowing what kind of shots I Need to get in order for this video to happen having done this beforehand helps me to know what I need to film on location and what I can film afterwards when I come back home and just make sure that I have everything I need in order To edit that long form video it also helps me not to overdo filming because if you film just way too much content then when you come back home you have way too much to edit and go through and it’s just gonna really slow down the process so by having a script and shot List I know what I need to film once I filmed it I’m good to go and the last and final step in my whole planning process is figure out how I can repurpose my content basically once I’ve got my idea once I’ve got my scripts Made then I figure out well how can I based on on the long form videos that I’m creating come up with ideas that will be perfect for short form

Maximizing Content Creation

Once I’ve created my long form videos, I look for ways to repurpose that content for short form videos, blog posts, or social media posts. This allows me to maximize the amount of content I can create from one trip or shoot. By being strategic with my planning and content creation process, I am able to consistently create and share content across my social media platforms.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key when it comes to social media content creation. By planning ahead and being strategic with my content creation process, I am able to consistently post quality content for my audience. This helps me maintain engagement and grow my following on social media.

How to create & Share Social Media Content Consistently

  1. What is the importance of creating and sharing social media content consistently?

    Consistently creating and sharing social media content helps to keep your audience engaged, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.

  2. How can I create social media content consistently?

    You can create social media content consistently by planning ahead, batching content creation, and using scheduling tools.

  3. What are some tips for sharing social media content consistently?

    Some tips for sharing social media content consistently include establishing a content calendar, repurposing existing content, and engaging with your audience regularly.

  4. How can I use social media management tools to maintain consistency?

    Social media management tools can help you schedule posts, track performance, and maintain a consistent presence across multiple platforms.

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