How I Shoot Studio Portraits – Natural Light Only

Have you ever wanted to shoot studio portraits using only natural light? In this blog, I will share with you my tips and tricks for capturing stunning studio portraits without the need for artificial lighting. As a photographer who prefers to work with natural light, I have perfected my technique over the years to achieve beautiful and professional results. From finding the perfect window light to using reflectors for added warmth, I will guide you through the process of shooting natural light studio portraits. So if you’re interested in learning how to create gorgeous images without relying on artificial lighting, keep reading to discover my secrets.

How I Shoot Studio Portraits – Natural Light Only


Today we’re shooting in the studio with Carlos filming behind the scenes and Ronnie in front of the camera. The focus for today’s shoot is natural light, utilizing a large window as our main light source.

Setting the Scene

With the sunlight coming in and diffused by sheer curtains, the lighting creates a beautiful ambiance in the studio. As the sun sets, the light shifts within the room, providing different opportunities for creative shots.

Gear Selection

Bringing along a variety of lenses, including a 24mm, 35mm, 85mm, and 100mm, the options are open for different perspectives and close-up shots. Starting with the versatile 50mm lens on a Canon R6, the flexibility to experiment with different focal lengths is key.

Playing with Lighting

Taking advantage of the direct sunlight and using bounce boards for subtle fill light, the focus is on creating interesting patterns and contrasts in the photos. Adjusting the positioning relative to the window can drastically change the mood and intensity of the light in the images.

Creative Techniques

Experimenting with negative fill by manipulating the curtains, the goal is to control the amount and direction of light falling on the subject. This technique adds a dramatic effect and highlights specific parts of the image while leaving others in darkness.

Final Results

Switching between different lenses and playing with the available light, the photos capture a range of looks and moods. Utilizing the unique lighting patterns and shapes created by the window, the images stand out with a creative and captivating appeal.


After a successful shoot with Ronnie’s fantastic participation, the focus now shifts to post-processing. Stay tuned for a possible breakdown of the editing process using an authentic film Lightroom preset pack in a future video. If you enjoyed this content, leave a like and share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use artificial lighting in addition to natural light for studio portraits?

A: While the focus of this guide is on using natural light only for studio portraits, it is possible to incorporate artificial lighting if desired. However, using only natural light often produces a more soft and natural look in portraits.

Q: What are the best times of day to shoot studio portraits using natural light?

A: The best times to shoot studio portraits using natural light are typically during the “golden hours” of sunrise and sunset when the light is soft and flattering. However, midday light can also be used creatively with the right techniques.

Q: Do I need any special equipment for shooting studio portraits with natural light?

A: While specialized equipment such as reflectors and diffusers can enhance natural light portraits, they are not always necessary. Experimenting with different angles and positioning of your subject in relation to the light source can often achieve the desired effect.

Q: How can I ensure my studio portraits using natural light turn out well?

A: To ensure your studio portraits using natural light turn out well, it is important to pay attention to the direction and quality of light, as well as the composition and posing of your subject. Practice and experimentation are key to developing your own unique style.

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