Fujifilm X100VI // Worth the hype? First Impression Review

Are you considering purchasing the Fujifilm X100VI but wondering if it’s really worth the hype? In this first impression review, we’ll dive into the features and capabilities of this highly anticipated camera to help you make an informed decision. With its compact design and powerful performance, the X100VI is a favorite among both professional photographers and hobbyists alike. From its impressive image quality to its user-friendly interface, this camera has a lot to offer. Read on to discover if the Fujifilm X100VI lives up to its reputation as a top-notch camera in the photography world.

Fujifilm X100VI // Worth the hype? First Impression Review

The Fujifilm X100 VI is a camera with a focus on convenience. You don’t have to worry about lenses, filters, or tripods – everything you need photography-wise is included within this small camera body. That said, I do believe the X100 VI isn’t for everybody and there are some issues which lead me to question the price tag, and I’ll address these issues towards the end of this episode.

First Impressions

This will be my first impressions review of the X100 VI. I picked this camera up on launch day about 2 or 3 weeks ago and have been using it pretty much every day since. I’ll also be taking this camera along with me to Japan next month, so I’m going to get plenty of time to shoot with it.

The Fujifilm X100 VI has the new X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, updated autofocus, in-body stabilization, a fixed 23mm lens, and is also great for video. A big part of Fujifilm’s X Series cameras is the shooting experience and how fun they are to shoot with. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of rangefinder cameras, and this camera actually feels like a mini X-Pro 2 in the hand.

Shooting Experience

The grip on this camera is pretty shallow, so I do recommend using a neck strap or a hand strap with a grip attached. Unfortunately, Fujifilm decided to remove the directional buttons from the back of the camera, which means we have four fewer buttons to program.

The Fujifilm X100 VI lends itself perfectly to street photography. The near-silent shutter and flip-up screen make it easy to shoot from the hip. It’s lightweight and small, making it a camera you can bring with you wherever you go.

Image Quality

The X100 VI’s biggest improvement over its predecessor is the inclusion of the new 40-megapixel sensor and new processor. This sensor allows for cropping in more without losing detail, which is especially helpful since the lens on the X100 VI is fixed. The X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor does a great job with low-light photography and low-light video.

Video Quality

The new sensor also brings major improvements to the video department. With in-body stabilization and the ability to record 4K 10-bit video, the X100 VI allows you to capture high-quality video on par with the XT4.


Switching from photography mode to video mode can be frustrating, as there is no quick way to switch between the two modes. The camera can also be slow when clearing the buffer, and the decision to stick with older batteries means you may need to carry multiple spares for a full day of shooting. Additionally, having only one memory card slot can be risky for professional work.

In conclusion, the Fujifilm X100 VI offers convenience and excellent image quality in a compact package. While it may not be the best choice for all photographers, it is definitely worth considering for street photography and everyday shooting.


Fujifilm X100VI // Worth the hype? First Impression Review

Is the Fujifilm X100VI worth the hype?

Many photographers believe that the Fujifilm X100VI lives up to the hype. Its compact size, excellent image quality, and intuitive controls make it a popular choice for street and travel photography.

What are the key features of the Fujifilm X100VI?

  • 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 APS-C sensor
  • 23mm F2 lens
  • Hybrid viewfinder with 3.69m-dot OLED EVF
  • 4K video recording at 30p
  • Advanced autofocus system

How is the image quality of the Fujifilm X100VI?

The Fujifilm X100VI offers excellent image quality thanks to its high-resolution sensor and sharp lens. Colors are vibrant, and details are crisp, making it a favorite among photographers.

Is the Fujifilm X100VI user-friendly?

Yes, the Fujifilm X100VI is known for its intuitive controls and menu system. Photographers of all skill levels will appreciate the easy-to-use design of this camera.

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