DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019

Are you a travel enthusiast who loves to capture every moment of your adventures? Look no further than the DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019, an innovative and compact photography and videography solution specifically designed for minimalist travelers. Whether you are exploring breathtaking landscapes or wandering through bustling city streets, this travel kit is the perfect companion to document your journey. With its lightweight yet powerful features, it ensures that you can capture high-quality images and videos effortlessly. In this blog, we will delve into the various components of the DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019 and explore how it can enhance your travel photography experience.

DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019

The one thing about traveling is that you want to be able to have a small amount of gear that you can just log around and not have to worry about really heavy bags or a lot of weight. You just want to whip out the gear and quickly start shooting. It’s really about having the least amount of gear possible so you can have a nice experience when you’re traveling. But first of all, let’s talk a little bit about minimalism.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism, in this context, refers to carrying the complete basics to achieve whatever you set out to do. It’s all about simplicity and having only what is necessary. When it comes to traveling with camera gear, minimalism is key to keeping things lightweight and efficient.

For example, let’s take a look at what’s in a typical minimalist camera bag:

  • Tripod
  • DJI Osmo Pocket
  • Cleaning kit
  • Filters

These are the complete basics that are needed for a travel photography kit. With these essentials, you can capture great shots without the burden of carrying excessive gear.

The DJI Osmo Pocket Minimalist Travel Kit

When it comes to traveling with the DJI Osmo Pocket, there are a few necessary accessories that can enhance your shooting experience without adding too much weight or bulk to your bag.

One essential accessory is the Sunnylife Mount. This mount is a game-changer, and it only costs around ten dollars. It features a quarter-inch screw mount for your tripod, making it easy to attach your DJI Osmo Pocket to different surfaces. This mount is compatible with most GoPro attachments, allowing you to expand your creative possibilities.

Another handy accessory is a bag clip or some form of a clip. This clip can be attached to a table or your bag, enabling you to capture walking hyperlapses or get a different angle for your shots. It adds versatility to your shooting options and is easy to use.

While there are numerous accessories available for the DJI Osmo Pocket, such as filters and additional mounts, these may not be necessary for a minimalist travel kit. However, if desired, filters, such as the ones by PGY Tech, can be added to enhance your shots by controlling shutter speed and reducing glare.

In conclusion, a minimalist travel kit for the DJI Osmo Pocket should consist of the essentials: a tripod mount, a clip, and optionally, filters. These accessories allow for a lightweight and efficient shooting experience while traveling. Remember to pack only what you truly need, keeping in mind the concept of minimalism. With this minimal travel kit, you can capture incredible moments without the heavy burden of excessive gear.

Frequently Asked Questions about DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019

1. What is included in the DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019?

The DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019 includes the DJI Osmo Pocket camera, a compact tripod, USB-C adapter, smartphone adapter, and a carrying case.

2. Is the DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019 compatible with all smartphones?

Yes, the DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019 includes a smartphone adapter that allows you to attach your smartphone to the camera and control it through the DJI Mimo app.

3. Can I charge the DJI Osmo Pocket using the USB-C adapter included in the kit?

Yes, the USB-C adapter that comes with the DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019 allows you to charge the device conveniently.

4. How compact is the tripod included in the kit?

The tripod included in the DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019 is designed to be lightweight and portable. It folds down to a compact size, making it easy to carry during your travels.

5. Does the DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019 come with a warranty?

Yes, the DJI Osmo Pocket MINIMALIST Travel Kit 2019 includes a warranty that covers any manufacturing defects or malfunctions. Please refer to the documentation provided with the kit for more details.

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