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Welcome to our blog! In today’s post, we will be diving deep into the world of lighting with our review of the Falcon Eyes SO-48TD. If you’re a photographer or videographer looking to enhance your shooting experience with soft, beautiful light, then you’re in for a treat. The Falcon Eyes SO-48TD is a game-changer when it comes to simplicity and versatility in soft lighting. With its advanced LED technology and intuitive design, this light panel delivers stunning results for all types of creative projects. Join us as we explore the features, performance, and overall value of the Falcon Eyes SO-48TD in our comprehensive review.

Falcon Eyes So-48td Review // Soft Light Made Simple

What is up people! Done it here and today we’re gonna take a look at the Falcon Eyes So-48td. This has been the light that I’ve been using as my key light for these videos for quite some time now. If you’ve been around the channel for a while, you might remember that I did a review for this light’s little sibling, the So-28td, and talked about how much I liked the idea of that light and how you didn’t have to diffuse it. Well, this packs a lot of the same punch, but in a slightly larger package with a lot more light coming out of it.

Good Things About the Falcon Eyes So-48td

Let’s break it down a little bit. We’re gonna talk about some of the good things about this light. One of the advantages of this light’s design is that it’s circular. We’re used to seeing LED panels that are square, but the So-48td is circular because there are actually lights all the way around the edge that shoot inwards and then reflect forwards through this diffusion material. The advantage of this design is that you’re getting one large light source instead of several small ones. With square panels, you have to put some kind of diffusion in front of it to turn it into one source. With the So-48td, you don’t have to diffuse it any further.

Another good thing about this light is its versatility in color temperature. It can go from 3000 Kelvin, giving a nice tungsten look, all the way up to 5600 Kelvin for a daylight effect. Considering its output and the fact that it’s already diffused, it has a fairly small footprint, making it quite handy for small studio spaces.

One of the standout features of the So-48td is its intuitive touchscreen control panel. It allows you to easily adjust the color temperature and brightness percentage with one percent increments. It also includes a battery indicator, which is useful for monitoring battery life.

Limitations of the Falcon Eyes So-48td

While there are many advantages to the So-48td, there are a few limitations to consider. One major limitation is the lack of compatibility with light shaping devices. Unlike lights like the Aperture 120d, there is currently no way to attach any kind of light modifiers to the So-48td, limiting its versatility for certain lighting setups.

Who is the Falcon Eyes So-48td Suitable For?

The Falcon Eyes So-48td is suitable for videographers and photographers who need a powerful and soft lighting solution in a compact form factor. Its circular design provides a convenient and efficient light source, and its versatile color temperature options make it suitable for various shooting conditions. However, if you require the ability to attach light modifiers, you may need to consider alternative lighting options.

In conclusion, the Falcon Eyes So-48td is a reliable and efficient lighting solution that offers a soft and powerful light output. Its circular design and versatile color temperature options make it suitable for various shooting conditions. While it may have some limitations in terms of light shaping options, it remains a popular choice among videographers and photographers.

Falcon Eyes SO-48TD Review | Soft Light Made Simple – FAQ

Falcon Eyes SO-48TD Review

Soft Light Made Simple – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Falcon Eyes SO-48TD?

The Falcon Eyes SO-48TD is a lighting fixture that provides soft and even lighting for photography and videography. It features advanced LED technology and is designed for professional use.

2. How does the SO-48TD produce soft light?

The SO-48TD utilizes a large panel of multiple LED lights that are diffused through a soft material or diffuser. This diffusion spreads the light evenly across the subject, eliminating harsh shadows and creating a soft lighting effect.

3. What are the advantages of the Falcon Eyes SO-48TD?

The SO-48TD offers several advantages, including:

  • High-quality and flicker-free LED light output.
  • Excellent color accuracy and adjustable color temperature.
  • Flexible control options, including remote control and smartphone app.
  • Easy setup and portable design for on-location shoots.
  • Durable construction and long lifespan.

4. What are the recommended uses for the SO-48TD?

The Falcon Eyes SO-48TD is suitable for various applications, including:

  • Portrait photography and studio lighting.
  • Video interviews and shooting in controlled environments.
  • Product photography where soft and even lighting is desired.
  • Wedding and event photography.

5. What is the power source for the SO-48TD?

The SO-48TD can be powered through a standard AC power outlet or with V-mount batteries, making it convenient for both studio and on-location shoots.

6. Are there any accessories available for the SO-48TD?

Yes, there are various accessories compatible with the SO-48TD, including light stands, softboxes, grids, and barn doors, allowing for further control and customization of the lighting setup.

7. Is the SO-48TD suitable for beginners?

While the SO-48TD is designed for professional use, it can also be a great tool for beginners who want to achieve high-quality, soft lighting without extensive technical knowledge. Its user-friendly controls and versatility make it accessible to users of different skill levels.

8. Where can I read a full review of the Falcon Eyes SO-48TD?

You can find a detailed review of the Falcon Eyes SO-48TD, discussing its features, performance, and real-world applications, on our website/blog. Feel free to check it out!

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