How I make my YouTube THUMBNAILS – Lightroom & Photoshop

Are you struggling to create eye-catching thumbnails for your YouTube videos? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this blog, I’ll be sharing my top tips and techniques for creating stunning thumbnails using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. As a content creator with years of experience, I understand the importance of a compelling thumbnail to attract viewers and drive traffic to your channel. With the help of these two powerful editing tools, you’ll be able to enhance your images, add attention-grabbing text, and ultimately create thumbnails that stand out and represent your content effectively. Let’s dive in and learn how to make your YouTube thumbnails pop!

How I Make My YouTube Thumbnails – Lightroom & Photoshop

Oh welcome back to another quick tip Tuesday today we are talking about one of the things that I get asked a lot and it is how do I make my thumbnails in today’s wildly saturated YouTube world we know that having a thumbnail that stands out that grabs the viewers Attention that gets them to click on it is is key to your success on this platform now once you’ve gotten their attention you still need a liver great content but that thumbnail that the first thing just to get them to click on it and give you a shot that’s what we’re Talking about today if this video helps you guys out make sure to hit the like button below if you’re feeling extra frisky head over to the website buy some merch this one this one’s not on there but it’s it’s new we’re just testing this one out little logo pocket tee what Do you think you like it same same type of shirt but it’s got a pocket this one’s got a pocket and lastly two of their updates one April 3rd is for sure the first live Fridays for patreon only second link in the description and two we might do some daily vlogging around Here where we’re quarantined and a little bored and maybe daily vlogging will be that thing that we do during quarantine I love it like everyday daily but that style of video we might slip some in there slip them in we’ll see alright today I want to go through the Process of how I make my thumbnails it’s a little involved we use both Lightroom and Photoshop and I’m gonna go pretty quick any of these steps could probably be broken down into their own video but today we’re should have burned through it and then you can ask questions and Maybe I’ll make videos on specific pieces later but today’s quick tip Tuesday so it’s gotta be quick yes I know these are known as super quick alright the first step is getting the image and the ideal situation is to actually take a photo while you’re vlogging or while you’re filming during The day that you can use to create a thumbnail with that’s gonna give you the highest quality image to be able to edit to be able to make look good and become your thumbnail I am terrible at that and I always forget to take a photo while Filming so I end up taking screen shots which is not ideal but it’s how I usually do it so I’m going to show you that way here’s what we do I’ll go ahead and edit the video in Premiere I’m gonna export it so I have the exported final Video that I’m ready to upload to YouTube and then I’m gonna open that in QuickTime then once we’re in here in QuickTime and Sun hitting play I’m actually just gonna grab this little playhead and move through the video and try try to find a spot where my dumb Face isn’t making a dumb face like that’s a pretty dumb face how about that one it’s still pretty dumb but let’s go ahead and screenshot it in order to screenshot the entire window instead of having to say shift command 4 which makes you decide exactly the box that You want to outline and screenshot I’m just gonna hit shift command 5 it’s gonna screenshot the entire window it’s BAM screenshot now I’m gonna grab this guy I’m gonna move through the rest of the video trying to just find some points where again I don’t look ridiculous still pretty ridiculous but it’s a Decent you usable again each time I’m just sitting shift command 5 oh that’s a good one shift command 5 shift command 5 all right last one perfect now that we have those screenshots we’re gonna edit them a little bit in Lightroom and then we’re gonna export them to Photoshop all right Here we are in Lightroom and I actually have a Lightroom catalog that is specifically for my thumbnails and you’ll see why I do that in just one moment we’re new over here to folders we’re gonna add a folder and right here I have a folder called unedited that’s where I Drop all my screenshots in there first then I’ll pull them into Lightroom from that spot so I open this up you’re gonna see that all of these images up top have already been imported that when I must have deleted here’s all my new images right down at the bottom we’re going Import those images perfect then I’m gonna go back to all photographs I’m gonna find my last image because it has all of the settings that that I’ve kind of been using it’s all the same settings I like the Edit on this one here’s the before here’s the after just kind of Sharpen some stuff up make it a little more contrast a little more poppy I’m gonna go ahead and select all these new images hit sync make sure everything is selected but those hit synchronize and boom these new images now have an edit on them and the Edit that I’m gonna do on these images is a little bit more contrast II has a lot more clarity than I would normally put on images but with YouTube thumbnails contrast catches your attention things like that is what’s gonna pull someone’s attention in and they’re gonna say I want to I want to Know what is behind that door what’s behind door number two please all right then we’re gonna switch over to our develop module here and hit shift our that’s gonna bring up two side by side so I can compare my last thumbnail image with my current thumbnail image and make Sure that they look the same don’t grab one of my last thumbnail images this one with the computer so I can compare them side-by-side I think this one’s looking a little bit warm we’re gonna bring that down just a touch maybe bring a little bit more of that and that looks great Beautiful now we’re gonna sync up all these to make sure they’re all the exact same unselect that one let’s get out of that mode I can flip through all these images and say they’re there edit it they’re colored ready to rock the next thing I do is switch back to the grid View and I’m gonna bring this grid up a little bit bring the size up just a touch this is right here this is about the size that the thumbnails are going to appear on YouTube so I can look at my images now and I can say which one of These stands out the most when it’s really small sometimes you see an image that looks really cool but then when you shrink it down you go oh it doesn’t really look as cool very very small so it’s always good during this process especially when you’re choosing which image you’re gonna Go with – to get them small all right so our choices are from here all the way down to this last guy here which one stands out the most which one pops at this magnification and I I think it’s this image that I’m seeing I mean you’re Gonna say this image or this image see let’s see what this image looks like bigger let’s go with that one give it a shot all right now we’re gonna export that image out and we’re gonna pull it into Photoshop I know that we have this image in Photoshop I’m gonna open up one Of my previous thumbnails all my layers are already there I’m gonna combine the two create my new thumbnail and this is the thumbnail that I chose to open up we’re gonna use this as almost a template to create our new thumbnail which I totally recommend for you guys once you start Creating thumbnails that are…

How I make my YouTube THUMBNAILS – Lightroom & Photoshop

Q: What software do you use to make your YouTube thumbnails?

A: I use Lightroom and Photoshop to create my YouTube thumbnails.

Q: How do you edit the images in Lightroom?

A: I adjust the colors, contrast, and exposure in Lightroom to enhance the image quality.

Q: What do you use Photoshop for?

A: In Photoshop, I add text, graphics, and other design elements to make the thumbnail stand out and grab viewers’ attention.

Q: Can you recommend any tutorials for creating YouTube thumbnails?

A: Yes, there are many great tutorials available online that can help you learn how to create eye-catching YouTube thumbnails using Lightroom and Photoshop. I recommend checking out YouTube channels and websites dedicated to graphic design and photography tutorials for helpful tips and techniques.

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