Easy SEAMLESS Instagram Carousel Collage!

Are you tired of trying to create the perfect Instagram carousel collage, only to have it turn out looking clunky and unprofessional? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll show you how to create an easy and seamless Instagram carousel collage that will wow your followers. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to use simple tools and techniques to ensure that your carousel collage looks polished and cohesive. Whether you’re a professional content creator or just looking to up your Instagram game, this blog will provide you with the skills and confidence to create stunning carousel collages that will elevate your feed.

Easy SEAMLESS Instagram Carousel Collage

This video is sponsored by Skillshare. Almost exactly two years ago, I made a tutorial video on how to split pictures for Instagram. Fast forward to now, about 700,000 people have watched that video and I keep getting requests to make a follow-up, specifically how to do a seamless Instagram carousel collage. The difference between the two being that in the first one, it was just a single photo that you were chopping in the middle, in the collage version, you’re mashing up a whole bunch of photos to make them one big, long, seamless swiping experience. Now, the cool thing about this is that it’s not just a bunch of photos back to back. All of these photos will flow into one another and some of them might be on the split line and some of them might be foreground and some might be background. You can do some really cool creative things with this. Now, a quick disclaimer, this tutorial will include math. If you don’t like math, I’ll try and break it down as simple as I can for ya, but you’re gonna need to use it at some point. Okay, but why would you want to do this type of post? What’s the advantage? First of all, this is a cool way to tell a story. By doing a post like this, you can tell a story from start to end, rather than trying to get it all into one frame.

Advantages of a Seamless Instagram Carousel Collage

Next, it’s because it’s good for the Instagram algorithm. When you make carousel posts like this with multiple photos in them, Instagram will show them to your followers more than once. Let’s say they see the first photo but they go by it, later on in the day, Instagram will show them the second photo, And maybe the third one, and then there’s also engagement. Creating a post where people have to swipe to see the whole thing actually creates engagement with your audience. The longer you can keep them held on your post, the better. We’ve all seen a lot of different carousel posts On Instagram, and usually they’re just a collection of photos back to back, but doing it this way will definitely make you stand out amongst all the other millions of users that are on Instagram. Is it billions at this point? So with all that said, I’m really excited to teach you How to do a seamless Instagram carousel collage, but there’s a twist. I’ve never actually done this before. I’ve got a pretty good idea in my head of how this is gonna work, but I’ve never actually tried it in practice, so we’re gonna be working through it for the first time together, And you’re gonna get to see any of the little problems worked out as I go. All right, so the way that I’m planning on doing this is using Adobe Photoshop, but if you apply the same principles, it should pretty much work on any photo editor that you might use.

Creating the Seamless Instagram Carousel Collage

So I’ve got these eight photos from a trip to Canmore back in the day. They’re all pre-edited, so I’ve got basically all the photos that I’m gonna want for this carousel collage. Some of them are in portrait, some of them are in landscape, So we’re gonna do some cool things with how we arrange them.

Okay, so when we open Photoshop and we click Create New, we’re gonna get this dialog box, where now we have to choose the size of the canvas that we want to work on. This is where the math comes in. The most real estate that you can take up in the Instagram app is by using a five tall by four wide ratio for your photo, but when we start to want to make it wider, basically for every time that we want to swipe, we’re gonna add four to the width, So instead of five by four, two photos would be five by eight, three photos would be five by 12, four photos would be five by 16, so on and so forth. I think with these eight photos, what I wanna do is try and make them fit within five slides, So now we’ve got to do some math here. So the maximum height that you can do on Instagram is 1350, and then the width, each photo is gonna be 1080 wide, 1080 times five, 5400 by 1350, and 1350 will always be the height, but the width is what’ll change. So we’re gonna Create, and that is our canvas. I’m gonna pull in all of my photos, and now what we want to do is basically just make one big, pretty picture.

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Okay, so one thing that I’m running into is trying to organize these all, And thinking about where the splits are going to be, ’cause I don’t necessarily want to have like a small sliver of the next picture in one split. I want to at least get enough to entice you to swipe to the next one. So one thing that you can do is you can add grids by hitting command or control if you’re on a PC and apostrophe, and then what we can do is go into Photoshop, Preferences, Guides, Grid & Slices, and in this specific case, we want to have five different subdivisions, Like we said we want to have five different slices, and so now you can see, just very faintly here, we’ve got these grids, so you can see where your slices are going to be. So the first slice I have set up so it’s right in between These first two photos, but we’ve got this smaller photo on top of it, so you’ll have that enticing, wanting you to swipe to the next one. Similar with the next bit, so between the two edges of these two photos, but we’ve got that one photo on top That’ll entice you to see the rest of it. Then with this one, we actually are going to see a good chunk of the mountain here, and you’re going to have to swipe to get to the rest, and this is the one that I’m not really sure of. I didn’t want to make it just all plain five in a row. I wanted to do something a little bit different with it, so I made these two in the middle here slimmer, and then I wanted to do one nice wide one that actually got cut, but now that I…

Easy SEAMLESS Instagram Carousel Collage FAQ

What is an Instagram Carousel Collage?

An Instagram Carousel Collage is a feature that allows users to share multiple images or videos in a single post, creating a visually appealing and interactive slideshow for their followers to swipe through.

How do I create a seamless Instagram Carousel Collage?

To create a seamless Instagram Carousel Collage, you can use specialized apps or editing software that allow you to arrange and align multiple images or videos in a way that seamlessly flows from one frame to the next. This ensures a cohesive and polished look for your carousel post.

Can I add text or graphics to my Instagram Carousel Collage?

Yes, you can add text, graphics, or stickers to individual frames within your Instagram Carousel Collage. This can help you tell a story, share information, or add a creative touch to your post.

Are there any best practices for creating an engaging Instagram Carousel Collage?

When creating an Instagram Carousel Collage, it’s important to ensure that each frame complements the others and that the overall collage tells a cohesive and compelling story. Using high-quality images or videos, incorporating variety in content, and maintaining a consistent visual theme are all key best practices to keep in mind.

Can I schedule or automate the posting of my Instagram Carousel Collage?

Yes, there are several social media management tools and scheduling apps that allow you to schedule and automate the posting of your Instagram Carousel Collage. This can help you maintain a consistent posting schedule and reach your audience at optimal times.

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