Canon RF 16mm 2.8 Review + Test Footage

Are you in search of a versatile wide-angle lens for your Canon camera? Look no further than the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens. This compact and lightweight lens offers exceptional image quality and a wide field of view, making it perfect for landscape, architectural, and astrophotography. In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth review of the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens, including its features, performance, and image quality. Additionally, we will also share some test footage taken with this lens to give you a real-world perspective on its capabilities. Let’s dive in and explore what makes the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens a must-have for every photographer.

Canon RF 16mm 2.8 Review + Test Footage

I’ve been really excited about this one since it was announced and I’ve actually had it on pre-order since then when they originally announced it. It actually surprised me because I didn’t really expect Canon to bring out something like this at least not now. As you know from the title, this is the 16 2.8 STM for the RF mount. It’s an affordable, compact, and lightweight ultra-wide-angle lens and it comes in at around 300 US dollars. Previously, if you wanted an affordable ultra-wide-angle lens, you would have to adapt it from the EF mount, which is something that I actually did, so I do own the Tamron 17 to 35 2.8 to f/4 and I use that with the EF to RF adapter.

Features and Specs

One notable feature of the 16 millimeter is that it has a ridiculously close minimum focusing distance, making it kind of an interesting lens. This lens has scored a lot of points on paper, but what is the image quality actually like? The image quality itself will either make or break this lens depending on who you are and what you shoot. It’s lightweight, small, super wide-angle, and has an STM motor, making it suitable for vlogging and gimbal setups.

Comparison to Canon 50mm 1.8 STM

Upon grabbing this lens out of the box, I realized that it’s almost exactly the same as the Canon 50mm 1.8 STM. They are super similar, making them a good combo for a gimbal setup. Even though they have the same design, the focus ring on the 16 is a lot smoother to turn. However, the 16 millimeter does not have a weather sealing gasket on the mount.

Image Quality

When it comes to image quality, things get really interesting. The lens corrections applied by the camera make a significant difference when shooting JPEGs compared to RAW files. The distortion, vignetting, and soft corners may be an issue when working with RAW files in post-processing. Adobe’s lack of a camera profile for this lens may pose a problem for correcting these distortions.

Sharpness and Vignetting

Sharpness in the center from f/2.8 is really good, but it isn’t until you move into the corners that you notice the softness. Vignetting improves as you stop down the lens, so shooting at smaller apertures can help reduce this effect. The extreme distortion and vignetting may require cropping and correction in post-processing to achieve satisfactory results.

In conclusion, the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens offers a compact and affordable option for ultra-wide-angle shooting. While the image quality and post-processing challenges may be a concern for some users, it still has the potential to be a versatile lens for vlogging, gimbal setups, and potentially APS-C cameras in the future.

Overall, this lens has its pros and cons, but for the price and size, it could be a valuable addition to your camera kit if you’re willing to work around its limitations in post-processing. Consider your specific shooting needs and preferences before deciding if the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 is the right lens for you.

FAQ About Canon RF 16mm 2.8 Review + Test Footage

Q: What is the focal length of the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens?

A: The Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens has a focal length of 16mm, which is ideal for wide angle photography.

Q: What is the maximum aperture of the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens?

A: The Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens has a maximum aperture of f/2.8, allowing for great low light performance and shallow depth of field effects.

Q: Can the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens be used with Canon RF mount cameras?

A: Yes, the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens is designed to be used with Canon RF mount cameras, providing a seamless connection and optimal performance.

Q: Is there any test footage available for the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens?

A: Yes, there is test footage available for the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens, showcasing its image quality, sharpness, and versatility in various shooting conditions.

Q: What are the key features of the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens?

A: Some key features of the Canon RF 16mm 2.8 lens include compact size, lightweight design, high-quality optics, and a wide angle of view, making it a great choice for landscape and architectural photography.

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