Capcut Editing – How to film in 1 take (Teleprompter Feature)

Are you tired of constantly stumbling over your words while filming? Do you wish there was a way to shoot your videos in one seamless take? Look no further! In this blog post, we will introduce you to Capcut Editing and its incredible Teleprompter feature. Capcut Editing is a user-friendly video editing app that offers a variety of powerful tools to enhance your videos. With the Teleprompter feature, you can effortlessly read your script while recording, ensuring a flawless delivery every time. Say goodbye to endless retakes and hello to professional-quality videos with Capcut Editing’s Teleprompter feature!

Capcut Editing – How to film in 1 take (Teleprompter Feature)

Capcut Editing – How to film in 1 take (Teleprompter Feature)


Capcut is a free editing program for iPhone that offers a range of useful features for editing videos. One such feature is the teleprompter, which allows you to film yourself while being able to read the text off of the screen. This feature is incredibly helpful, especially for those who struggle with remembering what to say during filming. In this article, we will explore how to use the teleprompter feature in Capcut to film in one take and achieve the best-looking footage.

Understanding the Teleprompter Feature

The teleprompter feature in Capcut allows you to display the script or text you want to say on the screen while recording yourself. This eliminates the need to memorize your lines or constantly refer to cue cards, significantly reducing the number of takes required. Instead, you can read word for word off the screen and focus on delivering your message effectively.

Step 1: Install Capcut

To take advantage of the teleprompter feature, you first need to install Capcut on your iPhone. Simply visit the App Store and search for “Capcut”. Once downloaded, open the app and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Create a New Project

Upon opening Capcut, tap on “New Project” to create a new editing project. Give your project a name and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Import your Video

Import the video footage you want to use for your project by tapping on the “Import” button and selecting the desired video from your iPhone’s gallery. Once imported, add the video to your project timeline.

Step 4: Add Text and Enable Teleprompter

Tap on the “Text” option in the editing menu and add the script or text you want to display on the teleprompter. Adjust the font, size, and position of the text according to your preference. Then, enable the teleprompter feature by tapping on the “Teleprompter” button.

Step 5: Start Recording with Teleprompter

Position your iPhone in a convenient place where you can comfortably read the text displayed on the screen. Tap on the “Record” button to start recording while the teleprompter scrolls the text for you to read. Maintain eye contact with the camera while reading off the screen to create a natural and engaging video.


The teleprompter feature in Capcut is a valuable tool for filming in one take. It allows you to read your script or text directly off the screen while recording, eliminating the need for multiple takes due to forgotten lines. By using the teleprompter, you can focus on delivering your message confidently and achieve the best-looking footage. Install Capcut today and take advantage of this convenient feature for your video editing needs.

Capcut Editing – How to Film in 1 Take (Teleprompter Feature) – FAQ

Q: What is Capcut Editing?

A: Capcut Editing is a popular video editing application that offers various tools and features to enhance your video content.

Q: How can I film in 1 take using Capcut?

A: To film in 1 take using Capcut, you can utilize the Teleprompter feature, which helps you deliver a smooth and flawless performance.

Q: How does the Teleprompter feature work?

A: The Teleprompter feature in Capcut displays the script or text directly on your device screen while you record. You can scroll through the script at your own pace and ensure you stay on track.

Q: How can I access the Teleprompter feature?

A: To access the Teleprompter feature in Capcut, follow these steps:

  1. Open Capcut on your device and create a new project.
  2. Import the script you want to use for filming.
  3. Select the clip you want to record and click on the “Teleprompter” icon on the editing toolbar.
  4. Adjust the settings, such as font size and speed, according to your preferences.
  5. Start recording with the Teleprompter displaying the script on your screen.

Q: Can I customize the Teleprompter settings?

A: Yes, Capcut allows you to customize the Teleprompter settings. You can adjust the text size, speed, and even toggle features like reverse scroll for better readability and comfort while recording.

Q: Does Capcut Editing offer any additional editing features?

A: Yes, Capcut Editing provides a wide range of editing features such as trimming, cutting, adding text, applying filters, transitions, and other effects to enhance your video content beyond just the Teleprompter feature.

Remember to consult official Capcut resources or documentation for accurate and up-to-date information on using the Teleprompter feature for filming in 1 take.

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