DJI Osmo Action VS DJI Osmo Pocket vlogging Day & Night

Are you an aspiring vlogger looking for the perfect camera to capture your adventures, day or night? Look no further than the DJI Osmo Action and DJI Osmo Pocket! These two revolutionary cameras have taken the vlogging world by storm, offering incredible features and outstanding image quality. Whether you’re capturing action-packed moments during the day or shooting breathtaking night scenes, both the Osmo Action and Osmo Pocket have you covered. In this blog, we will compare these two compact powerhouses and help you decide which one is the best fit for your vlogging needs. So let’s dive in and explore the world of DJI Osmo Action VS DJI Osmo Pocket vlogging in both day and night settings!

DJI Osmo Action VS DJI Osmo Pocket vlogging Day & Night


In this article, we will be comparing the DJI Osmo Action and the DJI Osmo Pocket in a vlogging scenario, focusing on their performance during the day and at night. Both of these DJI products have their own unique features, and we will provide you with an idea of which one would be suitable for your needs. So, let’s dive in!

Recording in the Studio

In order to provide a fair comparison, we have set up both the DJI Osmo Pocket and DJI Osmo Action side by side in a studio. The DJI Osmo Action is equipped with an ISO of 400, 25 frames per second (fps), and a double frame rate shutter speed. On the other hand, the Osmo Pocket has an ISO of 200, double the frame rate shutter speed, and a faster aperture of f/2.8. This gives the Osmo Pocket a slight advantage in terms of low light performance.

Outdoor Vlogging Test

Now, let’s move on to the field test. We have mounted both cameras closely together to ensure a fair comparison of their field of view. We have also used the built-in audio, along with a lav mic attachment, to capture the audio in these scenarios. Please note that the windy conditions may affect the audio quality, but we have enabled wind reduction on both cameras for this test.

During the outdoor jogging test, both cameras were able to capture steady footage. The DJI Osmo Pocket, with its 3-axis gimbal, showed minimal vertical movement due to face tracking. However, the DJI Osmo Action’s Rocksteady feature provided impressive image stabilization. The stability of both cameras was outstanding, and it’s worth noting that DJI has set a high standard in this aspect, which will likely push other companies, like GoPro, to improve their stabilization technology.

Low Light Performance

Low light performance is an important factor to consider for vloggers. In our super low light test, both cameras were set to an ISO of 3200. The DJI Osmo Pocket, with its faster aperture of f/2.8, performed slightly better in terms of low light capabilities compared to the DJI Osmo Action. However, please note that the Osmo Pocket appeared brighter due to its aperture, and for a fair comparison, we kept the ISO at the same level.

Final Verdict

After conducting these tests, it is clear that both the DJI Osmo Action and DJI Osmo Pocket have their own strengths and are suitable for different purposes. The DJI Osmo Action is an excellent action camera with impressive Rocksteady stabilization. On the other hand, the DJI Osmo Pocket offers a 3-axis gimbal for superior stability, making it the perfect choice for vloggers and cinematographers.

Ultimately, the best camera for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as image stabilization, low light performance, and your vlogging style when making your decision. Both the DJI Osmo Action and DJI Osmo Pocket are exceptional cameras that can provide you with stunning footage for your vlogs.

We hope this comparison article has helped you in choosing the right camera for your vlogging adventures! Happy vlogging!

DJI Osmo Action VS DJI Osmo Pocket Vlogging FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which camera is better for vlogging during the day, DJI Osmo Action or DJI Osmo Pocket?

We recommend using the DJI Osmo Action for vlogging during the day. It offers superior image stabilization, allowing you to capture smooth footage while on the move. The camera’s wide-angle lens also ensures that you can fit more scenery into your shots.

2. Can I vlog at night using either the DJI Osmo Action or DJI Osmo Pocket?

Both cameras are capable of producing decent results in low-light conditions, but the DJI Osmo Action performs better in night-time vlogging. With its larger sensor and wider aperture, it can capture more light, resulting in clearer and more detailed footage during nighttime vlogging sessions.

3. Do these cameras have built-in microphones for capturing audio while vlogging?

Yes, both the DJI Osmo Action and DJI Osmo Pocket come with built-in microphones. However, for optimal audio quality, it is recommended to use an external microphone, especially in environments with lots of background noise.

4. Which camera offers better image stabilization, the DJI Osmo Action or DJI Osmo Pocket?

The DJI Osmo Action takes the lead in terms of image stabilization. It utilizes advanced electronic stabilization technology, ensuring that your footage remains steady even when recording in action-packed scenarios. The DJI Osmo Pocket also has stabilization features, but they are not as robust as those of the DJI Osmo Action.

5. Can I live stream with either the DJI Osmo Action or DJI Osmo Pocket?

No, neither the DJI Osmo Action nor the DJI Osmo Pocket supports live streaming directly from the camera. However, both cameras can be connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allowing you to stream the footage to popular social media platforms using the respective DJI apps.

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