Create SEAMLESS Composites: How to Remove Edge Fringe in Photoshop

Are you tired of struggling with edge fringes in your Photoshop composites? These pesky remnants of cut-out objects can create a distracting and unprofessional look in your designs. But fear not, because there is a simple solution to this common problem. By following a few key steps and utilizing the right tools in Photoshop, you can easily remove edge fringes and create seamless composites that look polished and flawless. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of removing edge fringes, providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to elevate your compositing game. Let’s dive in and learn how to achieve seamless results in Photoshop.

Create SEAMLESS Composites: How to Remove Edge Fringe in Photoshop

Today, Phlearn is going to show you how to refine edges and remove fringing in Photoshop. Aaron NACE, the host of Phlearn, guides viewers through the process of removing color fringing, especially around hair, when editing composite photos.

The Problem of Fringing

When cutting out a subject from a background, color fringing can often appear around the edges, particularly in hair. This fringing can detract from the realism of the composite image. However, there is a simple technique to eliminate this fringing and create a seamless composite.

Creating a Seamless Composite

In this tutorial, Aaron demonstrates the steps to remove fringing and refine the edges of a subject in Photoshop using clipping masks. By applying a clipping mask to a new layer and painting over the fringing with the appropriate color, the fringing can be seamlessly integrated into the image.

To begin, the subject is cut out from the background and placed on a new background. The fringing is then addressed by creating a new layer, applying a clipping mask, and changing the blend mode to ‘hue’. By selecting the color of the subject’s hair and painting over the fringing, the color fringing is effectively removed.

Creating Realistic Composites

Adjustments can be made to further blend the subject with the background, such as applying a blur to the background layer and adding in background colors to the edges of the subject. These additional steps help to enhance the realism of the composite image.

By following these simple steps and utilizing clipping masks in Photoshop, anyone can create seamless composites without the distraction of color fringing. Whether cutting out a person or an object, this technique can be applied to any photo to refine edges and remove fringing for a professional finish.


Phlearn’s tutorial on removing color fringes and refining edges in Photoshop offers a quick and effective solution for creating seamless composites. By following Aaron NACE’s guidance, viewers can improve their editing skills and enhance the realism of their composite images.

For more in-depth tutorials on background removal and compositing, viewers can explore Phlearn’s extensive library of resources. By mastering these techniques, photographers and graphic designers can elevate their work to produce professional-quality composites.

Thank you for joining Phlearn on this tutorial journey. Stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks to improve your Photoshop skills. Phlearn looks forward to sharing more educational content with you in the future. Happy editing!

FAQ about Creating Seamless Composites in Photoshop

What is edge fringe and why is it important to remove in composites?

Edge fringe is a halo or unwanted color shift that occurs around the edges of an object when it is placed into a new composition. It is important to remove edge fringe in composites to ensure that the object looks seamlessly integrated into the scene.

How do I remove edge fringe in Photoshop?

To remove edge fringe in Photoshop, you can use the Refine Edge tool or the Mask and Feather tools. By carefully adjusting the settings and feathering the edges of your object, you can blend it seamlessly into the background.

Are there any tips for creating seamless composites in Photoshop?

Some tips for creating seamless composites include matching the lighting and color tones of the object with the background, paying attention to shadows and reflections, and using layer masks to blend the edges of the object with the background.

Can I create seamless composites in other software besides Photoshop?

While Photoshop is a popular choice for creating composites, there are other software options such as GIMP or Affinity Photo that also offer similar tools and capabilities for removing edge fringe and creating seamless composites.

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