Question: Have you ever felt frustrated with a company’s lack of transparency and its assumption that its customers are gullible and uninvolved? If so, you’re not alone. In this blog, we will delve into a recent controversy surrounding GoPro and its HERO 10 update, highlighting how the company’s actions left many users feeling both stupid and lazy. However, it’s essential to address the concerns and provide potential solutions to this ongoing issue, ensuring that consumers are empowered and knowledgeable about their choices. So, let’s uncover the details and find ways to tackle the challenges posed by GoPro’s questionable practices.


In today’s Quick Tip Tuesday, we’re going to discuss the latest GoPro Hero 10 firmware update and how it addresses the belief that we are indeed stupid and lazy. GoPro seems to be trying to help us overcome our laziness and lack of knowledge. Let’s dive into the details of this update and how it can benefit us.

The GoPro Hero 10 Firmware Update

A few weeks ago, GoPro released the Hero 10 firmware update. This update aims to address the issues that arise from our lack of understanding and laziness when it comes to using our GoPro cameras effectively.

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An Issue with Using the GoPro Hero 10

When the GoPro Hero 10 was initially released, many YouTubers, including myself, experienced issues with overheating. We made the mistake of setting the camera to its highest settings without considering the surrounding conditions. We contacted GoPro for assistance, and they rightfully pointed out that we had not used the camera as intended in real-world scenarios.

GoPro essentially highlighted the fact that we were lazy and not using the camera correctly. They wanted to educate us on optimizing different settings for varying scenarios to achieve the best performance.

The Solution – Update 1.16

The Hero 10 firmware update, version 1.16, includes a new feature called “Video Performance Modes.” To access this feature, connect your GoPro to the app and perform the firmware update. Once completed, swipe down from the top, and you’ll notice a new icon resembling a yellow lightning bolt, similar to an old Jerry Garcia surfboard.

Tapping on the lightning bolt opens the video performance modes. This feature is reminiscent of the presets GoPro introduced previously. You can set up six different video presets for quick access. However, these presets focus on optimizing battery life and reducing heat generation.

The Three Video Performance Modes

In video performance modes, you’ll find three options:

1. Maximum Video Performance

This mode allows you to utilize the maximum resolution and frame rates for stunning image quality and ultra slow motion. It is the default mode and does not impose any limitations on the camera’s capabilities.

2. Extended Battery

If you’re concerned about battery life, selecting this mode will limit the available video resolutions and frame rates to extend battery performance. For example, you might be limited to 30 frames per second in 5.3k instead of 60 frames per second.

3. Tripod Stationary Video

This mode is ideal for stationary video recording in environments with little to no airflow, such as indoor setups. It optimizes battery life and reduces heat generation by turning off HyperSmooth video stabilization and GPS functionality.

The Lazy Factor

One might argue that these modes cater to our laziness. However, it’s important to note that GoPro is simply providing us with convenient options to optimize our camera settings for specific scenarios. The update allows us to effortlessly turn off power-consuming features like HyperSmooth and GPS with a single button press, enhancing battery life and reducing heat buildup.

Checking Your Firmware Version

If you’re unsure whether you have the latest firmware update, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down and tap the gear icon to access preferences.
  2. Select “About.”
  3. Scroll down to view your current firmware version.

Alternatively, connect your GoPro to the app, and it will prompt you to update the firmware if necessary.

So, let’s start using our GoPro cameras more effectively and take advantage of the features and options provided by GoPro. Upgrade to the latest firmware version and explore the various video performance modes based on your specific needs.

Remember, GoPro isn’t calling us stupid and lazy to insult us. They are recognizing our tendencies and offering solutions to help us achieve optimal camera performance. So, let’s embrace these updates and enhance our GoPro experience!

Frequently Asked Questions about GoPro Thinks We’re STUPID AND LAZY – HERO 10 UPDATE

1. What is the controversy surrounding the GoPro HERO 10 update?

The controversy revolves around GoPro’s perception of its customers as being “STUPID AND LAZY.” The update received criticism from users who found the statement offensive and disrespectful.

2. What changes were introduced in the GoPro HERO 10 update?

The specific changes introduced in the HERO 10 update are unclear. However, the controversy primarily focuses on GoPro’s derogatory labeling of its customers rather than the actual update features.

3. How did customers react to GoPro’s statement?

Many customers expressed disappointment and frustration with GoPro’s perceived arrogance. The offensive statement led to negative feedback and a backlash from the user community.

4. Did GoPro address the controversy?

As of now, there is no official statement from GoPro addressing the controversy or apologizing for the offensive statement. It remains uncertain how the company will respond to customer feedback and handle the situation.

5. Will this controversy impact GoPro’s reputation?

It’s difficult to say definitively, but negative sentiment is likely to have some impact on GoPro’s reputation. How the company handles the situation moving forward will determine the long-term effects on their brand image and customer loyalty.

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