Are you tired of capturing blurry and distorted memories with your camera? Do you wish to have a device that can deliver stunning visuals with ease? Look no further than the Insta360 ONE RS, a revolutionary camera designed to provide unparalleled image quality and immersive experiences. However, every now and then, even the most promising gadgets can fall short of expectations. In this blog, we will delve into the topic of how everything went wrong with the Insta360 ONE RS, exploring the issues encountered by users and providing practical solutions to overcome them. So, if you own this camera or plan on purchasing it, keep reading to maximize your photography experience.


How Everything Went Wrong – Insta360 ONE RS

Good morning! Today, I’m getting to do something that I haven’t done in a very long time – surfing. Which is ridiculous because we live in San Diego, just 30 minutes from the beach, and I just haven’t made time to do one of my favorite things in the world.

We’re gonna do that today, but I’m also gonna talk about the Insta360 ONE RS because it has been one month with this camera now. You guys have asked some awesome questions about this camera, I’ve tested it out, and we’re gonna go over your questions today. I’m gonna get a little surfing in and then I’ll give you a wrap-up of my pros and cons after one month with the ONE RS because it’s actually changed my mind on a few different things. Let’s get to the beach first though, and then we’ll start with your questions.

The Mistake I Made

Somebody asked, “Can I use the new 4k boost lens with my original 1R?” In my video, I said that the original mod parts work with the new mod parts, but the truth is, there’s one thing that does not go both ways – the 4k boost lens. If you have the original 1R, you cannot mount the new 4k boost lens with the old core. However, you can use it with the old battery. So, everything else is totally compatible except for the 4k boost lens.


The next question is about interchangeability – if I put the older 1R batteries on the new ONE RS, will the camera rattle in the new cage? Great question! I have here the 1R and the new cage. I tested it out, and the old batteries do work with the ONE RS. When you put them in the new cage, there is a little bit of wiggle, but no rattling. So, it’s a usable option if you have a bunch of 1R batteries.

Can I Just Buy the New Core?

Yes, you can buy the new core and use it with your old 1R. However, they don’t offer that option as a standalone purchase. They have something called the core bundle for $269, which includes the new core, new battery, and new cage. But for just $30 more, you can get the 4k boost lens as well, which I think is worth it.

What Does the 4K Boost Lens Mean?

A lot of people have asked if the 4k boost lens is different from the original 4k mod. The answer is yes. The lens and the sensor are built-in together, so when you swap mods, you’re not just changing lenses, you’re also switching sensors. The new 4k boost lens has a half-inch sensor that can take 48 megapixel photos.

Comparison with Other Cameras

Many of you have asked for a comparison of the ONE RS with the 1X2 and the GoPro Hero 10. Yes, both of those comparisons are coming very soon.


Lastly, someone asked about the waterproofing on the ONE RS. I really wanted to go surfing today to test it out, but the weather is cold and the waves aren’t good. I’m still going to give it a try for you guys, but I must admit I’m not excited about the cold water.

This is seriously some of the worst surf I’ve ever gone out in. It just looks like a storm out there. There are only two other guys brave enough to be out there, and they’re just getting beat around. But, my goal is to catch at least one wave for you guys.

FAQ – Insta360 ONE RS

Frequently Asked Questions – Insta360 ONE RS

1. What is Insta360 ONE RS?

Insta360 ONE RS is a flagship 360-degree action camera by Insta360. It offers advanced features and capabilities for capturing immersive footage.

2. What went wrong with the Insta360 ONE RS?

The Insta360 ONE RS faced several issues, including:

  • 1. Frequent freezing and crashes during video recording.
  • 2. Overheating problems leading to reduced performance and potential damage.
  • 3. Unreliable connectivity with mobile devices for live streaming and file transfer.
  • 4. Inconsistent stitching quality and visible stitching artifacts.
  • 5. Poor battery life, requiring frequent recharging during extended shoots.

3. Is there a solution for the freezing and crashing problem?

Insta360 has been actively working on updates to address the freezing and crashing issues. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your Insta360 ONE RS. Furthermore, try resetting the camera to factory settings and avoid using memory cards that are not recommended by the manufacturer.

4. How can I prevent overheating issues?

To prevent overheating, make sure your Insta360 ONE RS is operated within the recommended temperature range. Avoid shooting in direct sunlight for prolonged periods and ensure proper ventilation around the camera. If the camera starts to overheat, take a break and allow it to cool down before resuming use.

5. Is there a fix for the connectivity problems?

Insta360 has released firmware updates to improve the connectivity of Insta360 ONE RS with mobile devices. Ensure that both camera and mobile app are running the latest firmware and try resetting the wireless connection settings. If the issue persists, contact Insta360 support for further assistance.

6. How can I improve stitching quality?

To improve stitching quality, ensure that the lenses are clean and free from dust or smudges. Additionally, try shooting in well-lit conditions and avoid high-contrast scenes. Experiment with different shooting angles and distances to find optimal settings for your desired results.

7. What can I do to extend the battery life?

To maximize battery life, disable unnecessary features and settings such as Wi-Fi and GPS when not in use. Lowering the video resolution and frame rate can also help conserve battery power. It’s recommended to carry spare batteries or a power bank for extended shoots.

8. Can I request a replacement or refund for my Insta360 ONE RS?

If you are experiencing multiple unresolved issues with your Insta360 ONE RS, contact Insta360 customer support to discuss your situation. They can provide guidance on warranty coverage, replacements, or potential refunds based on their policies.

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