Canon R1 & R5 Mark II: Internal ND filters

Are you tired of constantly having to change your camera’s lens filters when shooting in different lighting conditions? The Canon R1 and R5 Mark II come equipped with internal ND filters, making it easier than ever to adjust exposure without needing to swap out filters. With this innovative feature, photographers can seamlessly capture high-quality images and video without the hassle of carrying and changing external filters. Read on to learn more about the benefits of the internal ND filters in the Canon R1 and R5 Mark II, and how they can enhance your photography experience. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, these cameras are sure to revolutionize the way you shoot.

Canon R1 & R5 Mark II: Internal ND filters

Japanese patent filing JP 2023 16037 Alpha was filed on April the 21st of last year but it wasn’t published until November the 2 2023 the very same day that Canon made the announcement of the RF 200 to 800 mm f6.3 to9 image stabilized USM and the Canon RF 24 to15 f2.8 L Series image stabilized USM. This patent application addresses a single problem to provide an optical filter switching device which suppresses a decrease in strength while reducing the thickness in the optical access Direction.

Are Internal ND Filters Coming?

Will the Canon EOS R1 or the R5 Mark II get internal ND filters? We’ve discovered another patent application suggesting Canon is very serious about internal ND filters for their upcoming cameras. This patent application addresses how Canon plans to reduce the size and weight of the technology.

Details of the Patent Application

The patent application addresses the development of thinner and lighter ND filters without reducing the device’s strength or integrity while in operation. Section 002 of the detailed description of said patent reads as follows: “There is an image pickup apparatus including many ND filters, each filter having a different density along with an optical filter switching mechanism that switches the position of each ND filter.”

Implications and Speculations

It’s clear from the patent application that Canon is working towards incorporating internal ND filters in their upcoming cameras. The question remains whether this technology will be seen in the Canon EOS R5 Mark II or the Canon EOS R1. Given Canon’s history of filing multiple patents for new technologies, it’s likely that the internal ND filters are being developed for high-end cameras like the R5 Mark II and the R1.

The patent blueprints from Japanese patent 128 236 show two different types of stills hybrid cameras, one resembling a one series sized body and another resembling the R5 or R6. This suggests that the technology could be incorporated into flagship models like the Canon EOS R1 and possibly the R5 Mark II.

Considerations for Implementation

While the development of internal ND filters is an exciting prospect, there are practical considerations to take into account. The cost and functionality of the technology are key factors that will influence its implementation. Canon would need to ensure that the technology is cost-effective and practical for mass production. The pricing of the upcoming cameras will also play a role in determining whether internal ND filters will be included.


Internal ND filters have the potential to revolutionize the way photographers and videographers work, providing them with greater control over exposure and depth of field in varying lighting conditions. While it remains to be seen whether the Canon EOS R1 or R5 Mark II will be equipped with internal ND filters, the patent applications and developments in this area are promising. Canon’s commitment to reducing the size and weight of the technology demonstrates their dedication to innovation, and it’s only a matter of time before we see the outcome of their efforts in their upcoming cameras.

Canon R1 & R5 Mark II: Internal ND filters – FAQ

What are internal ND filters?

Internal ND filters are built-in filters within the camera body that can be used to reduce the amount of light entering the camera’s sensor without requiring an external filter to be attached to the lens.

Do the Canon R1 & R5 Mark II have internal ND filters?

Yes, both the Canon R1 and R5 Mark II are equipped with internal ND filters, allowing photographers and videographers to quickly and easily adjust the exposure in bright lighting conditions without the need for external ND filters.

What are the benefits of internal ND filters?

Internal ND filters provide convenience and flexibility as they eliminate the need to carry and attach external filters to the lens. They also allow for seamless adjustment of exposure levels during shooting, particularly in scenarios with changing light conditions.

How many stops of light can the internal ND filters on Canon R1 & R5 Mark II provide?

The internal ND filters on the Canon R1 and R5 Mark II offer up to 5 stops of light reduction, providing a wide range of exposure control for photographers and videographers.

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