CHEAP vs. EXPENSIVE GoPro Accessories from Amazon 2020

Are you in the market for GoPro accessories but not sure whether to go for the cheap or expensive options? With so many choices available on Amazon, it can be overwhelming to decide which products to invest in. In this blog, we will explore the pros and cons of both cheap and expensive GoPro accessories available on Amazon in 2020. We will compare the quality, durability, and functionality of each, so you can make an informed decision on which accessories are best suited for your needs and budget. Whether you’re a professional videographer or a casual adventurer, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive review.

CHEAP vs. EXPENSIVE GoPro Accessories from Amazon 2020

Today we’re opening the box and I think only one of you only one of you guessed accurately what’s uh what’s inside which is funny because there’s there’s one video on this channel that is really blown up like like nine hundred thousand views and it was my GoPro accessories 2019 video and there was one comment that just kept popping up on that video over and over and over again and it was basically something along lines of men you spent too much money on these accessories you can find them on Amazon for way cheaper so I went onto Amazon And I spent twenty twenty two dollars twenty dollars on this this is the newer me word this is one of those one of those things on Amazon where you click on it and it’s got like this overview shot with a ton of different pieces for really really cheap I think this is a Sixty one piece GoPro accessories kit for $22 it is oh it’s a 50 and 150 neat newer me work me were fifty and one action camera accessory kit compatible with the GoPro Hero rate Max seven six five four it’s all of them because it’s a just a GoPro mount to give you some Comparison quickly before I open this up the the GoPro three way mount that I talk about a lot it’s it’s like our go to arm thing that we use when we use the GoPro is the GoPro three way arm normally $70 is on sale for fifty dollars on Amazon so so just as one Thing on Amazon $50 this 50 piece kit 22 dollars that’s pretty impressive that’s a much cheaper the the thing though is you’re putting a $400 camera usually on some form of one of these mounts so so how much do you trust them out it’s got To be a decent amount if you’re gonna do something and you want to make sure that that you’re not gonna lose it this is nice though it comes with its own case it’s a it’s like a zip zip carrying case you ready look at all this stuff fits in There oh my god this is crazy oh it smells it smells like there’s a million bags in here they really could have reduced the amount of plastic that they put in here newer if I by the way if I’m saying that wrong if it’s newer but I’m just I don’t There’s an extra II there’s a silent e and extra silent e let me know if you know how to say this I think it’s newer because there’s two E’s do you say need two E’s take the D off switch it with work need work me work that makes sense to me just a Little chart with all the stuff you get in there this is crazy I can’t believe how much stuff is in here I’m gonna just start pulling stuff out we’ll figure out what it is and and then I’ll tell you if it looks decent or not alright first up Is a handlebar mount it looks like yeah a handlebar mount it’s it’s not a bad handlebar mount honestly I this feels like the handlebar mount that GoPro used to make I think they’ve kind of changed the plastic that they use now to make it a little more robust but it sure looks Like the exact same thing that I’ve purchased from GoPro in the past oh I’ll go through what these would cost individually as well so just the handlebar mounts on go website oh yeah they’ve totally changed how GoPro does their handlebar mounts it’s a handlebar seat post mount I’ll Put it somewhere on the screen but it is $30 just for that mount alone and yeah so this is kind of the old version that they had where one of the bolts can kind of pop off you get this back in there I see why they changed the design it’s not Bad though that’s totally worth if you are doing this I recommend wrapping the pole with gaff tape first and then putting this on there it gives it a lot more grip and you don’t get any slide and it’s $30 just for the pipe farm bicycle handlebar holder mount just for This piece GoPro would charge you 30 bucks and it’s included in this case second thing oh looks like we have a wrist mount very strong velcro and this extra strap goes through this bit and then I can really crank it down apparently it’ll have very big wrist all right Wrist mount and it looks like it gets oh yeah it has like a little locking mechanism on here well that’s pretty clever I slide I pushed this button here now it’s unlocked and I can swivel it to basically any position it looks like it doesn’t really seem like it matters and Then once I push it on this side now it’s locked in place so if I was like if I was doing like it was a ride in something and I want to really face that me I would just get my hand where I was gonna put it unlock it Point the GoPro right at me lock it seems it seems reasonable I just don’t know why you would use a wrist mount who uses wrist mounts do you guys use a wrist mount I never have I don’t know pretty cool seems like decent build quality I wouldn’t I wouldn’t say it’s in me Thought I just broke the lock I wouldn’t say it’s amazing build quality but uh again for the price you’re getting all of this for 22 bucks that is kind of crazy oh yeah oh wrist mount on GoPros website I don’t know make it oh they do holy cow okay on GoPros website they want to charge you 49.99 just for a hand and wrist mount well if you do need a hand in wrist mount I would get this one included with the set and not spend&nbsp adding=”800″

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$50 that seems excessive maybe that one does something that I don’t know all right next up is a oh it’s a very strong clampy bit very strong Oh a strong clamp e-mount what are they saying it is they’re just saying it’s a clamp oh…

It’s safe to say that the cheaper GoPro accessories from Amazon 2020 are definitely worth considering. Not only are they a fraction of the cost of the official GoPro accessories, but they also seem to perform just as well. While the brand name may hold some weight in terms of quality, it’s clear that these cheaper alternatives are not to be overlooked. So whether you’re a professional videographer or just someone who wants to capture their adventures on a budget, the GoPro accessories from Amazon are well worth the investment.

FAQ about Cheap vs. Expensive GoPro Accessories from Amazon 2020

  1. What are the differences between cheap and expensive GoPro accessories?

    Cheap GoPro accessories may be made from lower quality materials and might not fit your GoPro perfectly. Expensive accessories are usually made from higher quality materials and are designed to fit your GoPro securely.

  2. Are there any risks associated with buying cheap GoPro accessories?

    Yes, cheap accessories may break easily, potentially leading to damage to your GoPro. They may also not provide the same level of protection as more expensive options.

  3. Do expensive GoPro accessories provide better performance?

    Expensive accessories are often designed with better features and functionality, such as improved stability, waterproofing, and durability. They may also offer better compatibility with your GoPro.

  4. Is it worth investing in expensive GoPro accessories?

    It depends on your needs and intended use. If you use your GoPro frequently or in extreme conditions, investing in more expensive, high-quality accessories may provide better long-term value and performance.

  5. Where can I find a good selection of both cheap and expensive GoPro accessories on Amazon?

    You can find a wide variety of GoPro accessories, ranging from cheap to expensive, on Amazon’s website. Be sure to read customer reviews and product descriptions to make an informed decision.

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