DOPE or NOPE? The Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag

Are you tired of lugging around cumbersome camera bags that just don’t cut it? Look no further because we’ve got the perfect solution for all your camera gear needs – the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag. This sleek and stylish bag not only offers ample storage space for your precious equipment, but it also boasts a range of innovative features that will make your photography adventures a breeze. From its customizable interior compartments to its durable and weather-resistant exterior, the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag is a game-changer. Join us as we delve into the details of this must-have accessory in our DOPE or NOPE blog.

The Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag: DOPE or NOPE?

Well hi there! After my “what’s in my bag 2022” video, a ton of you asked me for a backpack recommendation that’s not so camera bag-ish. What I got from all of the comments that you guys said was that you’re looking for a backpack that’s more of a minimal everyday looking backpack, but that can also carry camera gear when you want to carry camera gear. So, I scoured the internet, looked around a ton, talked to a bunch of people, and I think I found what you’re looking for. I believe, I believe it’s in this box. But before I open up the backpack in this box, a massive thank you to the sponsor of today’s video and just a supporter of this channel, Cuts Clothing. If you guys have been following this channel for a while, you know I’ve talked about Cuts a bunch. They make really good T-shirts that have different styles of cuts like split hem, curve hem, or henley. They’re just really premium shirts, hoodies, and joggers. You can actually support this channel by going over to Cuts and supporting Cuts, which supports me, and you get some super dope clothes out of it. For 15% off, use the first link in the description. Okay, into this bag! Let’s see if this thing fits the bill for a minimal backpack that doesn’t look like a camera bag.

The Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag

Right off the bat, I can tell you it’s much more minimal than that thing. It doesn’t feel like a camera bag. It can even not be a camera bag, but when you have a camera or some other camera gear, it can hold it really well. And this bag here is from Brevitē. Brevitē – actually, I looked up how to say this name because when I first saw it, I was like, “Brevit? Brevitte?” Is it French or Francais? I don’t know what it is, but it’s said “brevity.” For those of you that like to correct how I say things on this channel, I looked it up. How do I get this box? There we go. Well, I mean, right off the bat, I can tell you it’s much more minimal than that thing. Ooh, it feels good too. Okay, this is the Brevitē Jumper Photo backpack. Right off the bat, I can say it looks like a normal backpack that doesn’t look much like a camera backpack. Yeah, if I was just walking down the street, I don’t think you would think that I had camera gear in there. And that kind of fits the whole first part about what you guys were looking for. This color here is their “moonlit blue,” but this thing comes in 10 different colors, so lots of options for however you want to style your bag. Also, I feel like a colored bag kind of hides the fact that you have camera gear inside. Black backpacks just kind of scream, “Hey, it’s a camera backpack! There are lots of expensive things in here if anyone wants to rob me!” Somebody sent me from my “what’s in my camera bag” video. They totaled up everything that was inside of it and sent me the total of how much it was. It made me a little sick, and it also made me realize that I need to be more careful with my camera backpack.

Exterior Features

Now, let’s dive into the outside of this backpack. The first thing is this very front bit here, which is like a school bag-like front pocket organizer. You can hold some stuff in there. It’s got mesh pockets on this side, mesh pockets on that side. Moving around to the side of the bag, this is probably one of the main kind of tip-offs that this is a camera backpack. This is a quick access side thing, so you can pop your camera out of there quickly. Rolling around to the back of the bag here, you’ve got decently padded straps. They’re not heavy-duty padded straps like this guy or some of my other camera backpacks, but this is more like a normal book bag strap, but maybe a little bit thicker than a normal book bag would be. Also, a nice touch on the back here is a luggage pass-through, so if you’ve got a suitcase or something like that with a long trolley handle, you can kind of just pop that on there and you don’t have to carry your backpack through the airport, always super helpful. Over on this side is a water bottle pocket, and it’s one of those super expandable ones, which I like because you can fit really big water bottles, which is usually what I have. Let’s see how that fits in there. I would say it’s a little snug but totally fits, like not hard to get in and out of that pocket. But then you’ll also see this little strap on the side there, and that is so that if you wanted to use the side pocket as a tripod holder or for any kind of tall things, you can put that in and then take this little strap, go across the front to this side, hook it on that little front piece, and then just snug this thing down. It holds the Peak Design tripod really well. It almost looks like it’s made for it, like it’s the exact height of the Peak Design Travel Tripod. It’s the Brevitē Jumper Backpack. Notably kind of missing on this setup here is there is no way to remove this top strap or tuck it away, so it’s always going to be on there. You just kind of tighten it up, and it stays on there. But there are other backpacks that use a similar system where either this thing totally comes off and you just store it if you’re not going to use it, or you unhook it here and there’s a little pocket where you can kind of shove it in and tuck it away. But again, on the Brevitē Jumper, it just stays there. Not a big deal. And lastly, on the outside, by far my favorite feature of any backpack, and it’s actually one that I wish my current backpack had and does not have, is a secret pocket on the back panel. I love pockets like this. I feel like you can fit a whole passport in there, which I feel like what it’s for.

Note: The rest of the article has been omitted for the sake of brevity.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag

1. What is the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag?

The Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag is a stylish and functional camera bag designed to protect and carry your camera gear and essentials. It offers a comfortable and customizable fit, making it an excellent choice for photographers on the go.

2. What are the key features of the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag?

The key features of the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag include:

  • Padded compartments to securely hold your camera body, lenses, and accessories
  • Quick-access side pockets for small essentials like keys, memory cards, or smartphones
  • Weather-resistant materials to protect your gear from the elements
  • Adjustable and padded straps for comfortable wear
  • Stylish design that doesn’t scream “camera bag”

3. Is the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag suitable for all camera types?

Yes, the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag is designed to accommodate various camera brands and models. It can hold DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and their respective lenses and accessories.

4. Can I fit my laptop in the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag?

Yes, the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag has a dedicated padded laptop sleeve that can accommodate up to a 15-inch laptop. It allows you to conveniently carry all your photography gear and your laptop in one bag.

5. Does the Brevitē Jumper Camera Bag come with a warranty?

Yes, all Brevitē Jumper Camera Bags come with a limited lifetime warranty. This means that the bag is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the entire duration of your ownership.

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