Do you love capturing stunning travel photos but find it challenging to get that perfect steady shot? Investing in a high-quality tripod can make a world of difference. However, with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one that fits your needs and budget. In this blog post, we will compare two popular travel tripods – Peak Design and Sirui, examining their features, build quality, and most importantly, their price. Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or willing to splurge on top-notch gear, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive into the world of cheap vs. expensive travel tripods and find the perfect match for your photography adventures.



In this article, we will compare the cheap and expensive travel tripods from Peak Design and Sirui. We will discuss their features and differences to determine which one is better.

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The 600 carbon fiber travel tripod from Peak Design and the 100 carbon fiber travel tripod from Sirui are the tripods we will compare. I have been intrigued by the Peak Design tripod since its Kickstarter launch as they are known for making clever products. However, the price tag of $600 seemed steep compared to my previous aluminum MeFoto travel tripod.

Size Comparison

The Peak Design tripod measures 15.4 inches when folded, while the Sirui tripod is 13 inches tall. This means the Sirui tripod is slightly shorter, making it more compact for carrying. The Peak Design tripod, on the other hand, is slimmer and may fit better in narrow pockets or side water bottle pockets.


The Sirui tripod has twist lock legs, which take a bit longer to set up. In comparison, the Peak Design tripod features flip lock legs, allowing for quick deployment. Peak Design claims that this tripod can be fully set up in just 9.8 seconds, making it ideal for fast-paced shooting situations.


The Sirui tripod reaches a height of 55.3 inches when fully extended, while the Peak Design tripod measures 60 inches. This slight difference in height may not be significant for most users, but it is worth considering based on individual preferences.

Weight Capacity

The Sirui tripod can support up to 8.8 pounds, making it suitable for lightweight camera rigs. However, the Peak Design tripod boasts a weight capacity of 20 pounds, making it more suitable for heavier camera setups. If you frequently work with heavier rigs, the Peak Design tripod would be the better choice.


The Sirui tripod weighs 1.9 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and ideal for backpackers or hikers. In comparison, the Peak Design tripod weighs 2.8 pounds, which is still relatively lightweight considering its capacity. Consider your specific needs when deciding between weight and capacity.

Leg Folding and Ball Head Design

The leg folding design of these tripods differs significantly. The Sirui tripod follows a traditional design with three legs and a center column. On the other hand, the Peak Design tripod features a unique ball head design. These design differences may affect usability, so it is essential to consider the type of shooting you do.


When comparing the cheap and expensive travel tripods from Peak Design and Sirui, factors such as size, setup, height, weight capacity, weight, leg folding, and ball head design must be considered. Depending on your specific needs and shooting preferences, you can determine whether the cheaper Sirui tripod or the more expensive Peak Design tripod is the better option for you.


Frequently Asked Questions: CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE TRAVEL TRIPODS – Peak Design vs Sirui

Q: What are the key differences between cheap and expensive travel tripods?

A: Cheap travel tripods often sacrifice durability, stability, and load capacity compared to their expensive counterparts. Expensive travel tripods are built with high-quality materials, offering enhanced stability, higher load capacity, and better overall performance.

Q: What makes Peak Design tripods stand out?

A: Peak Design tripods are known for their innovative design and exceptional build quality. They feature advanced technologies like the unique ball head adjustment system, quick-release plates, and carbon fiber construction, providing a lightweight yet sturdy option for photographers.

Q: Why should I consider Sirui tripods?

A: Sirui tripods offer outstanding value for money. While being comparatively affordable, they still offer relatively high quality and stability. Sirui tripods are known for their versatility, durability, and great load capacity, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious photographers.

Q: Are expensive tripods truly worth the investment?

A: It depends on your needs and budget. Expensive tripods usually offer superior stability and durability, making them ideal for professional photographers or those who frequently shoot in challenging environments. However, if you are a casual photographer or occasionally travel, a cheaper tripod may suit your needs just fine.

Q: Which tripod is more suitable for travel purposes?

A: Both Peak Design and Sirui offer travel-specific tripods. Peak Design’s compact design and lightweight materials make it highly portable and effortless to carry during travel. Similarly, Sirui tripods offer excellent portability without compromising stability, allowing you to capture stunning shots on your travel adventures.

Q: Can I expect similar features from a cheap tripod compared to an expensive one?

A: While cheap tripods may offer basic features such as adjustable leg height and a standard ball head, they typically lack advanced features like telescopic center columns, multiple leg angles, quick release mechanisms, and more. These advanced features are commonly found in expensive tripods, providing photographers with greater flexibility and convenience.

Q: Which tripod brand offers better warranty and customer support?

A: Both Peak Design and Sirui are reputable brands known for their excellent customer support. Peak Design offers a lifetime warranty, showcasing their confidence in the quality and durability of their tripods. Sirui also provides a generous warranty period, ensuring customers receive necessary assistance and support if any issues arise.

Q: How do I determine the right tripod for my needs?

A: Consider factors such as your budget, intended usage, required load capacity, and desired features. If you frequently shoot in challenging conditions or require maximum stability and durability, investing in an expensive tripod like Peak Design may be the best choice. However, if you have budget constraints or are a casual photographer, a cheaper, but still reliable, option like Sirui could be more suitable.

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