FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 | BTS Portrait Shoot #filmphotography

Are you looking to take stunning portraits with a vintage film aesthetic? Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a film enthusiast, the FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 is a fantastic option for capturing beautiful, high-quality portraits. In this blog, we will take you behind the scenes of a portrait shoot using this iconic film, providing you with tips and tricks for getting the best results. From lighting and composition to showcasing the unique characteristics of this film, we will guide you through the process of creating breathtaking portraits with FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800. Join us as we explore the world of film photography and unleash your creativity with this iconic film.

FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 | BTS Portrait Shoot #filmphotography

Hey guys so today we’re going to be doing a portrait shoot with Brooke and the photographer is going to be doing something a little bit different today, shooting on a film camera. The photographer has the Canon 81 program with a 50 millimeter one-point-four lens. While in Japan, the photographer picked up a roll of Fuji film superior Venus 800, a film stock that can only be bought in Japan. The photographer is super excited to shoot this and see what the colors look like. The photos will be put up on the screen as well, so the viewers can enjoy. Let’s do it!

The Photo Shoot

The photographer and Brooke start the photo shoot with Brooke leaning against the door, capturing some amazing shots. The setting adds an interesting background and setting for the shoot.

The Photos

After getting the roll back from the lab, the photographer is really happy with how the photos turned out. The photos were put in the video throughout as they were shooting. The photographer didn’t do anything to the photos, just posted them up on the screen as they were. The skin tones are really nice and saturated, fairly natural but with a hint of magenta which the photographer really likes. The film stock of ISO 800 has more noticeable grain, which the photographer actually enjoys. Overall, the photographer would definitely shoot this film again, despite the challenge of getting it at a higher price outside Japan.


One thing the photographer would change for next time is setting the camera to ISO 400 instead of 800, shooting the film one stop overexposed. The first few shots were a little overexposed, so the photographer would adjust for next time. Despite this, the dynamic range and colors looked really nice. The photographer also noted that the film is similar to superior 400, but with a different speed. The photographer is happy with the outcome and would like to thank Brooke for being in front of the camera and Carlo for filming the behind-the-scenes.

FAQ about FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 | BTS Portrait Shoot #filmphotography


FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 is a high-speed color negative film that is known for its fine grain and natural skin tones. It is often used for portrait and low-light photography.

What does BTS Portrait Shoot mean?

BTS stands for “behind the scenes,” and a portrait shoot is a photography session focused on capturing the personality and essence of the person being photographed.

Why choose film photography for a portrait shoot?

Film photography can provide a timeless and nostalgic feel to images, and it often produces rich, vibrant colors that can enhance the mood of a portrait. It also requires a more deliberate approach to capturing each shot, which can lead to more thoughtful and impactful images.

How does FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 perform in low-light conditions?

FUJIFILM SUPERIA 800 is designed to excel in low-light conditions, producing high-quality images with minimal grain. This makes it a great choice for portrait shoots in indoor or dimly-lit environments.

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