Canon RF – 12 New Lenses Coming

Are you a Canon photographer looking to expand your lens collection? Look no further, because Canon has just announced the release of 12 new RF lenses for the EOS R system. Whether you’re a portrait photographer, landscape enthusiast, or macro shooter, there is sure to be a lens in this lineup that fits your needs. From ultra-wide angles to super telephotos, Canon is catering to a wide range of photographers with this new release. In this blog post, we will highlight the key features of each new lens and provide insight into how they can enhance your photography. Let’s dive in!

Canon RF – 12 New Lenses Coming

Canon’s Imaging group headed by Go Takura published their 2024 corporate strategy yesterday on March the 8, 2024. While these things can be incredibly oh so boring, there’s some hidden Easter eggs to make it worth our while. We’ve got the usual market share figures, opportunities for growth, and then a big surprise about 12 more lenses coming. Let’s go ahead and dive into the details.

Market Share and Strategy

Canon sees the market progressing from focusing on shooting and viewing images and video to experiencing and utilizing content in new areas. They plan to leverage new business opportunities such as 3D VR and AR systems, video-focused security cameras, and volumetric video. The Canon RF 5.2 mm fishi is certainly a part of this strategy. When it comes to market share, Canon has dominated the top of the market for the past 21 consecutive years, with 48% market share in digital stills cameras. Their focus on mirrorless cameras has proven successful, with 81% of their camera sales coming from mirrorless cameras in 2023.

Sales Figures and Profitability

Canon predicts a slight increase in camera sales in 2024, with a dip in operating profit that is expected to recover in 2025 to 177%. Their Imaging group is profitable, with 17% operating profit, showing that Canon is doing well in the market. Their focus on research and development is strong, with many patent filings coming from the Imaging group, ensuring a steady stream of new products.

12 New Lenses Coming

The most exciting part of Canon’s 2024 corporate strategy is the announcement of 12 new lenses coming by the end of 2025. By analyzing a bar chart in the strategy document, it’s clear that Canon plans to release around 5 to 8 lenses in 2024 and a total of 12 to 13 lenses by the end of 2025. This news has generated a lot of excitement among camera enthusiasts, as Canon continues to expand its lineup of RF lenses.

Overall, Canon’s future looks bright with a strong market share, profitability, and a focus on innovation with the upcoming release of new lenses. As a camera enthusiast, it’s exciting to see what Canon has in store for us in the coming years.

Canon RF – 12 New Lenses Coming: FAQ

1. What is Canon RF?

Canon RF is a lens mount system specifically designed for Canon’s line of full-frame mirrorless cameras, offering advanced features and compatibility.

2. How many new lenses are expected to be released for the Canon RF system?

Canon has announced that they will be releasing a total of 12 new lenses for the RF system, catering to a wide range of photography needs and styles.

3. What are some of the key features of the upcoming Canon RF lenses?

The new Canon RF lenses are expected to offer superior image quality, advanced optics, fast and accurate autofocus performance, weather-sealing for outdoor shooting, and compatibility with Canon’s latest camera technologies.

4. When can we expect the new Canon RF lenses to be released?

Canon has not provided specific release dates for each lens, but they have stated that the lenses will gradually become available over the next few years, starting from 2021.

5. Will the new Canon RF lenses be compatible with existing RF cameras?

Yes, the new RF lenses will be fully compatible with all existing Canon RF-mount cameras, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

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