How to Create a Custom Brush in Photoshop

Are you tired of using the same old Photoshop brushes and wish you could create your own custom brush? Well, look no further! Creating a custom brush in Photoshop is a great way to add a unique touch to your designs and give you more creative freedom. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a custom brush in Photoshop, from selecting the right settings to adding your own personal flair. Whether you’re a graphic designer, digital artist, or just someone looking to enhance your Photoshop skills, creating a custom brush is a fun and rewarding way to elevate your work. Let’s get started!

How to Create a Custom Brush in Photoshop

Today, Aaron NACE from Phlearn will show you how to create a custom brush in Photoshop. This custom brush will allow you to add snow to any of your photos. You can download this brush for free on

Creating the Shape of the Snow

Start off by creating a white solid color fill layer as your background. Then, create another layer on top and use the brush tool to paint a shape that resembles blurred snow. Create a small dot as well. Next, make a selection of both dots, go to edit, and define brush preset. Name your brush and now you have the shape of your brush defined.

Refining the Brush Characteristics

Create a new layer, select the snow template brush, and paint with white. Adjust the brush settings by increasing the spacing, adding size jitter, angle jitter, and scattering. This will give your brush a more randomized snow characteristic.

Adding the Final Touches

Pain on your image with the brush to see the randomized snow effect. Adjust the size of your brush to create different sizes of snowflakes. You can also add a bit of motion blur to give the snow a dynamic feel as it falls. Once done, you now have a custom snow brush completely from scratch that you can use to add snow to any of your photos.

Don’t forget to download this brush for free on and give Aaron NACE a big thumbs up for this tutorial on YouTube.

FAQ: How to Create a Custom Brush in Photoshop

Q: What is a custom brush in Photoshop?

A: A custom brush in Photoshop is a tool that allows you to create a unique pattern or shape that you can then use to digitally paint or add texture to your designs.

Q: How can I create a custom brush in Photoshop?

A: To create a custom brush in Photoshop, first, select the shape or pattern you would like to use. Then, go to the Edit menu, select Define Brush Preset, and name your brush. Your custom brush is now ready to use!

Q: Can I adjust the settings of my custom brush?

A: Yes, you can adjust the settings of your custom brush in the Brush panel. Here, you can modify the size, spacing, shape dynamics, and other parameters to customize the behavior of your brush.

Q: Can I share my custom brush with others?

A: Absolutely! Once you have created your custom brush, you can save it as a .abr file and share it with others. They can then load the brush into their Photoshop software and use it in their own designs.

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