DJI Pocket 3 Review After the Hype – Still Worth it?

Are you in the market for a new pocket-sized camera but unsure if the DJI Pocket 3 is still worth it after all the initial hype? Our review will delve into the features, performance, and overall value of this popular camera to help you make an informed decision. From its compact design to its impressive image stabilization and high-quality video capabilities, the DJI Pocket 3 continues to be a top contender in the market. Keep on reading to find out if this camera is still worth the investment for capturing all of life’s special moments.

DJI Pocket 3 Review After the Hype – Still Worth it?

DJI Pocket 3 Review After the Hype – Still Worth it?

Today I’m giving you my honest thoughts on the DJI pocket 3 after a few months of heavy usage here I’m going to try and break this down in just a few takes here uh just give you my just spitball in real world kind of review after using This thing extensively and how does this thing stack up to all the other cameras that we’ve got available these days and am I using this thing more or less than I did when I first got it well if you have been watching the channel you’ve probably seen me filming with this thing A lot the ease of use is just fantastic it’s you just turn it on and press the button turn on your mic and record and it looks like this so let me know what you think of the image quality but for me it’s just fantastic right now I’m Filming in manual at 150th of a second 50 ISO and I do have a one4 Mist filter on there from freewell but uh can you tell the difference from maybe a a much more expensive mirrorless camera maybe the depth of field but of course you can Play with that in post but I think for the average content creator or person who’s using this I think it’s fantastic I think that the image quality coming out of this 1-in sensor is just really really good but let me know what you think down in the comments

Image Quality and Low Light Performance

Speaking Of image quality what about this thing in low light well I do have a full video dedicated to low light comparisons between this thing the pocket 2 and even my big mirrorless camera over there and I’m happy to say that this thing is an absolute beast in low light a lot better Than I thought it would be uh it’s really really impressive with that onein sensor once again so uh in terms of low light I’ll link that up there if you want to check it out but just know that um it’s really not going to be a huge Issue anymore now we do have the option of shooting in 10 bit to recover a lot of the details in the highlights and the Shadows but we also have had a few updates that give us that all the way into 4K 120 so that’s really nice and if You are somebody who can take advantage of shooting in 10bit you’re going to be able to pull a lot more out of your footage and get some really really good results I wanted to mention that all although the pocket 3 can shoot photos I would fully recommend this thing for Video and not so much for photos it’s a little bit difficult to use and the results are going to be less than ideal I’d recommend sticking to a dedicated camera for photos

Ease of Use and Stability

Probably my favorite thing about this camera is the ease of use it’s literally set it and Forget it pretty much you turn it on you can Vlog right then and there the thing pops up to show you the battery left and the mic’s connected it’s just really really easy to use so if you’re not a huge techie guy you’re not really familiar with cameras all that much this Is going to be a great option for you to just grab this thing hit a couple buttons start recording and get some really decent footage

This is a gimbal stabilized camera and that’s a good and a bad thing let me explain first of all if you are going to be Shooting with any kind of movement whether you’re running or walking it’s going to look really really good really really stable and it will have the edge over some of the action cameras in low light that’s because it doesn’t utilize software to stabilize it it’s actually using that physical gimbal however this Does make it susceptible to damage uh where an action cam is fully contained so you have to be really careful about you know throwing this thing right in your pocket or it falling over uh just something to note but generally if you are relatively careful with this camera It’s going to treat you really well and it’s going to give you great results

Autofocus and Battery Life

The autofocus and the tracking while the autofocus is actually lightening quick it’s really never let me down and it’s going to be really responsive and accurate in terms of the tracking I absolutely love it I’ve used It in a lot of my videos you literally just double tap on the big 2in screen and it’s going to track you and it’s going to do it really really well again I do have videos breaking all that down to show you just how much better it is Over the pocket to if you’re interested in that but just know that that’s something that is going to serve you pretty well if you’re into tracking

The battery life is very very good not only is it good but it charges incredibly fast way faster than the Pocket 2 and if you do op for the Creator combo you do get a battery handle which is going to improve your battery life even more which is really good so I do recommend that Creator combo not just for the battery aspect but for the mic this is the DJI mic 2 And this is what you hear here if you were wondering how this mic does sound well this is exactly how it sounds I use this thing a ton whether I’m inside or outside and I have absolutely no complaints with it again let me know what you think of the audio coming from This mic in terms of must have accessories there’s only really a few that I’d recommend and if you do opt for the Creator combo for the battery life in the mic well that’s huge but another thing that’s going to really allow you to capture and get the best footage Possible as an ND filter set and I’d recommend this one from freewell it’s a 14 Pack set it’s going to give you your polarizers it’s going to give you your NDs of course it’s also going to give you the Mist filter that I’m shooting on Right now as well as even a light pollution reduction filter so yeah to get the very best footage in really bright situations you’re going to want want some ND filters um and then maybe just a big kind of selfie stick thing so you can get some drone looking shots and That’s pretty much it for accessories

Price and Value

Finally let’s quickly touch on the price and the value of this camera and whether I think it was worth paying $669 for the Creator combo and short answer is yes I think this is a great tool and I think it’s a really Convenient tool I can’t wait to take this thing on vacation here in a few weeks and yeah I’m loving what I’m getting out of it again the ease of use the quality the fun you can have with it the time lapses all the stuff that’s Built in um anybody can use it and I think it does a great job at what it’s made to do so would I recommend it to you absolutely I think this is one of the best pocket cameras to come out of anything for the last few years and I Think it’s really Blown Away a lot of the competition would I choose this thing over an action camera I think for me yes I think this thing just fits my style of shooting really really well from family stuff to b-roll and even a roll I think there’s just a ton of value In this whole setup here and yeah I would completely recommend it to you

FAQ about DJI Pocket 3 Review After the Hype – Still Worth it?

Is the DJI Pocket 3 still a good buy after the initial hype?

Despite the initial hype surrounding the DJI Pocket 3, it still remains a solid choice for those looking for a compact and high-quality camera. Its portability and features make it a worthwhile investment for both casual users and professionals alike.

What are some key features of the DJI Pocket 3?

The DJI Pocket 3 boasts impressive capabilities, such as 4K video recording, a stabilized gimbal, and various shooting modes. Its compact size and ease of use make it a popular choice for vloggers, content creators, and travelers.

How does the DJI Pocket 3 compare to other similar cameras on the market?

While there are other options available on the market, the DJI Pocket 3 stands out for its combination of features, size, and overall performance. It offers a unique blend of portability and quality that is hard to beat.

Is the DJI Pocket 3 worth the price?

Considering its features and performance, the DJI Pocket 3 is a worthwhile investment for those in need of a high-quality portable camera. While there are cheaper alternatives available, the DJI Pocket 3’s overall value and reliability make it a smart choice for many users.

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