FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 | BTS Portrait Shoot #filmphotography

Are you tired of the digital monotony that seems to be taking over the world of photography? Are you longing for the nostalgic charm and warmth of film photography? Look no further than FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 film, a versatile option for capturing stunning portrait shots. In this blog, we take you behind the scenes of a portrait shoot using this film, sharing our experience and showcasing the magic it creates. Join us as we rediscover the joy of shooting on film and explore the unique characteristics that make FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 a beloved choice among photographers. Get ready to be inspired by the timeless beauty and authenticity that film photography brings to life.

FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 | BTS Portrait Shoot

Hey guys, today we’re going to be doing a portrait shoot with Brooke, and something a little bit different as we’ll be shooting on a film camera. The camera used for this shoot is the Canon 81 program with a 50mm f/1.4 lens. While in Japan, a roll of Fuji film superior Venus 800 was acquired, which is exclusively available in Japan. This unique film stock will be loaded into the camera today, and we are super excited to see how the colors turn out. We will also be showing the photos on the screen, so we hope you all enjoy! Let’s get started!

The Portrait Shoot

Brooke starts off by leaning against an old door, creating a rustic background for the portraits. The soft green surroundings add an interesting touch to the composition. The photos turn out great, capturing her natural beauty and expressing her personality. Moving on to another location, Brooke poses in front of a house adorned with flowers. The vibrant colors of the flowers and her contrasting outfit create a visually appealing image. The team then tries shooting through the flowers to experiment with different perspectives.

The Results

After receiving the developed film from the lab, we are extremely happy with the results. The photos were shown throughout the shoot, so some of you may have already seen them. No editing was done to the photos, as we wanted to showcase the raw beauty captured on film. One thing to note is that the camera was set to ISO 400 instead of 800, resulting in a slight overexposure. In future shoots, a slightly lower overexposure may be preferred to retain highlight details. However, the skin tones in the images turned out beautifully, with a subtle magenta hint contributing to their natural yet vibrant appearance. The film used, Fuji film superior Venus 800, is similar to the popular superior 400 film, but with a higher sensitivity. This higher speed film does exhibit more noticeable grain, which can add character to the final images.

Unfortunately, we only purchased a limited amount of the 800 speed superior film during our time in Japan. It’s a bit disappointing as the film was much cheaper to buy there compared to the prices online. Nevertheless, we are grateful to Brooke for her excellent performance in front of the camera and to Carlo for capturing the behind-the-scenes footage. We hope you enjoyed this portrait shoot with Fuji film superior Venus 800. That’s all for now, see you in the next one!

FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 | BTS Portrait Shoot #filmphotography – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 | BTS Portrait Shoot

1. What is FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800?

FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 is a high-speed color negative film produced by FUJIFILM. It is known for its versatility in various lighting conditions and its ability to capture vibrant and natural colors.

2. How does it perform in low light conditions?

FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 is specifically designed for low light conditions where faster film speed is required. It performs exceptionally well in low light situations, allowing you to capture clear and well-exposed images even without additional lighting.

3. Can I use it for portrait photography?

Absolutely! FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 is a popular choice among photographers for portrait photography. Its high-speed film allows you to work in challenging lighting scenarios while still achieving beautiful skin tones and fine details.

4. Does it require any special processing?

No, FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 can be processed using standard C-41 color negative film processing. Most film labs and photo processing services offer this type of processing, making it convenient and widely accessible for photographers.

5. Can it be used for other types of photography?

While FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 is commonly used for portrait photography, it can also be used for various other types of photography such as street photography, events, and even capturing action or moving subjects. Its high-speed film allows for more flexibility in different shooting conditions.

6. Are there any tips for shooting with FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800?

To make the most out of FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800, it is recommended to shoot in well-lit environments to maximize the film’s capabilities. Additionally, experimenting with different exposure settings and shooting techniques can help you achieve desired effects and unique results.

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