GRAB THEIR ATTENTION By Using This Easy Smooth Zoom Effect! (Davinci Resolve Tutorial)

Are you looking to make your video content stand out from the rest? Do you want to grab your viewers’ attention right from the start? Well, you’re in luck because today we will be discussing a simple and effective technique that will help you achieve just that – the smooth zoom effect. In this Davinci Resolve tutorial, we will show you how to easily implement this eye-catching effect in your videos, enhancing the overall viewing experience for your audience. So, if you want to take your video editing skills to the next level and create engaging content that captivates viewers, keep reading to learn all about the smooth zoom effect.

GRAB THEIR ATTENTION By Using This Easy Smooth Zoom Effect! (Davinci Resolve Tutorial)

This video is sponsored by clean my Mac X for a limited time use the link in the description and the code done I did it to get 30 off your purchase in the comment sections of a bunch of recent videos I’ve been getting asked Over and over to do a tutorial on how I do the smooth Zoom effect something like this oh yeah but also you can use this to zoom in on different points if you’re doing some kind of a screen share if you’re teaching something or if you just have anything important anywhere in the Frame to show so in this video I’m going to show you two different methods that I use depending on the situation so that you can have this powerful tool for yourself secure the cup and let’s get into it like I mentioned there are two different methods that I use to do this smooth Zoom effect the first one is the easiest but it’s also the most limited it works best if you’re using it on something where you want to let’s say zoom in a little bit for a punch line or an important note but then you’re just going to zoom straight back out to the Full frame or even cut after the zoom in the second method while still being simple has a little bit more to it but allows you to do a lot more with it this is the method that I use a lot in my tutorials when I want to zoom in on Something and then maybe move to somewhere else in the frame you can do a lot more with this one but it does take a little bit more to put it together all right let’s get into the first method we’re just going to do a simple little Zoom into my face here so we’ve got this shot where I’m just thinking here or looking grumpy we’re gonna make sure we’re selected on that clip we’re gonna go up into our inspector in the top right if you’re not seeing that you can click inspector here to open that up and Then right beside where it says zoom we’re gonna click on this keyframe button and that’s going to add a keyframe at that point and we’ll see what that does in a second now let’s move forward by 10 frames so I’m just hitting the right key one two three four Five six seven eight nine ten and then I’m going to just type in here so we’re gonna go Zoom I’m gonna go 1.3 and then you can see that it zoomed in you can also see that it added a keyframe here so it automatically turned that red now The catch here is that it’s cut off my head so I haven’t zoomed in perfectly on my face it might be tempting to go into our position and keyframe that as well so we can click this back arrow to go back to our first keyframe so we can Turn on the position keyframe there and then go back to the second one like that and then we can use our y to adjust now right now this looks not bad but it doesn’t look like that nice smooth kind of Zoom like what you saw earlier so the way that we get that Smooth Zoom is by adding a bezier or an ease in and ease out of our keyframes and there are a couple of ways to do this the first way is that you can go to your clip and you can click here to show your splines I’m gonna have to make some More room so we can see this now if we zoom in here A bunch you can see that this is a perfectly straight line so what we can do to make these kind of ease in and ease out is we can click on the first one and click this ease out Button so see how it has the little curve instead of the straight line so we’re going to click that and then we can click on the next one and we want it to ease in and so now instead of it being a straight line from point A to Point B it’s this nice curve and so we’ll see that it changed a lot but what we just saw there is actually the problem with using the position to fine tune where the zoom is happening to so if we watch that again you can see that it bounced down first And then back up and we got a little black bar at the top and we don’t want that so what we’re going to do is go ahead and reset this whole thing by hitting this button up in the top right we’re going to go back to frame one Keyframe our zoom we’re gonna go one two three four five six seven eight nine ten we’re gonna go 1.3 again and right now the zooms are linked so whatever I do on the Y it’s going to happen to the X if you don’t have that you’re going to zoom and stretch out Your frame all weird so we want those linked and then instead of using position to move where we zoomed into we’re actually going to use this Anchor Point so I’m going to go to Y on the Anchor Point and I’m going to drop that Down to kind of where I want it and the interesting thing about using the Anchor Point as your positioning is that you don’t actually have to keyframe it either as you zoom back out it automatically goes back to the right framing so if we play this We’ve got a zoom into the right place again and then if we want to add that ease in we can click here again got our Zoom this time it shows Zoom y I’m not sure why we’re gonna click on the first one click ease out click on the second one Ease in and then it looks like this there we go now we’ve got that nice zoom in the other thing that you can do is once you’ve got your ease in and ease out here you can click on the point and then it gives you a spline Point here so You can actually mess with how that transition happens so if let’s say we wanted it to go a little bit further than the zoom and then come back we can push this up a little bit now it’ll look something like this kind of bouncy most of the time I don’t Actually go to the splines down here anyway so now we’re back to our straight linear Zoom the way that I do it is I’ll go to my first keyframe here and then I right click on the red keyframe and I hit ease out then I click this little dot to go To the next one and I right click again and go ease in and it automatically made that for me so if I open that back up you can see it’s got the ease out and ease in and we’ve got that nice smooth Zoom so really quickly just to show you How simple this is and how quick it can be I’ll go to frame one I’ll hit keyframe I’ll go one two three four five six seven eight nine ten I’ll go 1.3 and then I’ll fix my Anchor Point and right click ease in go back to the First one right click ease out and I’m done and then if you wanted to zoom back out afterwards you could just put a keyframe where you want that zoom out to start so let’s say we wanted to go there so we’re going to keyframe there and We’re going to go one two three four five six seven eight nine ten I like to do 10 do…


What is the smooth zoom effect in Davinci Resolve?

The smooth zoom effect in Davinci Resolve is a visual effect that allows for a seamless and gradual zooming in or out of the footage, creating a professional and polished look to your videos.

How can I apply the smooth zoom effect in Davinci Resolve?

To apply the smooth zoom effect in Davinci Resolve, you can follow these steps:

  1. Select the clip you want to apply the effect to in the timeline
  2. Go to the inspector panel and navigate to the transform tab
  3. Adjust the scale and position parameters to create the desired zoom effect
  4. Add keyframes to create a smooth and gradual zoom effect

What are the benefits of using the smooth zoom effect in my videos?

The smooth zoom effect can help grab the viewer’s attention, create visual interest, and add a professional touch to your videos. It can also help emphasize certain elements or actions in the footage, enhancing the overall storytelling.

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