Confirmed: A7cII (33MP) A7cR (61MP) and 16-35m GM II will be announced o August 29

Are you a photography enthusiast eagerly waiting for the latest updates in the world of cameras and lenses? Well, here’s some exciting news for you! Sony is all set to unveil their highly anticipated new releases on August 29th. Get ready to be blown away by the announcement of the A7cII, a groundbreaking 33MP camera, and the A7cR, a remarkable 61MP camera. But that’s not all! Sony is also set to introduce the second generation of their widely acclaimed 16-35m GM lens. So, mark your calendars and brace yourself for the unveiling of these cutting-edge devices that are set to revolutionize the world of photography.

Confirmed: A7cII (33MP) A7cR (61MP) and 16-35m GM II will be announced on August 29


Hi folks, we are really getting closer to the Sony announcement on August 29th. I have a couple of more little info to share about what’s going to be announced and about the specs of the new products. But before that, please take two seconds to subscribe to the channel and hit the notification button to not miss any of my upcoming videos.

Brief Note

Between August 19th and August 28th, the author will be busy hiking on the mountains. As the Sony announcement is on August 29th, the author will have to carry their laptop everywhere to ensure they have a minimum of connections to write rumors when they have them. They will try their best to provide updates on and on this channel. There might also be some on-the-fly videos if they obtain more pictures of the new camera and lenses.

Official Announcement

Trusted sources have given more confirmation that we will indeed see three new products: the A7cII, the A7cR, and the 16-35m GM II. The A7cII is essentially an E74 in an A7c design body, as you may have already seen in the leaked images. It uses the 33-megapixel sensor of the A74, with some additional features like AI capabilities that the A74 doesn’t have. The pricing of the A7cII is still uncertain, but the author is working on obtaining the final pricing information.

The A7cR, which will also be announced on August 29th, looks exactly like the A7cII. Inside, it uses the 61-megapixel sensor of the A7R5 and can even record 8K video. Both cameras have a fully articulating LCD screen on the back, which is excellent news as it is a high-quality screen. The pricing information for the A7cR has not been released, but it is anticipated to be higher than the A7cII.

New Lens Announcement

Another exciting announcement is the arrival of the 16-35m GM II lens with a 2.8 aperture. This lens will be slightly more compact and optically improved compared to its predecessor. The author believes that these three product announcements are already quite substantial for one day, as Sony usually tends to split their announcements into multiple smaller ones. This gives hope for even more announcements in the Autumn, including new lenses and hopefully the long-awaited A93, which might feature a new Stack sensor, making it the fastest camera on the market.


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FAQ: Confirmed A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35m GM II Announcement on August 29

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the news regarding the A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35m GM II?

A: It has been confirmed that the Sony A7cII (33MP), A7cR (61MP), and 16-35m GM II will be announced on August 29.

Q: Which camera models are being announced?

A: Sony is set to release two camera models – the A7cII with 33MP and the A7cR with 61MP.

Q: Will there be an update to the 16-35m GM lens?

A: Yes, a new version of the 16-35m GM lens, known as 16-35m GM II, will also be announced alongside the camera models.

Q: When is the official announcement happening?

A: The announcement for the A7cII, A7cR, and 16-35m GM II is scheduled for August 29.

Q: Where can I find more information about the cameras and lens?

A: For more details on the specifications, pricing, and availability, please refer to the official Sony website or trusted camera news sources after the announcement on August 29.

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