Have you ever wanted to capture all the thrilling moments of your adventures in stunning, immersive detail? As a fan of extreme sports and outdoor activities, you know how important it is to have a high-quality camera that can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. That’s where the GoPro MAX and the Insta360 ONE X come in – two of the most popular 360-degree cameras on the market. In this blog post, we will compare the GoPro MAX first look with the Insta360 ONE X, specifically focusing on a hilarious rollerblading fail captured on both cameras. So, let’s dive in and see which camera comes out on top for capturing all the action!


Morgen’s Rollerblading Fail

Morgen almost broke her tailbone rollerblading bogies at first. The GoPro MAX is here, but the real question is how does this camera compare to the current king of 360, the Insta360 ONE X?

Physical Features of the GoPro MAX

The GoPro MAX is smaller than the GoPro Fusion, and not much bigger than the GoPro Hero 8. It features a touch screen, which is a significant upgrade from the tiny screen on the Insta360 ONE X. The touch screen allows for easier access to settings and the ability to review footage and photos.

Switching between 360 and hero mode is seamless with the touch screen, and it even allows for easy lens switching with just a tap. The touch screen on the MAX outperforms the screen on the ONE X, especially in bright sunlight where the ONE X screen becomes almost unreadable.

Battery and Lens Features

The battery door on the GoPro MAX is removable and features a unique switch mechanism for easy access. The MAX uses a different battery than the Hero 8, so users will need to invest in additional batteries if needed.

The lenses on the MAX have a lip that allows for lens caps to be easily attached. This feature provides extra protection for the lenses and makes it easier to transport without worrying about damaging them. The MAX also comes with lens protectors for shooting, adding an extra layer of protection while capturing footage.

Overall, the physical features of the GoPro MAX make it a versatile and user-friendly option for capturing 360 footage.

Future Possibilities

With the inclusion of lens protectors and the potential for glass versions in the future, the GoPro MAX offers the possibility of even further lens protection and quality enhancement. The removable battery door also hints at potential future accessories like a media mod.

As technology continues to evolve, the GoPro MAX sets the standard for 360 cameras and opens up the possibility for even more innovative features in the future.

In conclusion, the GoPro MAX’s first look reveals a promising camera that offers improved physical features and usability compared to its predecessors and competitors like the Insta360 ONE X. Stay tuned for a more detailed comparison between the two cameras as more testing and reviews are conducted.


1. What is the GoPro MAX FIRST LOOK vs. Insta360 ONE X – ROLLERBLADING FAIL video about?

The video compares the GoPro MAX and Insta360 ONE X cameras by showing a rollerblading fail captured with both devices.

2. Which camera is featured in the video?

Both the GoPro MAX and Insta360 ONE X cameras are featured in the video.

3. What are some differences between the GoPro MAX and Insta360 ONE X cameras?

The GoPro MAX offers features such as Max HyperSmooth stabilization and 360-degree capture, while the Insta360 ONE X is known for its FlowState stabilization and cinematic slow-motion capabilities.

4. How does the rollerblading fail demonstrate the capabilities of both cameras?

The rollerblading fail showcases how each camera captures action shots, motion stabilization, and overall video quality in a real-life scenario.

5. Which camera would be recommended for filming extreme sports like rollerblading?

Both the GoPro MAX and Insta360 ONE X are popular choices for filming extreme sports, but the decision ultimately depends on the user’s preferences for features and editing capabilities.

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