DON’T BUY THE EOS R IN 2020? | Q+A Video!

Are you thinking about investing in the Canon EOS R camera in 2020? Before you make that purchase, you might want to hear what we have to say. In this Q+A video, we address the common concerns and queries regarding the Canon EOS R and whether it’s still worth buying in today’s rapidly advancing photography market. As technology progresses and new models enter the scene, it’s essential to ensure that your investment will stand the test of time. We delve into the features, drawbacks, and alternatives of the EOS R to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in and explore whether the Canon EOS R is still a wise choice for photographers in 2020.

Don’t Buy the EOS R in 2020? | Q+A Video!


Oh man, I’m so glad I’m not filming outside today. It’s so hot! Check this out, it’s 36 degrees outside but feels like 41 degrees. So the past few weeks have been all over the place for me – a lot of exciting shoots happening. I’ve also been in Melbourne shooting a wedding and then I was in Sydney for a few days working with Google on the release of their new Google Assistant. On top of that, I’m about to leave in four days for a week-long trip to New Zealand. I’m also shooting a wedding there, but I’m staying a little bit longer so I can film some content for you guys. I’m really excited! If you want to see more of what I get up to on a daily basis, you can head over to my Instagram and check that out. I post stories all the time. I’ll leave the link in the description below for you guys. Today, I’m filming a Q&A, so a little while ago I put out a story on Instagram asking for you guys to send through any questions that you had for me. I got asked some really great questions, so thank you all so much. I’m going to be doing my best to answer some of my favorite questions in this video. Today is also the day to pick up my preset pack for Lightroom, as I’m going to be running a little discount. So if you stick around to the end of this video, I’m going to leave a little promo code that you can use to get 50% off the presets. Alright, let’s jump into the Q&A!

Favorite Lens for the Canon EOS R

Morgan Mallory 98 asks, “What is your favorite lens for the Canon EOS R?” and I’ve got to say, it’s probably a tie between the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 and the Sigma 20mm f/1.4. I’ve really been enjoying shooting with the 20mm for travel and landscape photography. I haven’t tried much RF glass yet, but I’m really looking forward to trying some this year and seeing if they’re worth adding to my bag.

Tutorial on Photo Editing

Jay Kim asks, “Can you do a tutorial on photo editing?” Yes, of course! I’ve got a few videos lined up where I’m going to be showing you my entire editing process when it comes to landscape and travel photos. That’s really exciting and should be coming to the channel really soon.

Starting the Editing Process

Witty WAV asks, “How do I start my editing process?” For me, it always starts with my preset. That’s the first thing I do. I apply the preset and then I tweak the white balance and the exposure. But before I had a preset, I would probably start with the white balance. Definitely, that’s the first thing I’m going to do, and then correcting the exposure. Then, I’ll go through pretty much how Lightroom has it set up, you know, from top to bottom. It’s a pretty good workflow. I would just work your way down the list.

The Longest Time I’ve Gone Without Sleep

Visuals asks, “What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep and why?” I’m going to have to say it’s probably one of the times that I flew to Europe because I can’t sleep on planes. So it was really hard. I think my travel time in total last time was something like 38 hours, and then when I landed it was the first thing in the morning. So I think I just stayed up for that entire day. I probably stayed up for maybe 50 plus hours, and that’s probably in my recent memory the only time I can remember staying up for a really long time.

Expanding Your Photography Business and Getting Clients in a New City

Milton Rodriguez asks, “How can someone expand their photography business and get clients, especially if they’ve moved to a different city?” When you move to a new city, you can’t just expect to continue from where you left off. You’re going to have to, in some respects, go back to square one and start all over again. But you have an advantage because you’ve obviously learned a lot from where you used to live, and you just need to apply those principles again to build your business up. Doing really great work is number one. If you’re doing really great work and serving your clients, you should have no problems. I would say, if you can, go to as many events and networking things as possible. Put yourself in front of as many new people as possible. Connect with people over the internet. Ask to take them out for coffee. See what they’re working on and see if you can help them in any way. Just try to offer value and then in turn, you should be able to get value back from these people in the form of referrals or working with them on jobs. In the future, you can leverage those contacts to expand your network once again and keep flourishing in that new city.

Thinking Creatively and Avoiding Copying

Jericho Overson asks, “How to think creatively and not fall into the trend of copying photographers on social media?” Yeah, so this is a trap that I think a lot of photographers struggle with falling into. The great thing about social media is that there are so many people out there doing all kinds of different things. So as long as you take influence from a bunch of different sources, then you should never really have to copy any one style. Just take little pieces from all over the place. You know, I like this particular thing about this photographer and this particular thing about another. It doesn’t even have to be a photographer, it can be someone who makes videos. Then, combine that together and put a little bit of yourself in there as well. Hopefully, it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. However, if you really take that seriously instead of just being lazy and directly copying somebody else, then you can create something that’s completely unique that other people will appreciate – and probably copy you!

Should I Wait for the EOS R2 or Buy the EOS R at a Discount?

Paul Webber asks, “For those of us looking to upgrade our gear, should we grab the EOS R at a discount or wait for the EOS R2 rumored to be coming this year?” In my opinion, I would wait because that camera is not far off. You definitely want to see what the specs are going to be like. Canon has said that they’re going to be making a massive jump up in terms of their video specs, so that’s a really good sign. Not sure if that’s true yet, remains to be seen. I don’t think the price of the original EOS R is going to go back up. If anything, it’s probably going to go even lower because they want to incentivize people to keep buying that camera as long as it’s in production.

Creating Another Lightroom Preset

Finally, a question from ahaha (sorry, I don’t know how to pronounce your name) – “Will you make another Lightroom preset? The current one is quite amazing.” Thank you so much. I appreciate that. It took me a long time to create those presets. I don’t think I’m going to make a new version of that Lightroom preset. I’m really happy with how it is. Over time, I’ll probably iterate it and just keep updating the preset. In the future, I might look at creating a different look and then releasing that as a Lightroom preset. We’ll see what happens.


So there you have it, guys – my answers to some of your most burning questions. I hope you found this Q&A video helpful and insightful. Don’t forget to take advantage of the discount on my Lightroom preset pack if you’re interested. Just use the promo code I’ll leave at the end of this video for 50% off. Thanks again for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one!

Q: Should I buy the EOS R in 2020?

A: As of 2020, there are several factors to consider before purchasing the EOS R. While it is a capable camera, do keep in mind the following:

  • The EOS R has been on the market for a few years now, and newer models with upgraded features may have been released since then. It’s worth comparing the EOS R to the latest options available.
  • Consider your photography needs and budget. If you are a professional or an enthusiast looking for advanced features, you may want to explore other high-end mirrorless options.
  • If video capability is a priority for you, there may be other cameras with better video features and specifications to consider.
  • While the EOS R still performs well and offers great image quality, some users have reported minor drawbacks or limitations, such as the single card slot and shorter battery life. Make sure these aspects align with your requirements.

Ultimately, it’s advisable to do thorough research, read reviews, and compare various camera models before making a decision. The EOS R may still be a suitable option for many, but exploring newer alternatives might provide you with better value for your investment.

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