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Are you tired of carrying heavy camera equipment while filming on location? Introducing the Cinemech Video Production Camera Cart by DigitalFoto. This innovative piece of equipment is designed to make your filmmaking experience easier and more efficient. With its sturdy construction and adjustable features, the Cinemech Camera Cart is perfect for carrying all your essential gear, including cameras, lenses, lights, and accessories. Say goodbye to backaches and fatigue from lugging heavy equipment around, as this cart will effortlessly transport your gear from one location to another. Join us as we explore the amazing features and benefits of the Cinemech Camera Cart, and revolutionize the way you film.

Cinemech Video Production Camera Cart- DigitalFoto

So today we’re going to be talking about this film cart right here just behind me this is called the Cinemac film card by digital photo now this comes in a few different sizes there’s a whole bunch of different attachments that you can actually have on this that we’re Actually going to be talking about today there’s a lot that we need to go through I know this won’t suit absolutely everyone because this thing is very expensive but for very good reason when it comes to build quality it’s pure aluminum alloy it’s super solid there’s so much versatility mounting points the Features on this thing is incredibly packed but when it comes to the film cards and especially the ones that you’re comparing this to this is probably one of the best ones if not the best one I’ve ever used so let’s get into this video

Breakdown and Portability

One of the major things that I really appreciate this film cart is that you can pretty much break it down really quickly. They’ve designed it where you can quickly pull it down and quickly bring it back up because I know a lot of film carts out there are literally just pure solid steel and that literally you can’t pull it apart. You’ve got a van you wheel it up to the van and that’s pretty much it. Like you can still leave this fully built out if you really wanted to but it gives you the ability to pack it down nice and small and then you’ve got a couple of clips as well that you can sort of clip onto it and the great thing is they’ve actually got these little suitcase roller wheels at the bottom with this handle so you can actually wheel it but just the size and versatility that you can break it down to and then build it up it just makes it so amazing.

Sizes and Versatility

Now this particular model that I’ve got with me is called the MCS s so this is the smallest of the three versions it’s 750 long by I think it’s About 950 high and 500 wide so this uh is just enough for most of your smaller Productions now if you’re trying to utilize this as a cart to move a whole bunch of gear around you would probably go for the larger one the larger one is 1.2 meters long 1200 long which isn’t Quite double the size but it’s about one and a half times this size in terms of the length so that’s pretty significant and you could probably carry a lot of gear on that in comparison to this smaller one so let’s talk about building this thing up it is really quick to Build up there are two clips on either side that actually keep this top half actually together with the base so literally just unclass them right here and then it lifts straight off now once you’ve actually got that off all you got to do is lift this up tighten these two Very very quick and easy to do now you can see how fast that actually is to do up and then you literally put this top half on top of here and tighten it up it is so quick to do and the exact same when you’re actually packing it up now in Terms of the payload it really depends on which model you actually get but you can actually have a maximum payload from 350 kilograms to 450 kilograms I mean that is incredibly heavy there’s not really much film gear that’s going to be weighing this thing down for that much Like you literally could fit three large human people on top of this and still not break it that is the quality of this thing and talking about quality the wheels wow the wheels are incredible there’s nothing worse than seeing these little plastic crappy wheels that some of these carts actually have these are Massive Wheels the two of them on the front are a 360 degree rotation so that’s pretty much your turning wheels and then the two back wheels are fixed locked wheels so they pretty much are the ones that stay straight and you’ve got the other two that sort of wheel it Steer it and all those kind of things but you can put this through so many different terrains and that’s what makes this thing extremely versatile and amazing for outdoor use so not just indoor in studios but you can pretty much put this on a whole bunch of different surfaces like bitumen concrete Gravel grass and maybe sand I mean you can still put it on Sand but I probably wouldn’t trust a whole bunch of gear being on Sand anyway and obviously you’ve got where is it right there now yes obviously because it is a film card it could potentially roll Away these locking mechanisms at the wheelbase is very trustworthy and it locks directly into the rubber so the harder the tire is the obviously the harder it’s going to lock directly into that tire and stop it from moving and with those tires they’re pretty much just like wheelbarrow tires or bike Tires you can pretty much just get one of those bike pumps and pump up these wheels to whatever pressure you want now the main one that you pretty much get out of the box is the top shelf and the bottom shelf so it’s very basic and you Can build it out however you want depending on obviously your production and your workflow so the added step you can actually do when packing it up is taking the wheels off as well and then you’ve got those little telescopic sort of suitcase wheels on the bottom but what I’ve been doing recently is Literally just leaving these big wheels on and putting it directly into my car just as is perfectly fine it just really depends on how you want to be able to pack this up and it depends on your situation as well

