First leaked image of the A7R and som good news: A7cII and A7cR will include a handgrip for free!

Have you been eagerly waiting for the first leaked image of the highly anticipated A7R? Well, we have some good news for you! The long-awaited A7cII and A7cR will not only be worth the wait, but they will also come with a handgrip for free! Sony enthusiasts all around the world have been buzzing with excitement about the upcoming mirrorless cameras, and this recent leak only amplifies the anticipation. With its sleek design and powerful features, the A7 series has always been a favorite among photographers. Now, with the added bonus of a complimentary handgrip, the A7cII and A7cR are sure to take their popularity to new heights. Let’s take a closer look at what the leaked image reveals and what we can expect from these impressive cameras.

First Leaked Image of the A7R

A Chinese YouTuber recently leaked the first image of the highly anticipated Sony A7R. Although the image only reveals the name of the camera, it serves as proof that the announcement of the A7R will indeed take place on August 29, alongside the previously leaked A7C2. Interestingly, the A7R will bear a striking resemblance to the A7C2, with the only notable difference being the addition of the 4D fully articulating screen from the A7R5.

Exciting News: A7CII and A7CR to Include Free Handgrip

While we eagerly await more leaks and details surrounding these cameras, some good news has emerged. According to a trusted source, both the A7CII and A7CR will come with a complimentary handgrip. This accessory can be attached to the camera, enhancing its usability and providing a better grip for users. Typically, handgrips can cost a significant amount of money (often a few hundred bucks) when purchased separately for cameras like Leica M11 or Fuji XF5. However, Sony is providing this accessory for free with their latest offerings, making it a notable saving for potential buyers.

Compact 1635 GM2 Lens

In addition to the leaked images of the A7C2 and A7CR, another exciting product has yet to be revealed: a 1635 GM2 lens. Rumors suggest that this lens will be remarkably compact compared to its predecessor. Although we currently lack an image of the lens, it is expected to be unveiled in the coming days. As soon as we have the first image, a new video will be shared on this channel.

Pricing Rumors and Euro Pricing

While it was disappointing to some that the pricing information for the A7C2 indicated it may be more expensive than the A74, there is a glimmer of hope. Euro pricing for the A7CR is rumored to be lower than that of the A7R5. However, we await final confirmation on this matter. Regardless, the inclusion of a free handgrip with both cameras is definitely a positive aspect to consider when making a purchasing decision.

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FAQ – First leaked image of the A7R and some good news: A7cII and A7cR will include a handgrip for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first leaked image of the A7R?

The first leaked image of the A7R is an unreleased photo that showcases the upcoming Sony A7R camera model. It offers a sneak peek into the design and features of this highly anticipated camera.

What are the A7cII and A7cR?

The A7cII and A7cR are camera models in the Sony A7 series. They are the successors to the original A7c models and come with various improvements and enhancements in terms of performance, image quality, and features.

What is the good news about A7cII and A7cR?

The good news is that both the A7cII and A7cR camera models will include a handgrip for free with the purchase. This means that users will have the added benefit of a handgrip accessory without any additional cost.

Why is the inclusion of a handgrip significant?

A handgrip provides better ergonomics and stability while holding the camera, resulting in improved handling and reduced hand fatigue during prolonged shoots. It enhances the overall shooting experience and enables photographers to capture steady shots even in challenging conditions.

Will the handgrip be compatible with other Sony cameras?

The handgrip included with the A7cII and A7cR cameras is specifically designed for these models. While it may physically fit other Sony cameras, its compatibility and functionality cannot be guaranteed.

Is the handgrip removable?

Yes, the handgrip included with the A7cII and A7cR cameras is removable. This allows users to attach or detach it as per their preference and shooting requirements.

Will there be different color options for the handgrip?

The availability of different color options for the handgrip may vary depending on Sony’s offerings. It is recommended to check with official Sony sources or authorized dealers for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding color options.

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