Creative Lighting HACKS anyone can do in just 3 minutes!

Are you tired of your boring old light fixtures? Do you want to add a touch of creativity and style to your space? Look no further! In this blog post, we will be sharing some quick and easy lighting hacks that anyone can do in just 3 minutes. Whether you’re looking to transform your bedroom, living room, or office, these hacks will help you create a unique and inviting atmosphere. From repurposing household items to using simple materials, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can elevate your lighting game. So, grab your tools and let’s get started on these creative lighting hacks!

Creative Lighting HACKS anyone can do in just 3 minutes!


Happy New Year! In this article, we will explore some creative lighting hacks that anyone can do in just 3 minutes. These hacks will help you level up your photography and add a unique touch to your images. So, let’s dive in!

Using the Godox VL150 Light with the Godox SA Projection Attachment

One of the lighting setups we used for a New Year’s Eve shoot was the Godox VL150 light paired with the Godox SA projection attachment. This combination gave us a spotlight look, which added a dramatic effect to the photos. We will soon release a detailed breakdown of this attachment and how it can be used with flash, so stay tuned!

Adding Colored Lights for a Disco Party Vibe

To create a disco party vibe in our shots, we added a 70 DJ party light to spray the background with designs. We removed the white spotlight and used only the pink and blue LEDs to light the photo. This combination, along with the Sony A7R III camera and an 85mm 1.8 lens, gave us the perfect retro look. We also used a Moment Cinebloom filter in front of the lens to achieve soft highlights in the images.

Playing with Mirror Ball Reflections

We positioned the spotlight right in front of the subject, and through careful positioning and exposure, we were able to create interesting mirror ball reflections. By changing the angle of the spotlight, we were able to create wallpaper-like spots on the wall. This shot may not be technically perfect, but it’s all about being creative and trying out new ideas.

Using LED Lights for Foreground Elements

In our last shot, we added an LED light to shine on the mirror ball. With a 35mm lens, we used the highlights created by the LED light as a foreground element in the photo. This added depth and visual interest to the composition.

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Creative Lighting HACKS FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Creative Lighting HACKS

Q: What are Creative Lighting HACKS?

A: Creative Lighting HACKS are clever and innovative techniques or ideas that can be easily implemented to enhance the lighting in any space within just 3 minutes.

Q: How can I benefit from Creative Lighting HACKS?

A: By utilizing Creative Lighting HACKS, you can transform any dull or ordinary setting into a visually appealing and atmospheric space by manipulating various lighting elements effectively.

Q: Who can use these Creative Lighting HACKS?

A: Anyone can make use of these Creative Lighting HACKS, regardless of their level of expertise or experience in lighting design. They are designed to be accessible and simple to implement.

Q: How much time does it take to perform these hacks?

A: All the Creative Lighting HACKS mentioned can be done within just 3 minutes, making them quick and hassle-free solutions to enhance your lighting setup.

Q: Do I need any specialized equipment or tools for these hacks?

A: No, most of the Creative Lighting HACKS can be accomplished using basic household items or commonly available lighting fixtures. You don’t need any specialized equipment.

Q: Are there any safety considerations when using these lighting hacks?

A: While the Creative Lighting HACKS are generally safe, it’s important to exercise caution and follow standard safety guidelines. Avoid placing lighting fixtures near flammable materials or using damaged electrical cords.

Q: Can I implement these hacks in any type of setting?

A: Yes, these hacks can be applied to various settings, including homes, offices, studios, or even outdoor spaces. They are versatile and can be adapted to different environments.

Q: Are there any technical skills or knowledge required to use these hacks?

A: No, you don’t need any technical skills or specialized knowledge. The Creative Lighting HACKS are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone.

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