Galaxy S24 Ultra Hands-On: Samsung AI is HERE!

Are you ready for the next level of smartphone technology? Introducing the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the latest release from Samsung that has everyone talking. With its groundbreaking AI technology, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is set to revolutionize the way we interact with our smartphones. From advanced camera features to personalized user experiences, this device is truly ahead of its time. In this hands-on review, we will explore the incredible capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and how Samsung’s AI is shaping the future of smartphones. Get ready to be amazed by the power and innovation of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Hands-On: Samsung AI is HERE!

Welcome back petapixel viewers it is christyles here coming to you from poolside in lovely San Jose California lovely it is lovely Jordan I will take a California winter over an Alberta winter any day long but yes it is winter here and so maybe it’s a little bit cold as You can see I’m dressed up nice but we’re here for a fantastic event because we just got our hands on the Samsung s24 Ultra and we’re going to give you guys our first impressions right now so before we get to the rest of our first impressions review I think we can All agree that if you’ve been shopping for a premium smartphone in the first place you might need to save some pennies somewhere else to really make it fit your budget and a great way to do that is to buy your pre-owned camera gear on you can save up to 40% of the retail price you know that the experts at KH are going to make sure that everything’s certified working well and you always have generous return policies if you get something and you’re not happy with it KH lets you upgrade your gear without having to upgrade your budget and also remember that if you Need some extra cash you can sell your gear to K H you know they’re going to evaluate it effectively they’re going to pay you promptly and you’re going to get a fair price so what are you waiting for if you need that premium smartphone and you need to save some pennies check out that’s why they’re our preferred partner for pre-owned gear here at petapixel

Hardware and Camera Upgrades

just to give you guys some context of what we’re doing here today we’ve had Hands-On time with the phones we got to see a lot of the features a lot of the menus controls we got to ask A lot of questions but we didn’t get to take photos or really review the cameras that is coming we will have time with the s24 ultra and we are going to put it through a thorough here in California so definitely stay tuned for that but what I want to cover today is we did get to see a lot of interesting features and play with it as well as the Press launch and it brought up some questions and also some answers and that’s really what I want to share with you guys today we Also do a podcast as well with one of the Samsung Executives so that’s also something you want to watch for because we’ll ask a lot of questions there as well hopefully get some of the answers that we’re all looking for so let’s get to it look at this lovely lemon tree we Can’t even grow these back home in Alberta it’s- 45 celsi right now but you know what else wasn’t a lemon the hardware in the s23 ultra that was that was your joke anyways a lot of that great Hardware has actually moved over to the s24 ultra so Let’s talk about that next we’re getting the same 6 time ultra wide 12 megapixel camera that we had in the s23 ultra we’re getting the same 200 megapixel one times wide lens as well and we are getting the same three times Zoom 10 megapix camera which uprises to 12 Megapix a little bit of you know digital trickery so what is new is the new five time zoom lens so this is a 50 megapixel sensor that’s a big upgrade and Samsung is saying it’s collecting 60% more light the s23 ultra did have a 10 time zoom Camera and I think Samsung was saying not a lot of their users were really utilizing such a big Zoom range the s24 ultra does give you a 10 times option it is a crop of the 50 megapixel sensor you know giving you basically a 12 megapixel 10 time zoom if you want it you can also go beyond that you know 30 or 100 I mean you can push that where it’s just really Uprising the out of those photos and an upgraded five times telephoto lens does make a lot more sense to me I mean I Would use that range a lot more than a 10 times Zoom myself especially for things like portraiture but also it makes sense because the other manufacturers Apple and Google well last year they both updated their five times telephoto lenses so Samsung as I mentioned is saying this lens collects 60% more light than before but they’re still being very hush hushable what that means we can’t really get sensor size or anything like that yet we will definitely dig into that it is important to note that the Samsung lens is a five time zoom with an F 3.4 aperture now Both Apple and Google have f2.8 apertures on their telephoto lenses the apple one is a 12 megapixel sensor but the Google pixel is using a quad Bayer 50 as well and it certainly was a very nice lens when we tested it okay so if the hardware hasn’t changed that much Other than the five times zoom lens what has changed is that Samsung has added their cognitive AI to more than just their front-facing selfie camera you now get it on all of their lens lenses and so this is going to change a lot when it comes to the editing features which We’re going to talk about next oh damn I lost so of course AI based photography is a big push on a lot of the smartphones nowadays and so Samsung is doing it in a two-fold way as well both onboard AI in the phone as well as a Cloud-based system after the fact and so on the phone you actually have a lot of powerful features I mean a lot of classic stuff you can select things that you don’t like and erase them you can take Shadows off of people’s faces you could do the reflection erasing feature Where you know you can take reflections of people out of Windows or maybe it’ll work for airplane windows and stuff like that it’s actually very quick looks very intuitive I like the fact that I can select things either with my finger or the SP pen anything like that and what The Samsung s24 Ultra will do now is it’ll also make suggestions for you on what it thinks that you should edit so it’ll analyze all of your photos every single one that you take then look at it and bring up suggestions and say oh this has got Shadows on a person’s face you Might want to take that out or you know this background is a little bit busy you might want to blur that it’s kind of neat how it’ll do that now Samsung has also said that their AI technology is going to look at all the photos that all Samsung users are taking here and it’s going to then see what kind of changes it can make it’s going to learn from the entire database now as well it will also learn from you on what you like to do to your photos what preferences you like to Change so if you warm up your pictures a lot or if you seem to take out certain subjects or just shoot certain kinds of photographs often it will then learn from that as well and make suggestions that are more based on your personal style how you like to shoot and try to Simp simplify that whole process that’s quite interesting and again if you find that that’s a little bit too invasive or a little bit too creepy you can opt out of that absolutely and then just make changes yourself or just go with the base suggestions without all of that Interacting with all the other people out there on the planet now as well there is the cloud-based AI editing and…

Galaxy S24 Ultra Hands-On: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung, featuring cutting-edge technology and advanced AI capabilities.

What are the standout features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a powerful AI system that enhances user experience, including AI-powered camera features, voice recognition, and personalized recommendations.

How does Samsung AI enhance the user experience?

Samsung AI on the Galaxy S24 Ultra can analyze user behavior and preferences to deliver personalized suggestions for apps, settings, and content. It also improves camera performance by automatically adjusting settings for the best photos and videos.

Are there any other notable features on the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Yes, the Galaxy S24 Ultra also boasts a high-resolution display, top-of-the-line camera system, and long-lasting battery life. It also supports 5G connectivity for fast and reliable internet access.

When will the Galaxy S24 Ultra be available for purchase?

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is set to be released in the coming months, and will be available for purchase from authorized Samsung retailers and mobile carriers.

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