Everything we love about the NEW Lightroom update

The new Lightroom update has brought a range of exciting features and improvements that have left photographers and enthusiasts thrilled. From enhanced editing tools to improved performance, there is so much to love about the latest version of this popular photo management and editing software. Features such as enhanced AI-powered editing tools, improved organization and search capabilities, and faster processing speeds have made the workflow of photographers more efficient and enjoyable. In this blog, we will explore the various aspects of the new Lightroom update that have captured the hearts of its users and why it has become a game-changer for the photography community.

Everything we love about the NEW Lightroom update

Everything we love about the NEW Lightroom update

Simulated Blur and Bokeh Effects

October came and went so you know what that means ADHD awareness month is over uh yeah well any it means that adobe released a new update for Lightroom and it’s pretty cool so stick around and thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video the latest update has brought simulated blur and bokeh effects the Ability to edit and Export hdr photos a point color tool for more precise color adjustments and more so let’s get into It you should now see a panel in the develop module called lens blur let’s apply it this uses Adobe Sensei adobe’s AI to create a depth map of your image and apply blur you can adjust the strength with this slider if you flip open the bokeh options you have different types of Bokeh to choose from Circle soap bubble five blade ring or cat’s eye the Boost slider will increase the brightness of out of focus lights and now below that we have the focus range by default Adobe us uses subject detection which uses AI to identify the subject of your photo to create the blur In front of and behind it but you can also change to point or area focus and manually set the focal range by clicking or dragging on the photo click on visualize depth to view your depth map and the focal range in a lot of cases AI Does a really nice job of creating the depth map but in some instances it’s not going to get everything exactly right in this case flip open the refine Tab and now you can adjust the depth by painting with a brush for instance in this shot the depth map did not accurately map This guy’s hand since I want that in Focus I’ll click the focus button and then paint on the hand you can then adjust the amount as necessary we’ve done a few videos where we show you how to manually fake background blur in Lightroom and well it’s nice having a tool that does it Automatically for you and looks really good another cool new feature is in addition to the hsl panel which is now called color mixer the point color feature allows you to more precisely adjust specific cues in your image start by clicking on the eye dropper select a Color you want to tweak in your image and you’ll see you now have the hsl adjustments for that specific color it also added as a Swatch right here so you can always go back and tweak it where it really gets powerful is when you open up the range settings you can now adjust The Hue saturation and luminance range for the specific Hue you want adjusted in your image so let’s say for some reason you want tojust just the orange step in this photo but not affect the subject’s skin tone let’s also click visualize range so we can see what all Will be affected you can now narrow the ranges in on your target queue and as you can see we can remove the skin tone Al together from this range the point color also works independently of the standard hsl controls and it works with masking as well so let’s just mask out these red Stairs we can easily shift the Hue of each red step which is a really nice feature since previously you couldn’t really get such precise color control with masking all right not a bad addition Adobe what else you got now my only HDR display is the one On my phone but you can now edit and Export hdr photos in Lightroom at the top of the basic adjustments panel you’ll see a button for HDR just click it to enter HDR editing mode you’ll see the histogram will show you the additional dynamic range on the right a Few things to mention with HDR you have the HDR limit selector which defaults to four stops if you enable visualize HDR it will highlight the areas of your image that fall into the HDR range then you can enable preview on SDR display to adjust settings for devices that are not Capable of displaying HDR another thing that will look different is the tone curve the lower left quadrant is SDR and then the rest represent the HDR range of your image after you’re done editing an HDR photo you have a couple of new options avif and jpeg XL these support higher Bit depths you can also check the HDR output box to change the color space to HDR if you use the desktop version of Lightroom that isn’t Lightroom classic I never know what to call it the cloud version whatever you can now access and edit photos on your computer without Importing them to Lightroom and syncing them to the cloud just click the local tab in the top left and now navigate to your images you can make your edits as you normally would and Export the photos when you’re ready if you do want to sync a local photo to the cloud just click The copy photo to Cloud button in the top right simple as that and as for usual Lightroom has added support for new cameras and lenses like the iPhone 15 there are also updates to Lightroom mobile basically a cleaner and more streamlined editing experience in the App all in all I think this is a solid update I think the lens blur and bokeh feature is a lot of fun to play around with so for me that’s the highlight of the October 2023 update I find myself having to use Photoshop less and less as Lightroom adds more features and becomes even better let me know what you think of these updates down in the comments below and now I’m contractually obligated to tell you about my favorite sponsor Squarespace we’ve been Squarespace customers since 2013 way before this YouTube channel started we currently pay For four Squarespace websites and stript trivia pod.com is one of them if you’re not raking in money hand over fist with your podcast you might want to check out squarespace’s new member areas where you can sell access to gain content like video classes digital downloads or newsletters you can also showcase your Photography with squarespace’s professional portfolio designs customize the layout the look and the feel to make it your own also you can schedule and book appointments straight from your website you need to log in that client meeting well they can easily see your availability and reschedule if needed Making your life a heck of a lot easier here’s what our new podcast 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Everything we love about the NEW Lightroom update

What are the key features of the new Lightroom update?

The new Lightroom update includes improved performance, a new color grading tool, and improved version control.

How does the improved performance benefit users?

The improved performance means faster and smoother editing, especially when working with large files or applying complex edits.

What is the new color grading tool and how does it enhance the editing process?

The new color grading tool allows users to adjust the color tones in their images more precisely, giving them more control over the final look of their edits.

How has version control been improved in the new update?

The new version control feature allows users to easily compare different edits and revert to previous versions of their images, making it easier to experiment with different looks without fear of losing their original edits.

Are there any other notable improvements in the new update?

Other notable improvements include a redesigned interface for better usability and new presets to help users get started with their editing process.

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