Here’s How You Can Use These 2 New POWERFUL Portable Lights from Zhiyun – FIVERAY M40 & F100

Illuminate your world with the latest additions to Zhiyun’s lineup of powerful portable lights – the FIVERAY M40 and F100. Whether you’re a vlogger, photographer, or just looking to enhance your videos and photos, these lights are sure to take your content to the next level. With adjustable brightness, color temperature, and a sleek, compact design, these lights are perfect for on-the-go shooting or setting up a professional studio. In this blog, we’ll explore the features and benefits of these innovative lights and show you how to use them to create stunning visuals for your projects.

Here’s How You Can Use These 2 New POWERFUL Portable Lights from Zhiyun – FIVERAY M40 & F100

Geon just announced two super powerful portable LED lights for you to step up your videos and photos and they each bring something unique to the table. First, we’ve got the pocket-sized FIVERAY M40. The name of the game with this light is simple but powerful. And then we’ve got the FIVERAY F-100 stick light with 100 watts of power, full RGB, and more. Zhiyun has sponsored this video and asked me to show you a little bit about each of these lights and 10 practical ways that you can actually use them to help your content. So, secure the cup and let’s get lighting.


Like I said, the FIVERAY M40 is a pocket light but it’s 40 Watts so it’s ridiculously powerful at a Max brightness of 14,000 Lux according to Zhiyun. Because it’s so powerful, they’ve included a variable frequency cooling system that uses a heat sink and a built-in fan that self-regulates to improve the cooling efficiency. The M40 is a variable bi-color light with simple controls. It has a built-in stand with quarter 20 threads for attaching accessories and adjusting the angle. The M40 has two built-in 18650 batteries that charge via USB-C with PD fast charging and it lasts 29 minutes at full power.


The FIVERAY F-100, on the other hand, is a stick style light with 100 watts of power. It has a max brightness of 20,708 Lux making it the brightest and most powerful light in its size. The F-100 also features a robust cooling system. It has six 2600 milliamp hour batteries built in and can be charged via USB-C PD or the optional 120 watt charger. The F-100 has full RGB capabilities, optional light modifiers, and built-in effects.

Practical Uses for the Lights

Now that you know about the lights, let’s talk about some practical ways you can use them.

1. Hair and Rim Light

Use the M40 as a hair and rim light by attaching it above and behind your subject.

2. Background Color

Use the F-100 to add a splash of color in the background by adjusting the settings to your desired color.

3. Live Streaming or Video Calls

Set up the M40 as a light for live streaming or video calls by attaching it to a monitor stand or desk.

4. Key Light

Use the F-100 as your main key light by attaching the barn doors and diffuser to soften the light.

5. Fill Light

Set up the F-100 as a fill light on the opposite side of the camera from the key light to fill in shadow areas.

6. On-Camera Key Light

Attach the M40 to your camera for on-camera key light for added light when filming outside or in bright settings.

7. Grid Attachment for Product Shots

Use the F-100 with a grid attachment to create confined areas of light on products for precise lighting control.

8. Light Movement

Create movement in your shots by waving the M40 over your product slowly to highlight intricate details.

9. Mimic Lighting Effects

Use the built-in effects on the F-100 to mimic certain types of lighting for your videos.

10. Showcasing Products

Showcase products by using the F-100 to add dynamic lighting to highlight key features.

These are just a few ways you can use the FIVERAY M40 and F-100 lights to enhance your content creation. With their powerful features and versatility, the possibilities are endless. Try incorporating these lights into your workflow and see the difference they can make in your videos and photos.

Frequently Asked Questions about FIVERAY M40 & F100 Portable Lights

What are the key features of the FIVERAY M40?

The FIVERAY M40 is a powerful portable light that offers adjustable color temperature from 2500K to 8500K, CRI of 96+, and a max brightness of 1900Lux at 0.5m. It also comes with built-in special effects modes like lightning, police car, and SOS for creative lighting options.

What makes the FIVERAY F100 stand out?

The FIVERAY F100 is a compact and versatile portable light that features a CRI of 95+, adjustable color temperature from 2500K to 8500K, and a max brightness of 820Lux at 0.5m. It also comes with built-in RGB control for customizable lighting effects.

How can these portable lights be used?

The FIVERAY M40 and F100 are perfect for a wide range of applications such as photography, videography, live streaming, and more. They can be mounted on a camera, used as a fill light, or even as a background light for added creative effects.

Are these lights rechargeable?

Yes, both the FIVERAY M40 and F100 come with built-in rechargeable batteries that can be easily charged using a USB-C cable. This makes them convenient to use on the go without worrying about battery replacements.

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