Fashion Photoshoot VLOG + TUTORIAL

Welcome to our fashion-focused blog, where we bring you the latest trends, tips, and tricks in the world of fashion photography. If you’re looking to take your fashion photography game to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will be sharing with you an exciting behind-the-scenes look at our latest fashion photoshoot vlog, accompanied by a detailed tutorial on achieving stunning results. Through this vlog and tutorial, we aim to inspire and educate aspiring fashion photographers, models, and fashion enthusiasts alike to unleash their creativity and create mesmerizing fashion imagery. So, grab your camera and join us on this thrilling fashion-filled journey!

Fashion Photoshoot VLOG + TUTORIAL

Fashion Photoshoot VLOG + TUTORIAL

Okay, I have my camera bag, I have to shoot your dad good the clothes for the shoot and I need my cookie, yeah oh right that’s better, you see me now clothes baby might yeah and then I just need to grab my phone and my lip balm most abundant things. Probably calm film while I’m driving so I’m just gonna say now I’m heading off to a shoot in the city you can clean it much better. I’m leaving Dan behind today but I’m gonna go do a quick test shoot in Sydney today should be fun good a couple of Clothes and a really small team just a model in the makeup artist and yeah okay I’m gonna go fun thank you okay bye Dan like sue.

I just got to the shoot location and I’m waiting for the team. It’s ten plus two at the moment and it’s quite funny with like a few clouds here and there so it’s like under I think we’ll be able to get a nice variety of shots because sometimes it’s like bright sunny and other times it gets quite gloomy when the clouds positive of the Sun so it should be really good.

The Shoot

Hey guys, so we just finished the shoot and it went really, really well. I’m so sorry I didn’t really vlog while I was shooting. I just really tend to get into the mood of shooting and when I start taking photos, it’s sort of all I think about and I kind of forgot to vlog. But I think today when I get home, I’m going to maybe talk to you guys through my process of editing a little bit more so you can see that side of my photography instead of the shooting side. Maybe next time I’ll vlog a bit more. Jasmine was amazing to work with and we had a great time shooting and I think I got some really, really awesome photos and I’m super happy with them. So I can’t wait to go home and have a look through them and edit them.

Just having a look at Google Maps, apparently there’s a bit of traffic and it’s gonna take me an hour and a half together. I hate sitting in traffic, but I just got since I didn’t get the chance to vlog that much today, it’s so like I was just like so much going on, I was like windy on the edge of a cliff, so yeah it didn’t look too much. So to make up for that, I was thinking I could go through the prices of how I edit my shoots in Lightroom and here we are inside my computer.

The Editing Process

The first thing that I do is plug in my SD card into my iMac. Then, I’ll go into my main hard drive and make a new folder with the date backwards. This helps keep my folders in order. I have a little subcategory called “fashion” for any sort of fashion work that I do. Today, I did a shoot with a model named Jasmine, so I just named the folder “Jasmine Test.”

Once all the files have finished transferring, I use a program called Photo Mechanic to select my photos. I go through each photo one by one, looking for ones that are sharp and aesthetically pleasing. I assign either one or zero stars to each photo, with one star indicating it may make it into the final edit. I continue this process until I have made a first selection of photos.

Next, I create a new folder called “Selects” and move all the one-star images into it. This separates them from the zero-star images and makes it easier to look through and finalize my selections. From these selections, I will choose my final ten or twenty images to edit.

And that’s it! That’s my process of shooting and editing a fashion photoshoot. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and informative. Thank you for watching!

Fashion Photoshoot VLOG + TUTORIAL – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a fashion photoshoot VLOG?

A fashion photoshoot VLOG is a video blog that showcases the behind-the-scenes footage of a fashion photoshoot. It gives viewers an inside look into the process and techniques used to capture stunning fashion photographs.

2. Why should I watch a fashion photoshoot VLOG?

Watching a fashion photoshoot VLOG can be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it offers valuable insights into the fashion industry and the art of photography. It can also act as a source of inspiration for aspiring models, photographers, and stylists. Additionally, it can be an enjoyable and entertaining way to see the creation of stunning fashion imagery.

3. What can I expect to learn from a fashion photoshoot VLOG tutorial?

A fashion photoshoot VLOG tutorial typically aims to provide educational content related to the fashion photography process. It may cover topics such as selecting the right location, styling, posing techniques, lighting setups, camera settings, and post-processing tips. By following the tutorial, you can gain useful knowledge and improve your own photography skills.

4. Can I replicate the techniques shown in a fashion photoshoot VLOG tutorial?

Absolutely! The purpose of a tutorial is to guide and teach you the techniques used in a fashion photoshoot. You are encouraged to try out and replicate these techniques to enhance your own photography skills. However, keep in mind that practice, creativity, and personal touch are key in developing your unique style.

5. How long does a fashion photoshoot VLOG tutorial usually last?

The duration of a fashion photoshoot VLOG tutorial can vary depending on the creator and the complexity of the content. Some tutorials may last just a few minutes, while others could span over an hour. The length usually depends on the level of detail provided and the specific topics covered.

6. Are fashion photoshoot VLOGs suitable for beginners?

Yes, fashion photoshoot VLOGs can be beneficial for beginners. These videos often break down the photography process step-by-step, making it easier for beginners to understand and follow along. They provide insights into the techniques used by professionals and offer guidance for beginners to improve their own skills.

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