Filmmaking Gear Under $20!

Are you a filmmaker on a budget looking for affordable gear to enhance your filmmaking experience? Look no further! In this blog, we will explore some of the best filmmaking gear under $20 that can take your video production to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned filmmaker, having the right tools can make a significant difference in the quality of your work. From smartphone tripod mounts to portable LED lights, there are plenty of affordable options available that can help you capture stunning visuals and improve the overall production value of your films. Let’s dive in and discover some budget-friendly filmmaking gear!

Filmmaking Gear Under $20

In today’s video we’re taking a look at 20 different video gear items each of which cost 20 or less. I’m gonna put links to everything in the description some of this stuff I’ve been using for over 10 years other things I’ve recently picked up and are kind of weird but We’ll talk about those in a little bit and all of this stuff is really useful when it comes to making your videos better, faster, or easier to make. We don’t have a lot of time so let’s dive in with item number one.

Small LED Light

We have a small led light that does rgb and a ton of other features for 20 bucks which is amazing and what’s even more amazing is the build quality. It is fully metal, has a built-in battery with USBC charging, and an OLED display on the back. This is a really powerful light for the price and definitely worth it if you need a little bit of color or just a small form factor led light.

Tiny Friction Monitor Mount

Next, we have a tiny friction monitor mount. This is great for adjusting the angle of your monitor with a single hand and it’s really compact. For under 20 bucks, this is a must if you use monitors.

Camera Cube

A simple camera cube is a great way to pack your gear securely without having to haul a huge dedicated camera bag. It is a great tool for packing lenses, cameras, and other gear.

Desk Clamp Light Stand

Desk Clamp light stands are really handy. You can essentially clamp it to the side of your desk and put a light on it, put a camera on it, or add a ball head to the top. These are really practical and versatile tools to have.

Friction Arms

Friction arms are great for adding monitors, microphones, and all kinds of other gear to just about anything. Super handy to have.

Nano Clamps

Nano clamps are really useful for mounting a ball head, a camera, a light, or really anything you need.

Light Stand

A tiny light stand is super handy to have in the kit, especially for background lights.

Ball Head

A ball head is a versatile tool that is really useful for mounting different devices. It’s a must if you need a stable and adjustable mount for your gear.

Sunset Projector LED Light

This is one of the weirdest items on this list. It’s a tiny LED light that projects a sunset effect. It’s great for background lights and adds interesting lighting to your shots. It’s a really affordable way to add some very unique lighting to your videos.

FAQs about Filmmaking Gear Under $20

1. What are some essential filmmaking gear under $20?

Some essential filmmaking gear under $20 includes smartphone tripod mounts, portable LED lights, phone camera lens attachments, and external microphones for smartphones.

2. Where can I purchase these filmmaking gear under $20?

You can purchase these filmmaking gear under $20 from online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or specialty stores that cater to filmmakers and videographers.

3. Are there any affordable editing software for filmmakers under $20?

Yes, there are several video editing software options available for under $20, such as FilmoraGo, Adobe Premiere Rush, or KineMaster.

4. Can I find affordable filmmaking gear under $20 at my local electronics store?

Yes, some local electronics stores may carry affordable filmmaking gear under $20, such as smartphone accessories, portable lighting, and audio equipment.

5. Are there any free resources for learning about filmmaking gear under $20?

Yes, there are many free resources available online, such as YouTube tutorials, filmmaking forums, and blogs, that provide tips and recommendations for affordable filmmaking gear under $20.

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