Do you need expensive camera bags?

Are you tired of lugging around a heavy, bulky camera bag that costs a fortune? You’re not alone. Many photographers struggle with finding the perfect camera bag that is both functional and affordable. But fear not, because there are alternatives to those pricey camera bags that won’t break the bank. In this blog, we’ll explore the question: Do you really need an expensive camera bag? We’ll discuss the benefits of investing in a quality camera bag, as well as alternative options that are budget-friendly. So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in photography, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and find the perfect camera bag solution for you.

Do You Need Expensive Camera Bags?

Camera bags and whether you need one is the topic of today’s video now about a month ago I made a video all about whether beginners need certain things. I was talking about things like carbon fiber tripods, l-brackets, filters, and loop decks all that kind of stuff. One thing I didn’t mention was bags, camera bags. But lots of people in the comments did and most of those people seem to think that you don’t need a camera bag when you’re a beginner. Some people thought you did but that is the topic of today’s video and I’m going to talk about what I did When I was a beginner because it’s exactly what I would do if I was to go through the whole process again.

Starting Out with Minimal Gear

When you first start in photography, chances are you’ve got a camera body, maybe a kit lens, and maybe a spare battery, memory card, camera strap, something like that. Unless you’re really rich and you’ve just bought all the things you want to do with photography all at once. But the chances are you started like me, with one camera and a couple of lenses. And truth be told, that’s exactly how I would like to carry camera gear today. I’d love to just walk around with a camera body and a couple of lenses. But against my better judgment, I decided to start a YouTube channel and start taking photos for money which typically involves a couple of bodies, lots of lenses, and invariably a drone. So yeah, I have to normally carry around lots more stuff than I would otherwise choose to. But if you don’t have to do that, if you can get away with a camera and a couple of lenses, then there are a couple of main ways to carry those around.

Using a Normal Backpack

You could get a normal backpack which is what I did. This is a completely normal backpack, has nothing to do with photography whatsoever. And in this, you can put your lunch, the socks you’ve just bought, karaoke machine (I mean what you put in your bag is none of my business, I’m not judging, in fact, I am judging you if you have a karaoke machine in your backpack), but all sorts of stuff in here and your camera equipment in one of these. Now I don’t know what you’d call this, I’ve got several of them but basically this sort of pouch is plenty big enough to stick a camera body, most camera bodies and extra lens and a spare battery even put your spare batteries in in this bit.

It’s a tripod player, I’ve been looking for that, yes. So typically what I did for the first 4 years of my photography journey was I’d stick this in the top of this backpack or another backpack and in the bottom would be my lunch socks and not my karaoke machine. Another benefit to this setup is that you don’t need to buy a dedicated camera bag so you can save that two or three hundred pounds or dollars that you might have had to spend on a camera bag and use it on a secondhand lens or a tripod, something of that nature. Also, a bag like this doesn’t draw too much attention to itself and as I’ve touched on you can carry lots of other stuff besides your photography gear if you have much photography gear.

Small Photography Bag

The other way of carrying your camera gear if you haven’t got much of it is to have a dedicated photography bag that’s small like this shoulder bag. I mean this actually isn’t that small I think this is a retrospective 30 from think-tank and I think actually it’s the biggest one they do. Imagine this after like a hot wash in a washing machine and this would be a dedicated photography bag as you can see that was small.

The problem with this sort of setup, I think is that if you think your gear collection is going to grow then quite quickly a bag like this is going to become a little bit redundant. I mean you might use it because you might not take all your gear it all out at once but chances are you’re buying gear because you want to use that gear and that means that a smaller bag is not going to be much use when you’ve got lots of stuff. Again, this is quite a big small bag but the other thing of course is that if you’ve got a small photography bag and you’ve got your camera gear in it there’s not much room for other stuff. I really should have probably got a small photography bug for this video just imagine it’s smaller and then clearly you wouldn’t be able to fit anything else in it.

Investing in a Quality Camera Bag

If you’re gonna get a small photography bag make sure that chances are you’re not going to want to carry any other stuff on top of your photography gear on those trips or days out and also that you don’t think your gear is going to grow exponentially over a period of time because if those two things are gonna happen then you don’t want a small version of this.

Now, my current camera bag of choice is the mind shift but like 26 liter. I went for the green one, sort of regret that to be honest. I wish I’d gone for the black one now because I’ve got an orange coat which you might have seen me wear from time to time. And when I’ve got this on and that on, I think I look a bit like a traffic light. But color aside, there are some things I love about this bag. When you’re shopping for a bag like this and you’ll have probably seen them if you’ve been to camera stores, they open at the back like so which means you get lots of very quick access to all your photography gear that my g9 usually goes in here and then the camera that I’m filming with goes somewhere else after trying to squeeze it in now.

One distinction to make about this bag versus some of the others I’ve seen is that most of them, including this one, open from the back. There are bags that open from the front which is not great I don’t think because it means you’d put the back of the bag on the ground to open them and then when you put them back on

Do you need expensive camera bags?

Expensive camera bags are not a necessity for every photographer. It depends on your specific needs and preferences. Some advantages of expensive camera bags include better protection for your gear, more storage space, and higher quality materials. However, there are also affordable camera bags that can provide adequate protection and functionality for casual or hobby photographers. Ultimately, the decision to choose an expensive camera bag depends on your budget and how often you will be using it.

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