Chris and Jordan Have NEVER Done ANYTHING Like This Before! | The PetaPixel Podcast

Have you ever found yourself searching for new and engaging photography podcasts? Look no further because “Chris and Jordan Have NEVER Done ANYTHING Like This Before!” brings a fresh and unique perspective to the world of photography. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake, this PetaPixel Podcast episode promises an exciting and unpredictable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring photographer, this podcast will captivate you with its informative content, witty banter, and unexpected adventures. Get ready to be entertained and inspired as Chris and Jordan explore uncharted territories in the world of photography.

Chris and Jordan Have NEVER Done ANYTHING Like This Before! | The PetaPixel Podcast

Welcome back to the PetaPixel Podcast! I’m Chris Nichols, and I’m joined by my lovely co-host Jordan Drake. Hey Sharon Schneider, how are you guys doing? Am I co-host or am I just this guy, you know? Yeah, you’re a Coho. If your face is up on the screen, you have Coho status. Actually, even slightly bigger face than Chris’s, so there you go, right? Yeah, see? Now I’m the most important one. And, you know, today we’ve got a really amazing main story because, well, you know, this was an experience that we did. Our video just went live. We had an opportunity to go up to Beale Air Force Base in California, the home of the YouTube spy plane Recon program, and Blair went up into the edge of space and took amazing photos. That video is live, and I mean, if you haven’t checked it already, please do. But it’s significant because all three of us were on that shoot together. We basically created this documentary, and it’s work that we’re really proud of. Hey, so yeah, we’re gonna go through some of the behind-the-scenes. I’m alright having some people asking technical questions and things like that, the process, and it’s different from anything we’ve ever done before. So I think we need to, you know, discuss how we made that all work out, dig into it, talk about what it was like shooting your first doc. We also got a couple of other news stories we’ll talk about quickly before getting to that. And then of course, we won’t forget all of y’all with your questions. We do have some tech support text. Regular comments to get through as well, but we really do want to talk about making a doc. So let’s get started into it.

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News Stories

Matt Grocoot’s DSLR to Mirrorless Experience

One of our editors, Matt Grocoot, had been using a DSLR – his 5D Mark III – since 2014. That was like he’d been just continuing on with this same camera. And he recently got the opportunity to use an R62, and his experience just reading what it was like to jump to that was, like, to me unique because from at least our perspective, this would never have happened as reviewers. We saw the gradual growth of mirrorless cameras from DSLRs over the past 10 or so years. And, like, so to see the stark jump in tech from a DSLR to where we are now, I thought that this story really puts some perspective on, like, when people say that my camera, you know. They get into these camera wars, be like, these cameras are all so incredibly good. Yeah, this isn’t even Canon’s top-of-the-line camera, and he was just blown away by how much more he could do with it than his 5D Mark III. You know, I don’t want to patronize Matt, but is it fair to say that the article was adorable? Like, reading the article, I was like, he was like, “Oh my, like, it was like a revelation.”

Demolition Man

Why didn’t you watch Demolition Man, Jaren? I okay, okay, you can’t see it but anyone who’s watching can see the shambles of my life behind me. I am mid-move here, I do not have time to do anything other than put things in boxes and put those boxes into other larger boxes. When you’re stretched out is the perfect time to take your brain offline for like an hour and a half and watch Demolition Man. So to give context, you know, we were talking about this article in the meeting, our morning meeting, and I was like, “Oh man, it’s like Demolition Man…”

FAQ: Chris and Jordan Have NEVER Done ANYTHING Like This Before! | The PetaPixel Podcast

1. Who are Chris and Jordan?

Chris and Jordan are the hosts of The PetaPixel Podcast, a photography-related podcast that focuses on news, gear reviews, and discussions.

2. What is the podcast episode “Chris and Jordan Have NEVER Done ANYTHING Like This Before!” about?

The episode is about a unique experience or topic that Chris and Jordan have never encountered before in their work as podcast hosts.

3. What can I expect from this episode?

Listeners can expect an exciting and fresh perspective from Chris and Jordan as they tackle something completely new to them. It could involve a special guest, an unconventional topic, or a different format for the podcast.

4. Are there any prerequisites to listening to this episode?

No, there are no prerequisites or specific knowledge required. It is a standalone episode designed to be enjoyable for both regular listeners and new ones.

5. How long is the episode?

The duration of the episode may vary, as it depends on the content and discussion. Typically, PetaPixel podcast episodes range from 30 to 60 minutes.

6. Can I listen to this episode on the PetaPixel website?

Yes, you can listen to this episode on the PetaPixel website. Simply visit their podcast section and navigate to the episode titled “Chris and Jordan Have NEVER Done ANYTHING Like This Before!”

7. Can I find this podcast episode on other platforms?

Yes, the PetaPixel podcast is available on popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more. You can search for the episode by its title to find it on your preferred platform.

8. Can I share my thoughts or feedback about this episode?

Absolutely! The hosts encourage listeners to engage with them and share their thoughts. You can leave comments on the PetaPixel website, reach out to them through social media, or send them an email to share your feedback.

9. Are there any additional resources related to this episode?

Depending on the episode’s content, there might be additional resources, such as links to relevant articles, products, or resources mentioned during the discussion. Check the episode description or show notes for any provided resources.

10. Where can I find more episodes of The PetaPixel Podcast?

You can find more episodes of The PetaPixel Podcast on their official website or on various podcast platforms. They also have an archive of previous episodes that cover a wide range of photography topics.

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