The Ultimate Guide to Cinematic Photo Presets: Free Downloads, Mobile Options, and More!

Cinematic photo presets transform ordinary images into captivating visual stories with just a few clicks. These powerful tools apply sophisticated color grades, which are like special filters, to mimic the emotional impact of movies.

They are perfect for photographers who want to add that filmic magic to their work without spending hours manually editing each photo. The Brixton Film Cinematic collection stands out with its 24 general and 23 specific presets designed for both desktop and mobile use—ideal for responding to current trends in motion pictures and indie screenplays.

These digital tools not only make your photos look amazing but also save you time, giving you instant access as soon as you complete your purchase. Whether shooting with a smartphone or professional camera, anyone can learn how to enhance their images using Lightroom app presets and share them worldwide.

With over 300 free presets available online, compatibility is no issue; these presets work with different versions of Lightroom software. For those looking for something extra special, there’s the Brixton Film Tool & Brush Kit packed with adjustment brushes specifically made for refining photos’ cinematic appeal.

Premium collections take it up a notch by offering high-definition quality suitable even for complex subjects or vintage looks. As we journey through this guide on cinematic photo presets—from the cool tones they can bring to your photography all the way through to frequently asked questions—we reveal tricks of the trade that could elevate your photographic portfolio dramatically.

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Key Takeaways

  • Cinematic presets can dramatically change the look and feel of your photos by manipulating color grading, adding atmospheric effects, and telling a visual story.
  • Free cinematic presets are available for both desktop and mobile platforms, offering options like “Pearl” for a subtle glow, “Dreamy” for a soft-focus effect, and “Rustic” for earthy tones without any cost.
  • Investing in premium preset collections such as the Brixton Film Cinematic collection provides advanced tools like workflow presets and adjustment brushes for more polished and professional results.
  • Presets are compatible with various editing software including Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop CC versions, Adobe Camera Raw, and even video-editing programs like Adobe SpeedGrade.
  • Personalizing presets by adjusting settings such as brightness or contrast is important to achieve the desired cinematic look that aligns with your personal style or the specific mood of each photograph.

Enhancing Your Photography with Cinematic Presets

A vibrant city street at night with diverse people and buildings.

Cinematic presets offer a captivating way to enhance your photography, leveraging the allure of cinematic color grading and creating a storytelling impact. These presets provide a powerful tool for adding depth, emotion, and atmosphere to your images, elevating them to new heights.

The allure of cinematic color grading

Cinematic color grading transforms your images, giving them the emotional resonance and polished aesthetic of a movie scene. It’s the secret sauce that can make viewers feel the warmth of a sunset or the chill of an eerie night, all through subtle shifts in hues and tones.

Professionals harness this power with tools like Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and DaVinci Resolve to craft unique atmospheres in their photography.

Crafting these visual stories isn’t just about applying filters; it involves fine-tuning elements like white balance, color gamut, and shadows. The Brixton Film Cinematic collection understands this artistry by offering 24 workflow presets alongside specialized brushes for precision editing in Lightroom Classic.

With every click, you elevate your digital files from mere snapshots to evocative masterpieces that speak volumes beyond words.

Creating a storytelling impact with presets

Every photograph tells a story, and with the right cinematic presets, that story can leap off the image with emotion and depth. Take the Brixton Film Cinematic collection—it’s crafted to transform your digital snapshots into high-definition narratives.

Imagine applying a preset from their 23-strong lineup; instantly, your photo gains a dramatic monochrome mood or bursts with vintage color flair, compelling viewers to delve into the tale behind each shot.

Presets act like magic wands for visual storytellers aiming to convey feelings through hues and contrasts. They empower photographers to set the scene quickly, whether on smartphone screens or within advanced photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop CC or Lightroom.

Editing raw files becomes an artistic endeavor where every adjustment contributes to heightening the impact of your photography narrative—your vision brought vividly to life before you share it via email, social media, or showcase it in your professional portfolio.

Exploring Cool Colors in Cinematic Photography

A woman with various looks standing in a misty forest.

Cool colors in cinematic photography can create a sense of calm, mystery or even detachment. These hues, such as blues and greens, often set the mood for scenes that need to evoke serenity or convey an otherworldly atmosphere.

As a photographer looking to harness the expressive power of these shades, understanding how cool colors impact your image is key. Incorporating them using film effect presets helps you achieve a signature look reminiscent of classic cinema.