Director’s Monitor and Versatility

One of the cool features about the top shelf is that it has these little locking mechanisms which you pretty much unlock and you can drop the side of the shelf so if you’re trying to dust it off or clean it out you can drop the shelves clean it off and then put it back up or if you just want that shelf to be you know pretty much drop down and nice and smooth then you can do that as well it just really depends on how you use it but it just gives you that versatility as well and the quality of the Locking System is Just Second To None now one of the great versatilities when you’re actually on set is actually having your director’s monitor on here so you can actually put a light stand directly through there’s three holes at the base of this top shelf that you can put a light stand all The way up and obviously put your director’s monitor on top but as you can see in the background here I’ve got my director’s monitor literally just sitting on there which is perfectly fine but it is better if it is raised and then you know that could be for your First AC as well so they literally can push this around wherever they want to get in a nice comfortable position and what I’ve been doing recently is I’ve got a couple of these little clamps that I put on the sides because there’s so many mounting points all I need to do is Put a quarter 20 Mount directly into these and I can attach a light stand onto the side and put my monitor on the side which gives me the ability to raise it up nice and high and that is the versatility of having all these mounts is that I can put whatever different Combination and whatever different mounts onto the side here to suit my workflow…

Frequently Asked Questions about Cinemech Video Production Camera Cart – DigitalFoto

1. What is the Cinemech Video Production Camera Cart?

The Cinemech Video Production Camera Cart is a high-quality camera cart designed specifically for filmmakers and videographers. It provides a sturdy and versatile platform for carrying cameras, lenses, accessories, and other equipment during video production.

2. What are the key features of this camera cart?

The DigitalFoto Cinemech Camera Cart offers several essential features, including:

  • Heavy-duty construction for durability
  • Adjustable shelves and compartments to accommodate various equipment
  • Large pneumatic wheels for smooth movement on different terrains
  • Foldable design for easy storage and transportation
  • Multiple mounting options for accessories like monitors, lights, and boom poles

3. What are the benefits of using the Cinemech Camera Cart?

Using the Cinemech Camera Cart offers several advantages, including:

  • Efficient transportation and organization of video production gear
  • Enhanced mobility and stability during shoots
  • Reduced strain on crew members due to the cart’s ergonomic design
  • Time-saving setup and teardown process
  • Overall improvement in workflow and productivity

4. Is the Cinemech Camera Cart suitable for both indoor and outdoor shoots?

Yes, the Cinemech Camera Cart is designed to handle both indoor and outdoor shooting environments. Its sturdy construction and pneumatic wheels ensure smooth movement on various surfaces, including rough terrains.

5. Can I customize the Cinemech Camera Cart to my specific needs?

Yes, the Cinemech Camera Cart offers the flexibility to customize and adapt to individual preferences and requirements. Its adjustable shelves and multiple mounting options allow users to configure the cart to their liking.

6. Is the Cinemech Camera Cart compatible with all types of cameras and equipment?

Yes, the Cinemech Camera Cart is designed to accommodate a wide range of cameras, lenses, accessories, and equipment commonly used in video production. Its versatile design ensures compatibility with various industry-standard setups.

7. How do I assemble and disassemble the Cinemech Camera Cart?

Assembling and disassembling the Cinemech Camera Cart is a straightforward process. It usually requires no additional tools and can be done quickly using the provided instructions. The foldable design allows for easy storage and transportation.

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