F0.95 + Flash + Afternoon sun= 3D Portraits!

Have you ever wanted to capture stunning, three-dimensional portraits but struggled to achieve the perfect lighting? Look no further! By combining a lens with an aperture of F0.95, off-camera flash, and the warm afternoon sun, you can create breathtaking 3D portraits that truly stand out. The combination of these elements allows you to control the depth of field, add dimension with off-camera flash, and use the natural light to enhance your subject’s features. In this blog post, we will explore how to harness the power of F0.95, flash, and sunlight to create stunning 3D portraits that will leave viewers in awe.

F0.95 + Flash + Afternoon sun= 3D Portraits!

In this video, the audience will be able to watch a photographer shooting with the medic on 50 millimeter F 0.95 lens, using flash in the afternoon sun. The video also reveals why shooting with more natural light than off-camera flashes can be beneficial.

Setting the Scene

The photographer can be seen in the video, shooting in the afternoon sun, around noon. With the F 0.95 lens and Joel Grimes beauty dish from Westcott mounted on a c-stand, the photographer is ready to capture some stunning 3D portraits.

Gearing Up

The gear used in the video includes the Sony a7 r3 camera, the medic on 0.95 lens, the Joel Grimes beauty dish, and an Avenger c-stand. The backlit scene adds a nice hair light on the model, creating dynamic and visually appealing portraits.

Manual Focusing Challenges

Manual focusing with a lens as fast as F 0.95 can be challenging, as the depth of field is extremely shallow. The photographer admits to some shots being blurry, but post-processing techniques such as sharpening can help salvage the images.

Creating a 3D Effect Outdoors

Using a lens like F 0.95 outdoors can yield a beautiful 3D effect, with the background melting away into a creamy blur. The composition plays a crucial role in enhancing the dimensionality of the images, as seen in the well-framed shots in the video.

Maxing Out the Settings

To achieve the desired exposure, the photographer had to push the settings to the limit, shooting at F 0.95, 1/8000 shutter speed, and ISO 50. Using high-speed sync with the flash at full power helped in getting a perfectly exposed image.

Controlling Shadows with a C-Stand

The decision to use a C-stand instead of a regular stand was to create even shadows on the model’s face. Though there were some minor adjustments needed during the shoot, the overall outcome was successful in achieving the desired lighting effect.

Experimenting with Composition

One of the compositions in the shoot involved a bright streak of light on the ground, which added a unique dimension to the photo. Despite the unconventional element, the photographer found it added an interesting visual element to the image.

Wrap-Up and Future Plans

As the video concluded, the lens was returned, and the photographer hinted at a forthcoming review video on the lens and the shooting experience. While Instagram may make shooting with such a lens look easy, there are considerations to keep in mind before investing in one. Stay tuned for more content and insights from the photographer’s journey.

Overall, the video showcased the creative process and technical challenges of shooting 3D portraits with F 0.95, flash, and afternoon sun, offering viewers a glimpse into the artistry and innovation behind captivating photographic compositions.

FAQ – F0.95 + Flash + Afternoon sun = 3D Portraits!

Q: What equipment do I need to create 3D portraits using F0.95, flash, and afternoon sun?

A: You will need a camera with an F0.95 lens, an external flash, and access to natural light from the afternoon sun.

Q: How does the combination of F0.95, flash, and afternoon sun help create 3D portraits?

A: The F0.95 aperture allows for a shallow depth of field, creating a 3D effect in the portraits. The flash can fill in shadows and add dimension, while the afternoon sun provides warm, natural light for a more realistic look.

Q: Are there any specific settings or techniques I should use when shooting 3D portraits with this setup?

A: Experiment with different combinations of aperture settings, flash power levels, and positioning in relation to the sun to achieve the desired 3D effect. Consider using a reflector to bounce light and soften shadows.

Q: Can I achieve similar results with different equipment or lighting conditions?

A: While this specific setup is optimal for creating 3D portraits, you can experiment with other lenses, lighting sources, and techniques to achieve unique and creative results.

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