How I Edit Portraits in Lightroom + Photoshop

Do you struggle with editing portraits in Lightroom and Photoshop? Are you looking for a more efficient workflow to enhance your portrait photography? Look no further! In this blog post, I will share my process for editing portraits in Lightroom and Photoshop, from start to finish. I will walk you through each step, from importing the raw images to exporting the final edited portraits. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, you’ll find valuable tips and techniques to take your portrait editing skills to the next level. So grab your computer and let’s dive into the world of portrait editing!

How I Edit Portraits in Lightroom + Photoshop

Today I’m going to be showing you guys my entire workflow for editing portrait images using Lightroom and I’m also going to be doing a little bit of Photoshop as well to show you guys how I use the link between Lightroom and Photoshop to really take these images to the next level.

Choosing the Right Preset

Here I have a selection of six photos from a shoot I did with my friend Demi. This shoot turned out really amazing and you can see the behind the scenes on my channel. If you want to follow along, I have left a download link to all of these raw files down in the description.

The first thing that I will always do is select a preset from my preset pack. I’m actually going to use the preset “Currumbin” as it works really nicely on this image. Most of the work to change the style of this image happens in the tone curve and in the HSL.

Adjusting Composition and White Balance

The first thing that I usually do when I’m editing a photo is to crop the image. I might adjust the white balance and exposure to make the image look brighter and more vibrant. I also use the tone sliders to add contrast and punch to the image.

Refining the Image

Next, I use the mask option to intelligently select the subject or background and make adjustments accordingly. I also like to add a little bit of grain to give the photo a nostalgic film type feel.

Retouching and Polishing in Photoshop

Finally, I use Photoshop for retouching and polishing the image. I use tools such as the brush tool to modify specific areas of the image, bringing out the best in the portrait.

Frequently Asked Questions about Editing Portraits in Lightroom + Photoshop

What software do you use to edit portraits?

I primarily use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to edit portraits. Lightroom is great for basic adjustments and organization, while Photoshop allows for more advanced retouching and creative editing.

What kind of adjustments do you make in Lightroom?

In Lightroom, I typically adjust exposure, contrast, white balance, and colors. I also use the tools for cropping, straightening, and sharpening the images.

What kind of editing do you do in Photoshop?

In Photoshop, I focus on advanced retouching such as skin smoothing, blemish removal, and dodging and burning to enhance the overall look of the portrait. I also use Photoshop for creative editing such as adding textures or special effects.

Do you use presets or do you edit each portrait from scratch?

While I do use presets as a starting point for my editing, I always tailor the adjustments to each individual portrait. Every image is different and deserves personalized attention.

Do you have any tips for beginners who want to learn portrait editing?

My biggest tip for beginners is to practice and experiment with different tools and techniques. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as they often lead to discovering new and unique editing styles. Also, be patient with yourself and take the time to learn the ins and outs of the software.

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