Manipulating cool tones offers an opportunity to craft images with a distinct visual narrative. Think moonlit landscapes or deep ocean scenes—these settings naturally pull in blue and green spectrums that speak volumes without saying a word.

By selecting the right presets within editing tools like Photoshop CS6 or Adobe Camera Raw, you can amplify these effects for dramatic results. It’s about choosing color grades that complement your subject matter and enhance the storytelling element of your photographs.

Top Free Cinematic Presets for Desktop and Mobile

Discover a selection of high-quality free cinematic presets, such as “Pearl” for a subtle glow, “Dreamy” for a soft-focus effect, and “Rustic” for earthy tones. These presets are designed to elevate your photography and provide stunning results on both desktop and mobile platforms.

“Pearl” for a subtle glow

The “Pearl” preset offers a subtle glow, bringing a touch of cinematic elegance to your photos. It’s part of the top free cinematic presets available for both desktop and mobile editing, making it accessible for photographers at all levels.

Designed to change the tone and mood of your pictures, this preset is versatile, suitable for various photography niches including portraits, street scenes, cityscapes, and blog imagery.

This specific preset adds an intense greenish shade while maintaining unsaturated blacks. With more control over split toning and channel saturation, “Pearl” gives your photos that professional cinematic quality effortlessly.

“Dreamy” for a soft-focus effect

The Brixton Film Cinematic collection features the “Dreamy” preset, designed to infuse photos with a soft-focus effect. This preset creates a dreamy and ethereal ambiance, perfect for capturing romantic or nostalgic moods in your images.

Compatible with Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, and Photoshop versions, this tool offers desktop and mobile options for achieving the desired effect seamlessly.

You can also explore 24 general workflow presets along with 33 local adjustment brushes in the Brixton Film Tool & Brush Kit, providing you with a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your photography editing process.

“Rustic” for earthy tones

The Brixton Film Cinematic collection offers the “Rustic” preset, designed to infuse your photos with earthy tones for a vintage aesthetic. This preset delivers a warm and organic feel, perfect for capturing nature scenes or creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

With 23 cinematic options available, including monochrome, color, and vintage film looks, this preset provides versatile tools to enhance your images with rustic charm. Additionally, the collection includes 33 local adjustment brushes to further refine the earthy tones in your photos, ensuring that every detail can be precisely tailored to achieve the desired effect.

For photographers seeking an effortless way to add depth and character to their work while maintaining a timeless appeal, the “Rustic” preset from the Brixton Film Cinematic collection is an excellent choice.

Premium Cinematic Preset Collections

Investing in premium cinematic presets can significantly elevate the quality of your photography, providing a wider range of editing options and professional-grade effects. To discover the top-notch collections that will take your photos to the next level, keep reading!

The value of investing in premium presets

Investing in premium presets like the Brixton Film Cinematic collection unlocks a world of high-definition features and film-like aesthetics, elevating your photography to professional levels.

With 24 general workflow presets for Desktop & Mobile, as well as additional tool and brush kits, these premium presets offer versatile options for creating visually compelling images.

The Brixton Film Tool Kit includes 8 Layer Presets, 62 Tool Presets, and 33 Local Adjustment Brushes for Lightroom Classic ONLY, providing an extensive array of resources designed to enhance and customize your photos with precision.

Opting for premium presets guarantees access to a wide range of editing tools that allow you to achieve specific cinematic looks while maintaining full creative control over the final result.

Examples of premium cinematic presets

The Brixton Film Cinematic collection is designed to offer emotionally responsive and dramatic presets suitable for both high-definition and film-like features. This collection contains 23 cinematic presets that cater to various effects, including monochrome, color, and vintage film looks.

  1. The “Monochrome Classic” preset provides a timeless black-and-white effect, perfect for capturing drama and nostalgia in photographs.
  2. Vintage Film Grain” adds a subtle grainy texture reminiscent of classic film photography, giving images a nostalgic and authentic feel.
  3. Color Pop” enhances vibrant colors while maintaining a balanced and natural look, ideal for bringing out the beauty in colorful landscapes or urban scenes.
  4. Dramatic Shadows” intensifies contrast and shadows to create a bold and impactful visual presence, making it suitable for moody or atmospheric compositions.
  5. “Pastel Dreams” imparts a soft and dreamy aesthetic with muted tones, adding an ethereal quality to portraits and still life photography.
  6. “Sunset Glow” accentuates warm hues and softens highlights to evoke the warmth of golden hour lighting in portrait and landscape photography.

