Are you frustrated with Canon’s lack of global shutter technology in their cameras? If so, you’re not alone. Many photographers and videographers have been eagerly awaiting the introduction of global shutter in Canon’s cameras, only to be disappointed by the company’s apparent lack of effort in this area. But fear not, there are other options available to you. In this blog, we’ll explore the issue of Canon’s absence of global shutter and discuss alternative solutions for those seeking this technology. Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, there are ways to achieve the benefits of global shutter without relying on Canon’s offerings.

Canon Not Going Global Shutter?!

Jared Polin’s Perspective on Canon Not Going Global Shutter?!

Canon Rumors about RF400 F4 DOIS

Canon Rumors is reporting that Canon will introduce an rf400 F4 DOIS lens into their lineup in 2024. The DOIS stands for Defract of Optics, which helps keep the lens weight and size down. This move seems to be in response to Nikon’s success with their PF lenses. Canon’s previous iterations of the DOIS lenses have been released years apart, but it looks like the RF mount will see a new addition in 2024.

Canon’s Potential Strategy

It remains to be seen if the new DOIS lens will be smaller, lighter, and more affordable. Canon might consider following Nikon’s lead with other focal lengths such as 40045, 60063, and 80063 style lenses. However, the details of the new RF400 F4 DOIS lens are yet to be confirmed.

Sigma’s 70-200 2.8 DG DN O Sport Lens Announcement

Sigma has officially announced their long-awaited 70-200 2.8 DG DN O Sport lens for the Sony e-mount and the L Mount Alliance. The lens is designed specifically for mirrorless cameras and offers features such as internal zooming, weather sealing, and an aperture ring with 11 rounded blades. Despite some design choices, the lens delivers fantastic image quality at a budget-friendly price, making it a compelling option for photographers.

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Canon’s Global Shutter Sensor Decision

Canon Rumors recently reported that Canon will not be incorporating a global shutter sensor in their next round of EOS R bodies. This decision has sparked discussions among photographers and raised questions about potential tradeoffs and limitations. While some may see it as a missed opportunity, others speculate that Canon’s focus on readout speeds and image quality could still lead to impressive results in their flagship camera bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canon Not Going Global Shutter

What is the issue with Canon not implementing global shutter technology?

Canon has been criticized for not utilizing global shutter technology in their cameras, which can result in issues such as rolling shutter effects and reduced image quality in certain shooting conditions.

Why is global shutter technology important?

Global shutter technology allows for all pixels in an image sensor to be exposed simultaneously, resulting in more accurate and reliable capture of fast-moving subjects and reducing distortion in videos and photos.

Are there any alternative solutions from Canon to address this issue?

While Canon has not implemented global shutter technology in their cameras, they have introduced features such as electronic and mechanical shutter options to mitigate the effects of rolling shutter and improve image quality in certain scenarios.

What can photographers and videographers do to work around this limitation?

Photographers and videographers can consider using stabilization equipment, adjusting shooting techniques, or considering alternative camera options with global shutter technology to minimize the impact of Canon’s lack of implementation.

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