Capturing Intimacy in Photography (feat. Tiffany Roubert)

Have you ever struggled to capture the true essence of intimacy in your photography? Whether you’re a professional photographer or just enjoy snapping pictures in your free time, mastering the art of capturing intimacy can be challenging. But fear not, because today we are joined by the talented photographer Tiffany Roubert, who will share her expert tips and techniques for creating intimate and emotional photographs. From lighting to composition to connecting with your subjects, Tiffany will guide you through the process of capturing those special moments that truly resonate with viewers. Join us as we delve into the world of capturing intimacy in photography with Tiffany Roubert.

Capturing Intimacy in Photography (feat. Tiffany Roubert)

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Tiffany Roubert Interview

I picked up this book about a year ago it’s filled with images from photographer and painter Saul Leiter all in black and white and it’s called “In My Room”. It features images of some of the women in his life over the years in very intimate settings and Contexts. What struck me when looking through this book was the openness of these people and the gift both he and his subjects are giving us in these glimpses into their private lives. I mean I think we’re all curious about each other and we’re fascinated by relationships in particular so when a Photographer turns their lens to willing subjects in intimate settings I think it makes for really compelling imagery. So I started to look around online to see if I could find modern photographers who were tackling the same sort of subject matter and thankfully I came across Tiffany Roubert who takes beautiful Images of her and her wife and their relationship together and their travels and they share that relationship in photographs with the rest of the world in much the same way Saul Leiter did in his work. So I reached out then on a recent trip back to London I got to sit Down with Tiffany and her wife Carla and ask them about what it’s like to let the camera into your relationship how do you approach photographing in that sort of setting do you need to set boundaries between the two of you and then how does it feel to share such intimate work with The rest of the world. So I’m going to shut up now and let you hear from Tiffany Roubert

Tiffany Roubert Interview Excerpt

“So it was in 2012 went to Australia for the first time and I was like okay and I need to capture all this beauty took a camera with me was my first one and just started taking picture I was studying there for years communication but then I loved taking Pictures so much that was like there is something there I think that’s what I want to do and yeah so I kind of burned a little portfolio and then I applied for school in London and uh and voila here I am yeah I learned everything online actually there it was more for The theory you know getting to know the big photographer the big name Enrique Blizzard all of those guys that I never heard about before so this taught me a lot but then I mean YouTube taught me way more I think I consider myself as a shy person so the thought of approaching People back then when I started was terrifying I never thought I would one day take portraits um so I start with landscape which was pretty easy in Australia and yeah and then slowly but surely I was like okay there’s something into people’s eyes people face I want to capture And that’s when I start taking portraits the photography work that I do would be for creative people portrait um lately I’ve been working with singers yeah taking the portrait mainly um for branded beats I got that thing with Leica but actually that’s very interesting because that asked me to do What I do already to photograph you know my daily life with my wife so that was that’s the perfect kind of job you know you can hope for when you love doing that I love the connection like many a photograph stranger most of the time when I don’t Photograph my wife a photograph stranger and I love that when people look at my photos they feel like we know each other forever so I love this proximity this uh this trust between a stranger and meeting to my camera I love this feeling so when I look at the picture and I’m Like yeah we succeed you know looks like we are kind of close I don’t even feel like I find my style yet I feel like it’s something constantly evolving so I don’t know I don’t know maybe it’s something in the color um I’m very low saturated uh a bit greeny a bit Textured but this is because I was doing a lot of film so even when I showed digitally I love to give this film look so the reason why I started film was because I got a bit tired of this you know everything going fast taking 100 picture to have the good one So at the end I didn’t consider myself like a photographer anymore but more like a technician pressing on a button and with stream well you don’t have that choice you don’t need luxury to take piles and photos so I was like maybe it would be nice it was extremely Frustrated at the beginning I hated it but then I was like let’s keep pushing let’s keep going and uh and yeah just a simple fact 12 36 photo you know 36 chances to take one two three good maybe it was very challenging and I loved it but then for some Professional reason as well I needed to go back to digital that’s why I went for something manual manual focus you know so shooting digital with an analog approach We met…”


What is capturing intimacy in photography?

Capturing intimacy in photography is about showcasing the emotional connection between people in a photo. It can be achieved through close-up shots, candid moments, and utilizing natural light to create a warm and intimate atmosphere.

What tips do you have for capturing intimacy in photography?

To capture intimacy in photography, it’s important to create a comfortable and relaxed environment for your subjects. Encourage them to interact naturally with each other, and be ready to capture candid moments that showcase their connection. Pay attention to body language, facial expressions, and the way light falls on your subjects to create a sense of intimacy in your photos.

How can I improve my skills in capturing intimacy in photography?

Practice is key to improving your skills in capturing intimacy in photography. Experiment with different lighting techniques, poses, and compositions to see what works best for showcasing emotional connections in your photos. Study the work of other photographers who excel in capturing intimacy, and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from peers or mentors to help refine your skills.

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