CapLock Quick Release System by PGYTECH – GoPro, DJI Action, Insta360

Have you ever been frustrated with the complex process of attaching and detaching your action camera from accessories? Say goodbye to those cumbersome moments, as PGYTECH introduces their revolutionary CapLock Quick Release System. Designed specifically for GoPro, DJI Action, and Insta360 cameras, this innovative system provides a seamless and effortless way to attach and detach your camera from various mountable accessories. With a simple twist of the lock, you can securely fasten your camera onto tripods, selfie sticks, helmet mounts, and more, ensuring stability and peace of mind during your action-packed adventures. Let’s delve deeper into the features and benefits of the CapLock Quick Release System and discover how it can elevate your filming experience.

CapLock Quick Release System by PGYTECH – GoPro, DJI Action, Insta360


Yeah so this is the PTY Tech cap lock action camera handlebar mount and we’ve got others to talk about as well. So as you saw in that intro these things are crazy handy and if you’ve got an action camera if you’ve got a 360 cam you’re going to find these really interesting because I’ve got none of these I’ve never had really many quality ones before the pgy tech have come out.

Product Overview

With a whole bunch which will have links in the description below but we’ll also have the timestamps below because we need to go through these individually and show you the build quality and show you what their best use cases are for.

PGYTECH Magnetic Mount

Now when it comes to these finger mounts they have included the little square piece at the bottom that’s already attached into the finger Mount itself so it is one piece so you don’t actually have to screw in these extra pieces that is a really nice touch with the new pgy tech quick release System so I’ve actually had a couple of these pgy Tech Parts before.


Realistically, when it comes to this mount it just comes down to versatility. This is a magnetic Mount and you can pretty much stick it to any sort of metal uh object if you’re going to be putting it on a pole if you’re going to be putting on on a car on a Wall anything that’s metal this just gives you so much more versatility and where you can put your action camera in just little spots here and there and it’ll just give you a different perspective to what you normally would if you only had a tripod.

PGYTECH Suction Cap Mount

If you don’t have any sort of metal surfaces but you’ve got some nice clean sort of glass or any kind of surfaces that would take a suction cap then the suction cap would do really well. This essentially is literally identical to that magnetic one but with the suction cap at the base and the suction cap is extremely good. It will work well with smooth surfaces like glass and flat surfaces such as car fenders.

PGYTECH Triple Suction Cap Mount

This one is probably one of the best ones when it comes to mounting on cars. It works well with small light DSLR mirrorless cameras, as well as action cameras and insta360. The triple suction caps allow for manipulation to whatever angle you need, providing versatility to attach it to cars with different angles. It is important to ensure the surface is clean for stability, and having three mounts adds reliability even if one fails.

PGYTECH Tripod Mount

This regular tripod mount extends and has a cold shoe mount on the side, providing versatility in attaching a microphone or other accessories. It is made of quality plastic and can also be used as a regular tripod.


This range of mounts from PGYTECH offers a convenient and versatile solution for mounting action cameras. Whether you need to mount your camera on a handlebar, a metal surface, a smooth surface, or a car, these mounts provide reliable and secure options. With the quick release system, changing out your camera becomes effortless. The build quality of these mounts is solid, ensuring the safety of your equipment. If you’re in need of a reliable and versatile mounting solution for your action camera, the PGYTECH CapLock Quick Release System is worth considering.

CapLock Quick Release System by PGYTECH – FAQ

CapLock Quick Release System by PGYTECH – FAQ

What is the CapLock Quick Release System?

The CapLock Quick Release System is a versatile camera mounting system designed by PGYTECH. It allows users to securely fasten their GoPro, DJI Action, or Insta360 cameras to various accessories such as helmets, backpacks, and more.

How does the CapLock Quick Release System work?

The CapLock Quick Release System features a unique locking mechanism that is easy to use. It consists of a base plate that attaches to the camera, and a quick-release buckle that securely locks the camera into place.

Can the CapLock Quick Release System be used with different camera brands?

Yes, the CapLock Quick Release System is compatible with GoPro, DJI Action, and Insta360 cameras. It provides a universal mounting solution for these popular camera brands.

What accessories can I use with the CapLock Quick Release System?

The CapLock Quick Release System is designed to work with a wide range of accessories. Some popular options include helmet mounts, chest mounts, backpack clips, bike mounts, and more. It provides flexibility and convenience for capturing footage in various activities.

Is the CapLock Quick Release System secure?

Yes, the CapLock Quick Release System is built to ensure a secure connection between the camera and the accessory. The quick-release buckle incorporates a locking mechanism that prevents accidental detachment, providing peace of mind during intense activities.

Is the CapLock Quick Release System easy to use?

Absolutely! The CapLock Quick Release System is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features a simple yet effective mechanism for attaching and detaching your camera quickly. It offers hassle-free operation, allowing you to focus on capturing your adventures.

Where can I purchase the CapLock Quick Release System?

The CapLock Quick Release System is available for purchase on the official website of PGYTECH or through authorized retailers. You can find it online or at selected stores that carry camera accessories.

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