Great Performance for HALF the Price!

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Great Performance for HALF the Price!

Welcome back Pedapixel viewers! It’s Chris Nichols here and I have some exciting news to share. Sigma is now releasing a lot of their lens designs for Fujifilm X Mount, and today we’re going to talk about the Sigma 100-400 lens. This lens was originally intended for full-frame cameras, but it has now been adapted for Fujifilm X Mount with its APS-C size sensor. So, let’s dive in and see how it performs!

An Affordable Option with Impressive Features

The closest competition to the Sigma 100-400 would be the Fujifilm 100-400 lens. While the Fujifilm lens is slightly brighter at both ends (100mm and 400mm), the Sigma lens has the advantage of being lightweight. Weighing just over 1100 grams, it is actually lighter than the Fujifilm lens. So, even though it’s a full-frame lens, it is still compact and easy to carry.

Optical Performance and Sharpness

Now, let’s address the question of optical performance and sharpness. The Sigma 100-400 has proven to be quite sharp, especially when used at its minimum focusing distance of 1.5 meters at 400mm. With the 26-megapixel sensor of the Fujifilm XT3, the lens captures great detail. The image stabilizer also helps in keeping the shots stable, making it ideal for telephoto photography.

Focus Breathing and Autofocus

Focus breathing, which relates to change in image size when changing focus distance, is minimal in this lens. It performs well for focus pulls in video shooting. However, it is worth noting that the autofocus speed is not the fastest due to the stepping motors used in this lens. While it is accurate and effective for subjects at a distance, it may be slower for close-up shots or situations where the lens needs to refocus.

Flare and Ghosting

Shooting towards bright light sources or the sun, there is some loss of contrast, but Sigma’s coatings handle the flare quite well. However, the lens does exhibit severe ghosting, particularly when stopped down to smaller apertures like f/11 or f/16. Although shooting towards bright light sources is uncommon for telephoto lenses, it is important to keep the aperture wide open and avoid ghosting if necessary.

Applications and Landscapes

An extreme telephoto lens like the Sigma 100-400 is perfect for wildlife, sports, and action shots. However, it also excels in landscape photography, especially for creating panoramic stitches. By combining multiple telephoto shots, it is possible to capture breathtaking wide-angle images. Additionally, software like Skylum’s Luminar Neo helps streamline the panoramic stitching process, offering seamless results.

Bokeh and Out-of-Focus Areas

While this lens is not known for its bokeh, thanks to its telephoto capabilities, it still allows for shallow depth of field and soft out-of-focus areas. This is particularly useful when shooting wildlife or macro subjects, where a pleasing background blur can enhance the subject. Specular highlights may show a slight cat’s eye effect at f/5.6, but overall, the lens performs well in creating aesthetically pleasing bokeh.

In conclusion, the Sigma 100-400 lens offers great performance at a more affordable price point compared to its competitors. Its lightweight design, sharpness, and versatility make it an excellent choice for both professional and amateur photographers. Whether capturing wildlife, landscapes, or sports, this lens delivers quality results without breaking the bank.

Great Performance for HALF the Price! – FAQ

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We are here to help! If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We are available 24/7 and are always ready to assist you in any way we can.

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