Entire Video Kit in ONE BACKPACK!

Are you tired of lugging around multiple bags just to carry all your video equipment for shoots? Look no further – the Entire Video Kit in ONE BACKPACK is here to make your life easier and more convenient! With everything you need to capture stunning footage packed into a single, compact backpack, you can now effortlessly carry all your gear in one go. Say goodbye to the days of juggling multiple bags and struggling to keep track of all your equipment – the Entire Video Kit in ONE BACKPACK is the perfect solution for videographers on the go.

Entire Video Kit in ONE BACKPACK!

Hey guys welcome back to another video in this one we’re going to be taking all of this production gear and jamming it into a single backpack that has everything you need to shoot an interview recently i’ve done several videos doing crazy stuff like putting an entire youtube studio on a single Rolling stand building an entire youtube studio at a computer desk and in this video we’re going to build an entire youtube or interview setup and have it all fit into a single backpack so everything you need to record an interview or a youtube video like this On the go ready to rock at any moment time stamps will be in the description below if you want to jump to a specific part of this video everything will be linked to in the description and we’re going to start by talking about the gear I used and kind of put together for this particular kit now i understand that this is maybe a little overkill not everybody needs something like this but i want to show you how with less gear you can do more these days without spending a ton of money either so Everything on this table the entire kit every piece i’m going to talk about will cost you this but if you have a camera and you don’t need the optional stuff we’re going to be talking about it’ll cost this which i think is pretty approachable considering what we’re able To do so let’s go over all the parts i selected and we’re going to start with camera and lenses now you can go with anything here but i would recommend something with good autofocus just in case you’re interviewing someone and you can’t necessarily operate the camera and For this i’m going to be using the fuji xt3 this camera is really impressive has good autofocus and amazing image and i think it’s going to be perfect for this setup now you can get it as a kit with this lens the 18 to 55 it is a wonderful Setup for video i’m also going to be using this 50 millimeter f2 so if you’re doing an interview setup and you want a little more shallow depth of field this is a good one to go with fuji also makes a 35 and 23 millimeter both at f2 if you Want something a little wider so really really dig this stuff it’s going to work great next up we’re going to need a tripod and one that can obviously fit in the side pocket or front pocket of a backpack so this is what i’m going to be Using it is a carbon fiber oben tripod it folds up to almost nothing and if you want something a little more video oriented or maybe you just want a different option i’d also recommend the be free from manfrotto it’s a small tripod that’s perfect for this kind of Application and if you’re a massive baller of course the peak design new tripod that is also carbon fiber would be the ultimate compact option but 600 bucks is pretty steep for something like that so this is our tripod folds down to a very very small footprint and we can Stick that on the side pocket of our backpack next let’s talk about sound for this setup i’m going to be using these rode wireless goes because they’re tiny they sound really good and they’re really not that expensive even when you consider picking up a microphone along With it so that takes care of sound now let’s move over to lighting this is where it’s really tricky to have a compact small setup but i think i’ve done something fairly unique here and it ought to work pretty well for our setup so let’s start with the light which is going to be this guy over here this is a manic light that is round as you can see and it’s flexible so it’s similar to the led mats that we’ve talked about on the channel except this one is round so it’s going to work great for our setup it’s Also bi-color and very bright so there’s the light itself it comes with a bracket that folds up as you can see here so it’ll open up and hold the light and here’s the controller for the light very small has a v mount you can also get it In gold mount i believe so this is our entire light right here but the problem with the setup like this is that it’s a very small fixture right now i’m using a 60 inch soft box and that’s why it’s nice and soft on my skin and it’s going To look great for interviews you can pretty much point this at anything and it looks awesome this on the other hand is going to look pretty gnarly so we need to essentially make it into a larger source and usually you would add a soft box you would add diffusion But that means more stands more setup more cases we’re no longer using just our backpack so i figured out that i could use this guy right here the aperture space light with this light to create a big soft source so the space light is all in this one Single pack here and essentially it’s going to open up and give you a very large space light that folds up can be opened up and we’re going to use this round light inside of the space light so essentially the light will be shooting down into the space light giving us a Nice big soft source now that could work fairly well on its own but i decided i wanted to soften it even further so i picked up this which is just a five or ten dollar big sheet of diffusion i’ll open it up here it’s quite large as you Can see and we’re going to actually clip this around the space light to give us an even softer light source and that’s what i love about this round disc light if you will is that it’s very bright so we can push through all of this and still give us Plenty of output so how we’re going to mount this whole apparatus for our lighting well i’m going to be using this single stand to do that so this is an impact stand it folds in on itself so it’s very compact as you can see very similar to kind of the manfrotto nano Stands so i’ll set that over here and to mount the light and the space light to that we’re going to need a friction arm with two nano clamps so on amazon you can for i think around 30 bucks pick up one of these friction arms that has a Nano clamp on one end you’re going to need to pick up a second nano clamp so this is kind of what it looks like we’ve got a nano clamp 10 nano clamp and it’s flexible so you’ll see how we’re going to use this in a little bit now there Are three optional items that’ll really help you out if you’re going to build a setup like this and i want to talk about those now the first is this adorable little v-mount battery this is the pocket v from intellitech and because as you can see it’s just tiny so something Like this is going to work great for our mobile setup if you need power from you know a battery so having something this small is just awesome the next optional item has to do with our camera and using this device the cine eye it is as you Can see this cute little thing with these little antennas here and this will actually transmit your image over hdmi and over a five gigahertz network to your phone so you can essentially turn your phone into a monitor and instead of bringing a monitor and batteries this is All…

Frequently Asked Questions about the Entire Video Kit in ONE BACKPACK!

  1. What is the Entire Video Kit?

    The Entire Video Kit is a comprehensive set of equipment and tools that allow you to shoot high-quality videos on the go, all conveniently packed into one backpack.

  2. What does the Entire Video Kit include?

    The kit includes a DSLR camera, lenses, a tripod, a microphone, lighting equipment, cables, and other accessories necessary for capturing professional-level video content.

  3. Is the Entire Video Kit easy to transport?

    Yes, the Entire Video Kit is designed to be compact and easy to carry, making it perfect for traveling to different locations for video shoots.

  4. Can the Entire Video Kit be customized?

    Yes, you can customize the kit based on your specific needs and preferences by adding or removing equipment as necessary.

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