Canon’s MOST EXPENSIVE and LONGEST Lens EVER!!! $20,000 RF 1200mm F8 REVIEW

Are you a professional photographer in need of an ultra-telephoto lens that can capture the most distant and detailed shots? Look no further, because Canon has recently released its most expensive and longest lens ever, the RF 1200mm F8. This groundbreaking piece of equipment is sure to take your photography to new heights, offering unparalleled reach and image quality. In this review, we will explore the features and capabilities of this $20,000 lens, and see if it truly lives up to the expectations of professional photographers. Join us as we delve into the world of Canon’s latest and greatest technological marvel.

Canon’s MOST EXPENSIVE and LONGEST Lens EVER!!! $20,000 RF 1200mm F8 REVIEW

Canon’s MOST EXPENSIVE and LONGEST Lens EVER!!! $20,000 RF 1200mm F8 REVIEW

The $20,000 Lens Challenge

All right let’s go let’s go do this Game Jared Po ando’s and this is the $20,000 lens challenge we got a $20,000 lens we got it on the R3 I’m here at the Phillies for a couple of games to see what I can do with a 1200 mm lens when shooting baseball so let’s go inside and see what We get oh look it’s a Philly fanatic wo hello hello hello how you doing I’m good fantastic I’m going out to the Outfield again all right well enjoy sounds good you hydrated I drank some water yeah good okay later see you we’re off to our spot So if you think this lens is Big it’s big there’s not a lot of 1200 mm out there in the world floating around and I was lucky enough to get one of them but you know I have to do something a little weird I’m not a big T converter fan but What I did do is I brought a 2X telecon converter and A4 telecon converter and if I stack them both on this 1200 mm lens I think I’m getting something like 3360 mm equivalent at like F16 or F22 we’re going to see how that thing looks I don’t think it’s going to be good but we’re going to see what we can do by stacking those telecon converters it’s going to be insane this is how we’re going to do it oh you can’t stack them so at first I thought you could stack the one4 and the 2x teleconverter when you actually can’t so you don’t get 3360 mm you can actually just put the 14 on or you can put the 2x on and it is pretty insane how far you can reach with these lenses that’s where I get out of my way right behind you it doesn’t seem to Be the type of lens that you would use when you shoot baseball am I able to get something interesting and unique and that’s what I’m here to do for a couple of games but that’s the the fun challenge to see what am I able to Capture few weeks ago I was here at the Phillies game to photograph Bryce Harper going for his 300th home run now I had already photographed his 298th home run which I did from a super low angle with the Fuji gfx 100s that’s 100 megapixel camera that photo looks awesome but what I didn’t want to do was replicate the same photo for the 300th home run if he was going to get it so I grabbed the 600 mm F4 went all the way out into the Outfield with the idea of getting the Home Run shot and in the eighth inning I Got the Home Run shot and we got it home run by Harper in the bottom of the eighth inning but that got me thinking what would a 800 mm lens look like what would a 1200 mm lens look like and that’s why I grabbed a 12200 mm f8 RF From Canon because I want to go back to the same spot and see what 1200 mm looks like see what 1360 mm looks like with a 14 converter and throw a 2X converter on there just for fun to see what 2400 mm looks like when you’re shooting baseball Trey Turner back in the lineup getting set to take on the Marlins hit in the air deep left field back at the wall La Cruz and he’s done it again welcome back to the lineup Trey Turner That one’s floated out towards shallow center field coming on quickly is Chism he won’t get it Turner will score RBI blo single for Bryce [Applause] Harper got a C [Applause] Yeah get down get down let down down down Trey Turner the first Philly to record a hit in 20 straight home games since Scott rollen by drive another base hit set on base three [Applause] Times f ball to left field de la Cruz going back toward the track he has room and it makes the catch no runs one hit two men left we’re going to the sixth all right where do we go uh a lot of people Here to James title there’s a liner out toward left it’s fairly deep Mar going Back let go Bounce It Center Field again Roos going back toward the Track That one’s out the short stop big hop to the charging Turner schwarber swing in a m strike three it’s a Marlin’s win are you getting any Reflections in the water not anym oh am I blocking your view so I came back for a second game because my goal this time around is I already know how the the lens shoots It’s it’s tough I know what it looks like to shoot with the 14 I know what it looks like to shoot at 2x give you 2400 mm but this time around I just want to go and shoot right I don’t have the thing on top of the camera this time so There’s no uh recording of the evf because I just want to focus on shooting like a photographer with my eye up to the camera and seeing how we can do but right now there’s a uh slight rain delay and uh hopefully that’s gone uh and my Other goal was to get back here with a bright day so I don’t shoot at 40,000 ISO with the uh 2x converter on there but we’ll see how it goes man did was that photo Raw first stop is here in 203 cuz this is where I shot Harper’s 300th home run With the 600 F4 now we’ve got the 12200 so I just want to show you what you can get from up here before I go back around the stadium to see what else I can Get and it is off the top of the wall Austin is going to turn from second and head for third and he’s going to head home and auson Riley scores gets all the way home to give Atlanta the one to nothing lead and here’s Charlie pitch to Kyle SCH he Skies this Ronald aunia battling the afternoon sun so now I’ve switched spots to behind home plate that was a A Long Walk um everything you get here at 1200 mm is super tight so it’s not going to be the best of the best it’s going to be super Isolation shots but at least for this day game I’m able to get the iso lower because during one of the night games I was at 40,000 ISO well at F16 with the 2x converter uh but it’s just interesting to see what we can get here and that’s what I’m doing so now I’m Behind home Plate This ball is hit hard Michael Harris finding a hole and he’s headed for second Base uh I got to go all the way up hey how’s it going coming down I’m trying to debate trying to figure it out first yeah so I came all the way up to the 400 level to uh actually 300 level trying to uh see what we get from up Here it’s still really far away so 1 12200 is tough up here you’re just isolating people uh I’m going to go up even higher I want to go all the way up to that area and we’ll see what we get from up There oh leg workout woo now we’re all the way up in 420 420 is as far as you can go like literally it’s as far as you can go cuz you get up here and the whole stadium is right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] there it falls in they’re going to try to score bom and the throw he’s [Applause] out let me jump in here real quick because I want to show you this photo not of Bryce Harper but edited…

What is the price of the Canon RF 1200mm F8 lens?

The price of the Canon RF 1200mm F8 lens is $20,000, making it the most expensive lens ever released by Canon.

What makes the Canon RF 1200mm F8 lens special?

The Canon RF 1200mm F8 lens is the longest lens ever produced by Canon, offering an incredible reach for capturing distant subjects.

What are some of the features of the Canon RF 1200mm F8 lens?

The Canon RF 1200mm F8 lens is designed for the RF mount, and features a built-in 1.4x teleconverter, as well as a customizable control ring for adjusting settings on the fly.

Is the Canon RF 1200mm F8 lens worth the price?

While the Canon RF 1200mm F8 lens is certainly a substantial investment, it offers unparalleled reach and image quality for photographers who require the very best equipment for capturing distant subjects.

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