Using Presets to Achieve the Cinematic Look

Apply cinematic presets to your photos with ease, and customize them for a personalized touch. Learn how to enhance your photography effortlessly and achieve stunning cinematic visuals.

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Tips for applying presets to your photos

When utilizing cinematic photo presets on your photos, here are practical tips to enhance your photography:

  1. Choose the Right Preset: Select a preset that complements the mood and style of your photo, considering factors such as lighting conditions and subject matter for optimal results.
  2. Adjust Intensity: Fine-tune the preset’s intensity to ensure it enhances the image without overpowering it, striking a balance between artistic enhancement and natural appeal.
  3. Refine Color Balance: Tailor the color balance settings to align with your desired aesthetic, whether it’s vibrant hues, cool tones, or monochrome effects for a compelling visual impact.
  4. Customize Exposure and Contrast: Modify exposure and contrast settings if needed to maintain dynamic range and ensure your photo retains its depth and clarity while embracing cinematic tones.
  5. Experiment with Layering: Explore layering different presets or adjusting individual elements within a preset to achieve a unique and personalized look that resonates with your creative vision.
  6. Preserve Original Details: Take care to preserve essential details in the original image while applying presets, ensuring clarity, texture, and focus remain intact for a professional finish.

When to customize presets for best results

Customizing presets becomes essential when you want to infuse your unique style into the photo. By making personalized adjustments, you can ensure that the preset complements your vision for a particular shot, enhancing its impact and storytelling elements.

Whether it’s tweaking the color saturation, adjusting contrast levels, or fine-tuning exposure settings, customizing presets allows you to achieve a more tailored and professional look that aligns with your creative intentions.

Additionally, with customization, you can adapt presets to various lighting conditions and subjects. This flexibility enables you to maintain consistency across diverse scenes while still allowing for individualized touches that reflect your artistic sensibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cinematic Presets

What software are cinematic presets compatible with, and how can you adjust them to suit your personal style? Find the answers to these common questions and more as we dive into the world of cinematic photo presets.

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Compatibility with different editing software

The Brixton Film Cinematic collection is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. It includes presets for Lightroom and Photoshop versions, making it convenient for photographers using these popular editing software.

Furthermore, the presets can also be used to edit videos in Lightroom along with other video-editing software like Adobe SpeedGrade, expanding their usability beyond just photo editing.

Additionally, the +Cine Cinematic Looks are designed to work seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom Desktop, Adobe Lightroom Mobile App, Adobe Camera Raw, and Capture One. This broad compatibility ensures that photographers utilizing different editing software or platforms can easily integrate these cinematic presets into their workflow without any hassle or limitations.

Adjusting presets for personal style

To personalize and refine your photos, adapt presets to match your distinct style. Select a preset that aligns with the mood and aesthetics you aim to convey in your photography. Each preset can be fine-tuned through simple adjustments such as brightness, contrast, and saturation to attain the ideal look for your images.

Experimenting with these settings allows you to craft a unique visual narrative that resonates with your personal artistic vision.

Moreover, consider adjusting presets according to the specific nuances of each photo. Tailoring presets to individual shots ensures that they complement the lighting conditions, subjects, and overall ambiance captured in each image.


To sum up, this ultimate guide offers a wealth of information on cinematic photo presets, including free downloads and mobile options. From exploring the allure of cinematic color grading to providing top free and premium preset options for both desktop and mobile use, this comprehensive guide caters to photographers at all levels.

Moreover, users can gain valuable insights into enhancing their photography with step-by-step instructions and tips for achieving the coveted cinematic look in their images. With detailed descriptions and clarifications about using presets with different editing software, readers are equipped with everything they need to elevate their photography game effortlessly.


1. Can I get cinematic photo presets for free?

Yes, you can find free downloads of cinematic photo presets that give your photos a professional touch without spending money.

2. Are there presets that make photos look like they’re black and white films?

Absolutely! Black and white cinematic presets are available that can transform your color images into classic-looking digital photos.

3. Will these presets work on my mobile phone’s camera pictures?

For sure! There are mobile options for photo presets which allow you to apply them directly to the pictures taken with your phone’s camera.

4. Can I use these cinematic presets on different file types like PNG?

Yes, most modern preset packs include versions compatible with various file types, including PNG images from your digital camera or smartphone.

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