DEITY D4 DUO – Vlog and Travel Mic 2020

Are you tired of poor audio quality in your vlogs and travel videos? Look no further than the DEITY D4 DUO – Vlog and Travel Mic 2020. With its compact design and high-quality sound, this microphone is the perfect solution for content creators on the go. Whether you’re filming in a bustling city or a remote landscape, the D4 DUO delivers crystal clear audio that will take your videos to the next level. Say goodbye to muffled voices and background noise, and hello to professional-grade sound that will captivate your audience. Keep reading to learn more about this must-have microphone for vloggers and travelers.

DEITY D4 DUO – Vlog and Travel Mic 2020

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That looks good i got a new light and it now has a remote control which is what the other light lacked i liked the other light the falcon eyes but this light it has a remote well an app so i like that i’ll tell you guys more about that Later but something came in the mail and it kind of couldn’t be better timing because i think i told you guys before right before lake powell my rode ntg the the mic the mic that i use for most things it’s the mic that’s normally up here recording these videos It’s also the mic that i put on my camera it it broke one of the channels just went out and all of a sudden i only had one channel working so i actually switched to the rode video micro right before lake powell the rode video micro it’s a it’s a great Little mic but just a couple days ago look what came look the deity d4 duo and this mic it’s it’s very clever and i like clever before we jump into this microphone though do the youtubery hit that like button maybe you think about subscribing to this channel Maybe you you comment below let me know what you think about this new microphone or be just super awesome head over to the first link in the description pick yourself up a t-shirt alright getting into the d4 duo and i’ve actually already taken out of the box and i’ve Been playing with it and and it is really clever and i’m excited about this mic for for a few reasons see the the reason that i’ve always liked the rode video micro i recommend this mic to to most people just getting into creating videos whether you’re using A gopro or an osmo action or maybe the zv1 or an a600 or or even even this kind of camera i think this is a really good microphone why well it’s 60 bucks so super cheap but it’s also it’s really good results for a low price it’s very lightweight so it doesn’t add Any weight to your rig really you almost can’t tell that it’s up there and by the way it doesn’t take a battery so you don’t have to charge a battery you don’t have to replace a battery it’s it’s just plug it in ready to go so the main Reason that i recommend it is because with this microphone it’s it’s very minimal effort for pretty solid results it sounds good i’ve actually been playing with the idea that this would be my main vlog slash travel microphone so when we go out traveling i don’t have to worry about charging my Microphone or swapping the batteries at night i can just keep this in my bag pop it out plug it in ready to go and oh by the way it comes with a dead cat so no additional charge 60 bucks and you get yourself a dead cat and now In comes the deity d4 duo and they make a lot of the same promises it’s pretty small very lightweight it’s i would say similar in size to the road i think the dd d4 is a it’s a little bigger but it’s it’s not much it’s not significant uses a really Similar shock mount i’m pretty sure they’re both rye coat actually and it’s it’s the same thing it’s very minimal effort and pretty solid results no battery required just plug it in and you’re ready to go and oh by the way it comes with dead cats two dead cats to be exact And that’s where the whole duo thing comes in this is not just one mic it’s two mics there’s one microphone shooting forward your normal microphone and then one microphone shooting backwards a second microphone which also does make this mic a little bit more expensive at ninety dollars so thirty dollars more than this Microphone but you you’re getting two microphones and by the way there’s an audio input on the side which kind of acts as a splitter i’ll explain that in a minute first of all let’s tackle this whole two mics thing why would you want a microphone that shoots forward and backwards at the same Time well one vloggers like us see normally what happens when i’m out filming something is i have to choose where my audio comes from pretty much with a shotgun microphone the the idea with this microphone is that it picks up audio here in front of the camera but not on the side So much and not on the back so much so it’s it’s very focused in front of the camera it’s it’s trying to pick up the audio from in front of the camera now that’s great when when you’re out vlogging when you’re when you’re just walking around like this Doing a normal vlog but sometimes often actually maybe you want to show something like like you say hey check out this sweet box oh my goodness and then you get behind the microphone and now everything back here it it doesn’t sound very good because i’m not In front of the microphone i’m behind it the microphone is actively trying to reject my voice so a lot of times what i’ll end up doing in that scenario is i’ll actually take the microphone off of the cold shoe flip it around put it in backwards so now the microphone is facing me And then i’ll walk around and i’ll film something so i can narrate and i can be like here’s here’s this thing and here’s this thing and oh by the way here’s the here’s the v mic duo box it’s it’s very interesting or let’s say i go up And i’m filming myself and then i turn it around and morgan is talking and she says something to me now i’m filming her recording her voice but then i say something you kind of can’t hear and then she says something you can hear when i say something you can’t hear it You you see where i’m going with this so as a vlogger as somebody who is behind the camera and kind of on camera at the same time having a microphone that would pick up your subject who you’re filming and what’s behind the camera at the same Time Kind of kind of sweet and by the way it records it to two separate channels so i don’t have to use the audio coming from behind here and oh by the way you can choose whether you want audio just coming out of the front or whether you want to use That back microphone so a little switch up top here i flip this switch now i’m using both microphones one channel coming into here the other channel going in here and the other switch now i’m just using my front microphone so i can choose when i want that and then i can just Flick this really quickly and boom now i’m now i’m recording behind the camera as well so very clever but it even goes further because with that they put an input on the side of the microphone a small little mic input so that you can take another microphone and you could Plug it in here now it would be silly to take a mic like this and plug it in but what would be really cool and what i’m excited to try out is taking something like a wireless go being able to plug in my wireless receiver here mount it somewhere on my Camera and then be able to have somebody out there with a wireless log that’s recording to one channel while this microphone is recording right in front of the camera or if i wanted to record my audio and i wanted the person that i’m filming to be on a love I would just turn this whole setup around so now this…

Frequently Asked Questions about DEITY D4 DUO – Vlog and Travel Mic 2020

What is the DEITY D4 DUO Mic?

The DEITY D4 DUO is a vlog and travel microphone designed for content creators who need a versatile and high-quality microphone for their videos.

What makes the DEITY D4 DUO Mic stand out?

The DEITY D4 DUO features dual-capsule technology, allowing it to be used as both a directional shotgun microphone and a 360-degree surround sound microphone. This versatility makes it ideal for vloggers and travel videographers who need to capture a variety of audio situations.

Does the DEITY D4 DUO Mic work with all cameras and devices?

Yes, the DEITY D4 DUO is compatible with a wide range of cameras, smartphones, and other recording devices, making it incredibly versatile for content creators on the go.

Is the DEITY D4 DUO Mic easy to use?

Yes, the DEITY D4 DUO is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and a compact design that makes it easy to take on the go.

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