Create Golden Hour Indoors – Self Portraits with Zhiyun G200

Are you a photography enthusiast who loves capturing stunning self-portraits? Do you find it challenging to create the golden hour effect indoors? Look no further! In this blog, we will show you how to achieve that magical warm glow and capture breathtaking self-portraits with the help of the Zhiyun G200 gimbal. Often, photographers rely on natural sunlight during the golden hour, the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset, to achieve the dreamy lighting and ethereal atmosphere. But with the right equipment and techniques, you can bring the golden hour indoors and create mesmerizing self-portraits that rival the beauty of outdoor golden hour shots. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to creating golden hour magic indoors!

Create Golden Hour Indoors – Self Portraits with Zhiyun G200


Hey everyone! I’ve brought the outdoors inside, which can only mean one thing – it’s time to take some self-portraits. Today, I’m going to be using the new G200 continuous lights from Zhiyun to light up a few different scenarios that you can use indoors for your portrait photography. Before we move any further, today’s video is sponsored by Zhiyun.

The Equipment

This is the equipment we’re working with today. I have four continuous lights, the Zhiyun G200s. In the box, you get a carry case, 1 G200, including a protective cover and reflector, the controller which is also the power unit, and a power cord. I’m also using the Sony a74 with the GM 35mm F 1.4 lens.

Setup 1: Golden Hour Look

For the first setup, I want to create a golden hour look with a touch of backlight. I found some branches and hung them up on a C-clamp. I also placed some branches in a little pot and I’ll hold a third branch in front of the lens. I have the lights half set up already. One light is pointing upwards with the reflector on to give us ambient light for the room. I set the temperature to 3200 Kelvin for a warm glow. I also have another light in the hallway serving as a backlight for the plants. To illuminate the branches properly, I set up another light pointing at them. Lastly, I placed the light bare for a harsh golden hour look. With the lights set up, it’s time to start shooting.

Setup 2: Softbox Look

For the second setup, I want to go for a more traditional look. I’m using a softbox for my face light. The G200 lights are Bowens Mount compatible, so I’m using the 60D softbox for this setup. I also have a humidifier with me to add a bit of mist and enhance the moodiness of the shot. With the lights positioned and the humidifier ready, it’s time to take some photos.

Setup 3: Sunset in a Country House Vibes

For the final setup, I’m going for a sunset in a country house vibe. I have multiple lights in this setup. The main light is the window, creating a golden hour effect. I attached a gobo to one of the G200 lights to cut through the other lights. I also have fill lights on the flowers and bouncing off the wall for ambient light. Another fill light adds more light to my face and the flowers. With all the lights turned on, it’s time to capture the desired mood.


Using the Zhiyun G200 continuous lights has allowed me to create beautiful self-portraits with different lighting setups. The lights are easy to set up and control, thanks to the controller and the ZY Vega app. Whether you’re going for a golden hour look, a softbox look, or a sunset vibe, these lights can help you achieve the desired effect. Self-portrait photography is a great way to explore new ideas and improve your skills. With the Zhiyun G200 lights, the possibilities are endless.

Create Golden Hour Indoors – Self Portraits with Zhiyun G200

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Creating Golden Hour Indoors – Self Portraits with Zhiyun G200

What is the “Golden Hour”?

The “Golden Hour” refers to the magical period shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the natural lighting conditions are warm and soft, resulting in a golden glow. This lighting is highly sought after by photographers and creates an enchanting atmosphere for self-portraits.

Can you create the Golden Hour effect indoors?

Yes, with the right setup, you can create a Golden Hour-like effect indoors. By manipulating the lighting and using certain techniques, you can achieve a similar warm and soft glow that resembles the actual Golden Hour.

What equipment do I need for indoor self-portraits?

To create indoor self-portraits with a Golden Hour effect, you will need the following:

  • A camera or smartphone with manual mode
  • A tripod or stabilizer like Zhiyun G200
  • A well-lit indoor space
  • Artificial lighting equipment (such as softboxes or diffusers)
  • Your creative props and ideas

How do I set up the lighting for indoor self-portraits?

Proper lighting is crucial in creating a Golden Hour effect indoors. Here’s how you can set it up:

  1. Choose a well-lit room with large windows, or use artificial lighting.
  2. If using artificial lighting, position softboxes or diffusers to create a soft, warm light.
  3. Add warm-toned bulbs to further enhance the golden feel.
  4. Experiment with bounce cards or reflectors to control the light’s direction and intensity.

How can Zhiyun G200 help in capturing self-portraits?

Zhiyun G200 is a reliable stabilizer that can assist you in capturing smooth, professional-looking self-portraits. It eliminates unwanted shaking or blurring, provides stability, and ensures that your self-portraits are sharp and stunning.

Do I need any editing techniques to achieve the Golden Hour effect indoors?

Post-processing techniques can enhance your indoor self-portraits, but they are not necessary. However, you may consider adjusting the white balance, increasing warmth, and tweaking the exposure levels to further enhance the Golden Hour effect. Various photo editing software or apps can assist you in these adjustments.

Can I pose with dynamic movements while using Zhiyun G200?

Yes, one of the advantages of using Zhiyun G200 is its ability to stabilize your camera while accommodating dynamic movements. You can experiment with different poses, movements, or even incorporate props to add variety and creativity to your self-portraits.

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