DON’T BE THIS GUY editing your photos with Lightroom 🤮

We’ve all seen those over-edited, unnatural-looking photos on social media that make us cringe. You know, the ones where the colors are so saturated they look like they belong in a cartoon, or the skin is so airbrushed it looks like plastic. Unfortunately, there’s a big potential for over-editing when it comes to using software like Adobe Lightroom. While Lightroom can be an incredibly powerful tool for enhancing your photos, it can also be a slippery slope into the world of unrealistic, over-processed images. In this blog, we’ll discuss the pitfalls of over-editing with Lightroom and how to avoid becoming “that guy” who goes too far with their photo enhancements.

DON’T BE THIS GUY: Editing Your Photos with Lightroom 🤮

Editing Your Photos with Lightroom: Don’t Be This Guy

What’s up everybody peter mckinnon here welcome back to yet another video i did the what’s up because there was one comment last week that said why don’t you do that in your videos anymore so whomever commented that that was for you you might be thinking yourself pete You’re looking a little rough yeah maybe maybe i am i dig it we’re talking lightroom today we’re talking editing editing leica photos obviously you guys know that recently i just got the new leica q2 and it is unreal it is unmatched i was taking pictures at a birthday party yesterday i haven’t done That i don’t i’ve never done that and i was having a great time photos look stellar and i wanted to dive into the editing process because it is very interesting and i’ve changed kind of the editing style that i typically am used to doing on my photos also um there’s a Lot of people in the last video remarking adding remarks of the monitor shaking i’m sorry i don’t mean to be shaking the monitor i just talk with my hands it happens i moved it out of frame more so that it wouldn’t frustrate you as much see i read the comments i’m adapting i’m Here for you i think the key with editing some of these photos is subtleties they look so good coming out of the camera and they’re so fresh and they’re so clear they don’t really require a whole lot of work so there isn’t as much editing as Say i used to do maybe that’s just me maturing as a photographer trying a new style a and b and c being new camera i sat on peter lindgren’s shoulders for this picture because when i saw the window engulfed in greenery i knew that i wanted the photo to be the entire Frame green with the window in the center and there would be some cropping involved with that so i thought this was a perfect example to show off the cropping now if we zoom in on this and take a look everything is very very sharp i did the best i could to keep it still sitting on another grown man’s shoulders while shooting it but what that allows us to do is go over here let’s just crop four by five for a second and we can center that and hit enter now we obviously still have wall on the left on the top a Little bit on the bottom so we’re going to crop in even more we can go all the way in place that window right in the middle hit enter and that’s pretty much exactly what i was looking to do that’s just the best i could capture it with a 28 millimeter lens so now we can go to editing typically with greens i don’t like them as green as they always come out of camera there’s too much yellow in the green so the first thing i’m going to do is take the yellow out of this Picture so if we slide the hsl tab down now we can manipulate the green so just by sliding down making it a little i don’t want to go this way it’s the opposite i want to go more towards yellow and then i want to desaturate That a little bit further and i want to take the brightness up slightly a little bit of a vignette so that this whole frame looked more purposeful like we didn’t just crop it in and i’m pretty much done i might mess with the tone curve a little bit to give It some saturation by just making the slightest of s curves i’d probably be done right there so that’s before that’s after now if we’re gonna use a preset i’ve been working on a new spring release shameless plug my favorite preset so far being the golden hour lift If i was just hovered over that you can see it’s almost exactly the same a lot of desaturation a lot of cropping and just removing the yellow and green values and manipulating those so we get something we like but there’s not a lot of editing happening here this video is Brought to you by squarespace the all-in-one platform where you can get started making a website and have something up and running same day very easy to use with beautiful templates that are constantly refreshing they offer all of the sort of basic things you would expect to get with making a Website if you’re someone that uses photography to make a living there’s tons of options within that realm itself to help you and your business squarespace offer you the ability to make pay gates having the ability to charge to gain access to certain areas be that you want to sell digital…

Editing Like a Pro

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Subtle Edits, Stunning Results

The only Things i might do let’s skip presets for a second let’s just actually adjust what we have available to us here in the slider panels i would maybe bring the exposure down slightly maybe the highlights just a little that’s it maybe increase the contrast a little bit i’d Probably do that with the curves with a little bit of a bump in the highlights i want to lift those blacks i want to desaturate a little bit of that warmth tone in his skin i’m going to move the tint temperature just slightly to the Cooler side so if we look at before it’s kind of bright fresh after very very subtle now if you wanted to give it a little more of a stylistic approach to it one of the things that i’ve enjoyed a lot lately is less contrast so i’ve been bringing that down into the negatives Not so much that the photo just loses everything if you look it’s just uh it looks log i’m really liking that raw natural look now if i was to just run a preset on this golden hour lift click on that bring the brightness down let’s go over to our yellow adjustments desaturate that Slightly desaturate the orange raise the shadows just a little removing a little bit of those highlights but the blues i like to desaturate a little aquas desaturate a little so that’s before that’s after now that preset alone works wonders on landscapes as well let’s take a look at this landscape photo here i Took this before i had dialed in the camera appropriately so this is a very good example of how much…

Frequently Asked Questions about Editing Photos with Lightroom

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is a popular photo editing software developed by Adobe. It is widely used by photographers to enhance and manipulate their images.

Why should I edit my photos with Lightroom?

Lightroom offers a wide range of editing tools and presets that can help improve the quality and appearance of your photos. It allows you to adjust exposure, color, contrast, and other aspects of your images to make them more visually appealing.

Can I over-edit my photos with Lightroom?

Yes, it is possible to over-edit your photos with Lightroom. It’s important to use the software’s editing tools in moderation to maintain a natural and realistic look in your images.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using Lightroom?

Avoid using excessive filters and presets, over-saturating colors, and making unrealistic changes to your photos. It’s important to strive for a balanced and authentic look in your edited images.

Are there any resources available to help me improve my Lightroom editing skills?

Yes, there are numerous online tutorials, courses, and forums dedicated to helping photographers learn and improve their Lightroom editing skills. These resources can provide valuable tips and techniques for enhancing your photos effectively.

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