Futuristic Photos using a PROJECTOR and the results BLEW MY MIND!

Have you ever wondered what photography would look like in the future? Well, I recently stumbled upon a mind-boggling solution that took me by surprise – futuristic photos using a projector. This innovative approach to photography has completely revolutionized the way we capture and experience images. As an avid photographer seeking out new techniques and technologies, I decided to explore this intriguing concept further. Little did I know that the results would be absolutely mind-blowing! Join me as I share my journey into the world of futuristic photos and reveal the stunning visual wonders that can be created using a simple projector. Get ready to have your mind blown with the mesmerizing images that await!

Futuristic Photos using a PROJECTOR and the results BLEW MY MIND!

Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? Well, I recently discovered a mind-blowing technique using a projector that will completely transform your photos. Trust me, the results are out of this world!

The Setup

First things first, let me share the setup I used to capture these amazing futuristic photos. No Photoshop, no tricks, everything done in camera. I started by getting a high-quality projector from Best Buy and positioning it to the side. Then, I projected my chosen background onto a white wall. Just look at how dope it looks!

I also used two Timpani RGB LED lights, one by one, to match the blue color from the background. To add a touch of magic to the photos, I used the Godox SA17 with a slit gobo and a pink gel to create a stunning pink slit across my subject’s eye. Trust me, it adds an incredible effect!

Quick Tips for Success

If you’re thinking of trying this technique yourself, let me share some quick tips to ensure you achieve the best results. First and foremost, make sure the light from the projector is as straight on as possible to the subject’s face. This will prevent any unwanted curving of light around the cheekbones.

Another essential tip is to minimize light spill on the background. Feather the light away from the background to maintain contrast and create a realistic look. This step can make or break your photo, so pay close attention to it!

Capturing the Magic

Now, let’s dive into the specifics of each photo and how I managed to create such stunning futuristic effects. In one shot, I set both LED lights to an orange-yellowish color to replicate a sunset behind the subject. To complement this, I placed a blue gel sheet inside the Godox projector, as blue is a complementary color to yellow. I also elevated the light to hide any light spill on the backdrop.

If you want drama and a lower angle, like in my favorite shot, simply raise the projector to a higher position. This will add depth and intensity to the photo, resulting in a truly cinematic feel.

The Power of the Projector

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show, the projector. I’ve received countless questions about it on Instagram, so let me spill all the juicy details. The killer feature of this projector is its ability to be placed at an angle, like I did in this shoot. This unique positioning allowed me to capture unobstructed backdrops while still using the model’s unique pose.

I can’t guarantee that all projectors have this capability, as this is my first one, and I invested quite a bit in a high-quality model. However, the creative opportunities and stunning effects it offers make it worth every penny.

Accessorize for the Future

To complete the futuristic look, I added some accessories that perfectly suited the theme. A jumpsuit from Fashion Nova added a sleek and modern touch, and LED glasses from Amazon gave the photos an otherworldly vibe. Plus, they change colors, guaranteeing the perfect shot for Instagram!

I also discovered a hidden gem with these glasses, as they came with an incredible light-up mask that changes colors as well. Talk about the full futuristic package!

To enhance the futuristic feel even further, I chose a unique prop, a 10-gun from the local costume store. This added an extra touch of sophistication and intrigue to the photos.

The Right Tools for Success

Of course, using the right equipment is vital to achieve these mind-blowing results. For this shoot, I used the Nikon Z72 with a 51.2 lens. The combination of this camera and lens allowed me to capture every detail perfectly in-camera, no need for post-processing.

The lighting setup consisted of the VL-150 Godox LED light with the Godox projector attachment. This combination provided me with the ultimate control over the lighting effects, allowing me to create a perfectly circular beam of light and use different gobos and gel sheets to add color and texture to the shots.

I must mention that I’m an affiliate with B&H, and they kindly provided these lights for me to try. However, I can sincerely say that they are fantastic tools, giving me complete control over my lighting without the need to constantly switch out gel sheets.

A New Approach to Videos

If you’ve made it this far, you might have noticed that this video is longer than my usual quick hitters. That’s because I believe in providing value to those who appreciate and support my work. So, if you’re someone who loves my creativity and content, stick around for longer videos like this one. I won’t let you down!

Before I wrap up, I want to highlight some of the additional elements that added to the futuristic theme. A wig purchased from Amazon added a futuristic touch, and LED lights framed behind the subject’s head, known as specular lights, created a mesmerizing effect. These lights are incredibly versatile and allow you to create any shape you desire.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve been inspired by this in-camera futuristic photo technique using a projector. It’s a game-changer and opens up a whole new world of creativity. So, go ahead, experiment, and let your imagination run wild!

Futuristic Photos FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Futuristic Photos with Projectors

Q: What are futuristic photos with projectors?

A: Futuristic photos with projectors refer to a creative technique where images or videos are projected onto various surfaces and subjects to create mesmerizing visual effects.

Q: How does it work?

A: Projectors are used to cast images onto different backgrounds, such as walls, objects, or even people. By carefully aligning the projector and adjusting its settings, the images integrate seamlessly with the surroundings, producing stunning and mind-blowing results.

Q: What kind of images can be projected?

A: Virtually any image can be projected, ranging from photographs to animated graphics and videos. The possibilities are endless, allowing for creative experimentation and customization to suit various purposes and themes.

Q: What equipment is required for futuristic photos?

A: To create futuristic photos, you will typically need a high-quality projector, appropriate projection mapping software, a computer or media player to control the projections, and various surfaces or subjects on which to project the images. Additionally, creativity and imagination are essential tools!

Q: What can I use futuristic photos with projectors for?

A: Futuristic photos with projectors open up doors to countless applications. They can be utilized for artistic installations, advertising campaigns, promotional events, live performances, immersive experiences, or simply as a unique form of visual art.

Q: Is it difficult to create futuristic photos with projectors?

A: While it requires some technical knowledge and skill to set up and align the projections correctly, creating futuristic photos with projectors can be learned with practice. There are tutorials, online resources, and software tools available to help beginners get started and unleash their creativity.

Q: Are there any limitations to this technique?

A: As with any artistic endeavor, there are limitations to consider. Factors such as ambient lighting, surface textures, projection distances, and image quality can affect the overall results. However, with careful planning and experimentation, these limitations can often be overcome or turned into creative opportunities.

Q: Where can I see examples of futuristic photos with projectors?

A: You can find plenty of mind-blowing examples of futuristic photos with projectors on various online platforms, social media, and art exhibitions. Searches for “projection mapping” or “futuristic photo projections” will provide you with a wealth of inspiration and incredible visual experiences.

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